Dec 15, 2010

Human Innocence in Storms of Culture

(an autobiographical tale)
Quenching wanderlust, ousting fear;
Where end of human road
Meets trail of rabbit and deer;

Re-bonded with what is real --
Human and Earth-life held dear;

Wilderness-cleansed, one maverick,
Receding to the City-herd's Lifeway--
Conflict, desecrate and disjoint--
Pulled off Black Canyon Highway
For twilight time at Sunset Point.

The local place of roadway lore
Held one young couple resting there;
As night was falling and foreboding in '64.

Strings of verbal beads, an exchanging,
And through conversation, a rearranging
Of what is, in the "what's happening?" of yore.

Hallowed babe asleep, safe and sound,
Back in the homemade wooden shell,
On old pickup bed: images on the edge of Modern hell.
Parents, out of luck, Phoenix bound.

Beads and shells, ways of Lifeway happenings
In one Time and Being , of debated yore.
Voiced softly, yet deeply pondered, aimed at ripenings.
And sent into a gathering, cultural dusk, one night in '64.

Potato chips, a 29 cent bag,
Freely shared with one maverick;
Mostly just air, reflecting a family's plight.
Yet, tomorrows breakfast shared, defies any night.

One old truck, one old car, three youths,
A white-man powwow, a ceremony of cloudy sensing,
In three (and all subconscious Youth), in the year of '64:
Sensing personal and cultural storms commencing.

Nothing else expected, a mark of human sanity:
Requesting nothing but the sharing of humanity.

The maverick makes a silent move; as the flow of words
Attains to soul-embraces, dying human light, itself, slips--
Below both Bradshaw Mountains and all human herds;
By slight of hand, a ten spot meets the last few chips.

Rolling up chips and air, with "goodbye and good luck!",
Back into a '53 Pontiac; but, Youth itself had struck
A Detoured Road from Life; yet, cleansed, might restore.
All steered a driven self, into the gathering storms of "64.

Aye, such gathering storms destroy and estrange.
Storms striking human norms, Youth, mavericks--
High pressure cold fronts of cultural 'climate change'.
All now, begging one question: a human storm forevermore.

Copyright 2010  L. S. Heatherly

Nov 10, 2010

Politics + Party = Principled, Passive People's Prison

By L. S. Heatherly

Our congressmen are the finest body of men money can buy.
-- Maury Amsterdam

Politics is the wicked wizard behind the curtain of government;
the curtain of gilded iron is open, the wizard is wearing our gold.
-- L.S. Heatherly
Politics, and the fate of mankind, are shaped by men without ideals
and without greatness. -- Albert Camus
Search far and wide and never see
Party nor state to govern the free. -- L.S. Heatherly
Party best is but the madness of many for the gain of a few.
-- Alexander Pope

Politics. The diplomatic name for the law of the bureaucratic jungle:
civilization's governmental jungle, ruled by ravenous, overgrown,
financial and corporate beasts. -- L.S. Heatherly

Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on office, a rotteness
begins in his soul. -- Jefferson

While religion is one of the opiates of the masses, politics and
commercialism remain rationality's basic needles for injecting
addictions into the sociocultural blood of humanity.
-- L.S Heatherly
Power is a drug on which the politicians are hooked. They buy it
from the voters, using the voters' own money.
-- Richard J Needham
Politics is the marketplace wherein every natural virtue,
innate essence, autonomous community, and bequeathed glory
are sold; nothing is sacred, but egos and empires.
-- L.S. Heatherly
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Politics and Dysfunctional Society

Political Parties are well named. They are parties to which the
people are invited after they have been rhetorically drugged with
oratory and promises this travelin', historical show forbids all to
keep; then, sent summarily back to their everyday oppression,
subjugation, exploitation, and dehumanization.

Politics is a delusional entertainment, a complex show, produced
and directed by those politicians, media-showmen and moneyed
tycoons that get the people intoxicated all through the campaigns;
get them drunk at the celebration-party of, by, and for the party's
well-kept, forbidden, secret: elitist power and domination.
Politics is one ritualistic, delusional ceremony, as old
as civilization.

Its an addiction from which there has been no escape historically,
excepting communal exodus and migration. This escape requires
a sociocultural paradigm rapidly being decimated across our
humanity, within Earth's decimated, evolved life.

This show goes on, a pandemic, institutionalized, decimation within
and without: a decimation of ecological family-community bonded
with Earth-life, with Earth-place, with Earth's species, with
ecosystem-habitats; a decimation of our eco-spiritual-ontological-
sociocultural nurturome, the receiving partner with our material,
organism's human genome.

These multifarious, bonded, caring relationships are the nurturing,
interactive, eco-sociocultural identities and archetypes of evolved,
manifold human love -- constituting our nurturome, -- and are being
replaced by bonds to material products, vicarious and virtual
entertainments, spectacles, electronics, artificial intelligence,
artificial realities, ego-self goals, desires, and drives for
unecological, undemocratic domination and power.

Copyright 2010

Oct 11, 2010

The Origin and Nature of Environmental Crisis

By L. S. Heatherly

Connecting Childhood and Sociocultural Dots

Our Global Eco-crisis is falsely perceived and
defined as a disaster happening "out there"-- in the oceans,
forests, rivers, air, plants, animals and lands; and
spreading into the lives of the diverse peoples of Earth.

In deeper fact and reality, the true origin of this and all such
disasters lies within us: within our hearts, values, upbringing,
spirit, consciousness, being, culture and lifeway.

The great bulk of developmental psychologists correctly
cite childhood as the medium, or crucible, in which these
human attributes grow to their constitutional form, nature,
and quality.

Developmental psychology most of  the dots: the stages and events
of childhood development giving rise to adult enterprises.

But it refuses to recognize and connect those childhood dots
to the disastrous, bad dots found in adult sociocultural behavior.
To avoid career blockage, scientists and their enterprises
enter into denial: deny that profits trump truth of human development.

Science, and media, afterall, are funded by, in the same house with,
sharing vested interests with, for-profit corporations.
Education, serving science, corporations, media and governments,
is bought-off, unable to find and bring the primary truths home --
to restore and conserve ecologic family and community.

* * * * * * * *

The Gift to Children

Give our children a cleaned-up, unpolluted childhood;
and they will, generation by generation, return
all Humanity and Earth to sustainable Life.

* * * * * * * *

Restoring Natural Childhood to Socioculture

The human-caused disasters all about us spring from the
ongoing, disasterous destruction of our natural, human
condition, our naturality, on this natural Earth, home of multitudes
of treasured forms of life including human life,being and soul.

We, through the pollution-debilitation of natural, human will and
purpose, are de-naturing all life and being on Earth. This
de-naturing and de-nurturing originates and springs from the pollution
and de-naturing of what, how and why we are, originally (before
civilization), as Earth's human beings created by her evolutionary Life.

Cleansed human vision beholds the source of all human-
caused disasters to be the pollution of our human hearts,
minds, and souls; the pollution of our self-consciousness
of our Earth-Humanity's spirit and soul-self.
If we cannot grasp and embrace this underestanding,
cannot receive this light, cannot re-purify and restore
this pure, human flame of spirit andconsciousness in its unity
with all life on Earth; then we willcontinue to point fingers at
each other's activities in that de-natured environment
"out there" in human society and Earth's environment.

Lacking this human revelation, we will continue to be
blind to the de-naturing and de-nurturing from pollution of
the environment of our hearts, minds, and souls.

Clean up and restore our children's natural childhood;
and we clean up and restore all of Humanity and Earth.

2010 All rights reserved

Sep 13, 2010

Great Literature

The greatest purpose of reading is to find books
That are, almost, impossible to read;

Books with paragraphs evoking so much
Thinking on the part of the reader

That the reader's thoughts outflank
And override each page, when held in embrace.

Great books are not written
To make wealth, nor a living for the Author;

Literature is purified wind, water, food
work, play and love repaid to humanity.

Great Authors spread great wealth
To from whence it came.

Great literature is fertile spirit cast
On a state's depleted fields of human being.

Great books nourish not, invasive, artificial growths;
but reach, instead, the Earth's
evolved, human seedlings and saplings.

They challenge 'civil', domination-constructs
With natural resproutings, resucklings, resurgings:
Restorations of natural culture and soul.

The great book says:
"Find in me, your messages to humanity."

True literature is marked by its piercings into the hearts,
lives and souls of its closest readers:
accomplishing, with mere written words,
some of what others do
through communal actions,
loving relationships
and family blood.

All rights reserved

Sep 3, 2010

Natural Freedom Vs. Artful Power

by L.S. Heatherly

Enter line of trees, shores of water;
open sod of earth for seed,
partake of any fruits of trusted yore;

Turn aside metal sheaths and scultured walls,
enter not artful, thick, wood-carved door.

Whom heeds the call of free humanity's life and lore is rich,
Whom deeds the will to imprisoned, type-set word is poor.

. . Creative Commons

Aug 22, 2010

Art Selection

by L. S. Heatherly

What artist should be trusted
to select a group of creations for any original, human being?

Rather, listen to Emerson:
"Trust yourself; every heart vibrates to that iron string."

. . . Creative Commons

Aug 14, 2010

Awe, Soul and Art

by L. S. Heatherly

One should never hesitate to express awe
At the true gems of any living writer.

The greatest ones are never in danger
Of hearing such praise too often;

As they are always ahead of, outside of,
Dwelling deeper than, their Time and Age;

They are in great and lonely need,
Of such soul-arms around the soul-shoulders,
Of their refuged and besieged humanity.

They slowing burn your offerings;
Tend your kindlings into their night of the soul;

You keep their isolated flame,
In their solitary, human camp,
From dying midst winter-storms of civilization.

Your awe at their labor of love,
Is destination for their journey of joy.
The sound of your voice ends the sounds of silence;
Your message is a candle passed, a gleam of redemption.
2010 Creative Commons

Jul 18, 2010

Hurry Home Sonoran

The monsoon has replenished the desert with life;
Streambeds are aflowin', and life-force is ripe.

Falltime is acomin', and the air has some bite;
Daytime half-rules, and wildlife's in sight.

Won't you hurry, hurry, hurry home!
Won't you hurry, hurry, hurry home!

Mother Nature is acomin' to check all our blights;
Our Source is acallin' to divorce wrongs from rights.

Storm clouds mate sunlight, Earth's first primal rite:
The passage to meaning that gives matter life.

Won't you hurry, hurry, hurry home!
Won't you hurry, hurry, hurry home!

Instincts are arisin', to mate reason with light.
Our soul is aburnin', to re-fire our birthrights.


Jun 19, 2010

Ecocrisis: Earth, Humanity and Childhood Dreams,

...........................................................Dave Martin/Guardian

Beyond Despair

Whence the child that Comes to Be?
Born to live in Land once Free!

There's more in our oceans than oily fish and birds: we float there.
Beyond despair over lost wildlife, occupations and tourism;
Look deep: our violated waters bemoan the Human Condition:


All our pollutions of Earth 
Enter our Human being's,
Gestational, amniotic fluid

Before they enter
The salty, amniotic fluid of Earth,
The origin of all Life.

More debilitating than blindness of the eyes
Is blindness of the soul.

More endangering than mind become blind
Is human culture, blind to sacred water, sky and land;
Blind to birthrights and dreams the human child.

If we cannot see Humanity, cannot see ourselves
As a threatened species, in oil-spill scenes;
We, first and foremost, are blinded by the oil in the water:

Blind to our Earth-place, our Humanity,
To child's becoming Earthly human being. 
To child's bonding to source of Earthly Human Life


Beyond the decimation of Coast and Marine species;
Our humanity within us is becoming decimated.

Before the photos, before our Eco-disasters,
We have become the blind species upon the Earth.

Only Humanity is blinded, in heart and soul, by civilization.

Having created an anti-Nature culture, gradually for millennia;
We, then, disown its Sociocultural excretions, blaming entities,
supposedly "out there in industry and technology"-- outside
Human Will, Being and Soul.

Look within; only we, are the infidels of Earth-life, and, our Humanity.

Only we, are emergent aliens, invading Earth-Human natural treasures.

Human Reality in Polluted Waters

Midst the oil and other debris in polluted waters,
If we cannot discern our grandchildren,
Even our very humanity, in that flotsam and jetsam;
We do not know what Humanity is, nor how and why it is.

L.S. Heatherly All Rights Reserved

Jun 7, 2010

Andrew Jackson, Banks and Economics

By L. S. Heatherly

Old Hickory sprang up as rich, fresh, rings of wood,
growing to stand as a specimen tree, a representative
variety of a young nation's manhood. This tree commanded to
be taken measure of by all in the young surrounding, forest.
Hickory's seed-ideas carried by turbulent Times, blew in upon
all rooted ideas as challenge. His branches clashed against
rivals as hickory sticks striking out toward air, sunlight,
land and freedom to grow: for the legitimate part of natural,
human nature manifested in him, and, in large measure,
represented by his life.
As seen on PBS, "Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil and the
Presidency" recounts the many identities of Andrew
Jackson during an Era named after him. Old Hickory,
in our Present Day, strikes home as an illustrious
champion of human rights. This assessment stems,
principally and rightfully, from his opposition to the new,
2nd US Bank's concocted powers to control credit and
create a new entity, the corporation; thereby, overly
impacting the lives of the people, and more effectively
concentrating and securing the nation's wealth in the hands
of the wealthy elite.

These new, evil seeds, mostly alien to American soil,
were sown following the War of 1812, through the
establishment of the 2nd US Bank, which created the first
corporations, on behalf of and representing, the wealthy
elite's drive for a new instrument of power. It is particularly
compelling and enlightening for us in our contemporary
moment of re-lapse into financial-economic illness, now
spread across the Industrialized nations.

It is timely refreshment to ponder, in our historical moment
of anti-congress and anti-expert fervor, how Jackson, the 1st
president with nearly no formal education, was the only man
of position, in his Time, to behold the phophetic vision of
the newly emerging financial-economic threats. These
threats unfolded, through subsequent Times, as an invasion
plundering the people's democratic rights, well-being and
pursuit of happiness.

Jackson's education via rural life experiences (in our
urbanized Time called "street-smarts") reinforces the
proposition that deep breakthrough vision, concerning
human well-being, can only come from those largely free
of, or broken free from, the corruptions of formal education.

Through his self-directed education and his long battle
against the illegitimate power of banks and corporations
to manifest new oppressions upon the people's lives,
Andrew Jackson stands in the company of such other self-
educated, iconic thinkers as Thomas Paine, Washington,
Lincoln and J. J. Rousseau, the father of philosophical
romanticism. Rouseau's philosophy would come to play a
role in the ideological constitution of our founding fathers.

If Old Hickory's vision had fully won the Day and Era, had
it become more fully fruited into the financial world, his
vision, springing from a Nature-based rebellion, would
have secured what, otherwise, tragically passed away:
some financial-economic blessings of freedom, of, by,
and for, the people and posterity.

With the fruit of that vision, re-planted and re-harvested
faithfully by each generation; we would not be witnessing
the Gulf Coast's ecological, economic disaster. If our
economic liberties fought for by Jackson were intact, we
would not be bearing this disaster, a disaster begging to
be truly defined as a disaster brought to bear upon one
nation's very spirit, one nation's very humanity, one nation's
very soul.

2010 All rights reserved

May 28, 2010

The Human Environmental Movement

(Penan natives blockade logging road, 1990's)

"I feel deep shame when I look into the eyes of my grandchildren and think
how much damage has been done to planet Earth." -- Jane Goodall Time Aug 18, 2002

We need to become proactive in our quest to save
ecosystems from destruction, saving, as well, their wildlife
species from the progressing extinctions witnessed within Earth's environment!

We need a rooted movement to restore and conserve
human wildlife -- our human naturality, the natural human condition, 
evolved within the wild Earth-life, called wilderness or the wild.

The onus of the Environmental Movement must be shifted
into our inner selves, into the constituent makeup of our human
being, spirit, mind, heart, soul, consciousness, perception,
intelligence, families, communties, culture and life way.

We need a Human Renaturalization Movement, the only
pathway back into our original, evolved, natural nature-
human relationship. This movement must enable the people
to become renaturalized and gather together to reclaim from
their bought-off representatives the sustainability, well-being
and fate of Earth's humanity and all of Earth's ecosystems-

Without this movement into the restoration and
conservation of Earth's human wildlife-- unpolluted human
perception, mind, consciousness, community, culture and
lifeway; we are doomed to remain victims trapped in a
reactive mode, reacting to the diverse pollutions of humanity.

Civilization's manifold pollutions of childhood's mind,
consciousness, spirit, being, self, life and world are
the original and generating source of adulthood's
pollutions of Earth's evolved, natural environment as well as
our pollutions and fragmentations of organic eco-families and

The pollutions of our children develop the invasive,
alien, behavioral patterns of corporations and governments:
develop the anti-nature and anti-human nature doctrines
and enterprises of our science and education, paving
the human pathway into corporate and govermental
destructions piercing all life within Earth-life-world.

The source of the ongoing destructions of all the pristine,
beauties and treasures of life out there is the ongoing
destruction of the pristine, beauties and treasures within us.

The random destruction of Earth's natural environment
springs from the precise destruction of Her evolved,
natural human nature, being, consciousness, perception,
intelligence, her ecological families, communtities, culture and

We have known for decades that adult behaviors and
enterprises are determined primarily during early childhood
and, secondarily, during the remaining years of youth. To
change what adults are doing out there in "the natural
environment;" we must change what they (we) are doing to
the natural environment within human perceptions,
senses, minds, hearts, souls, lives, consciousness and

By choosing proaction over reaction, we commence
restoring and conserving the unpolluted, naturality of our
children. We move toward staging an ongoing rebellion
against the artificialization of childhood development being
waged by the commercialism, corporatism and sci-
technologism of power and profit seeking enterprises of
every stripe, imaginable and creatable.

The people of the Earth must reclaim the natural, human
environment within themselves, before they can reclaim
the natural environment "out there."

The destruction of the human environment within us
is the generating source of the destruction of the nonhuman,
natural environment "outside us."

It is non-natural human minds, hearts and souls that are
creating non-natural environments for both humanity and
all Earth-life.

To save Humanity and Earth-life, we must clean up, restore
and liberate our children, via our childhood.

To redeem our lost humanity, we must restore natural,
human nurturing within the context of natural
ecosystems. Human re-naturalization is human

To love our children is to uncage them; to return them
to Earth's natural relationships with natural family,
community, and ecosystem.

Modern, commercial, materialistic science is blind to our
human nurturome, which receives the new-born human
organism and its genome. Young parents must behold the
reality of our nurturome; and form a movement to restore it.
Materialistic science rejects it; the people must embrace it.

Our arrogant, Modern thinking has tried everything else;
and will continue to try more and new everything elses:
everything but the oldest solution and medicine (and what
every good shaman primordially knew), restoring the union
of Earth's human nature with Earth's living nature.

The fate of our human species lies in the deep, instinctive
hands and hearts of parents and eco-communities; not in
formal, commercialized, corporatized education.

The human journey has, for eons, been led by
the manifold forms of love, springing from pure,
unpolluted, parental love, growing outward and upward
into Earth-life's pure, unpolluted, human eco-families and
eco-communities, cradled in Earth-life.

Copyright 2010 L.S. Heatherly

May 13, 2010

Child Development and Love Vs. Sociocultural Delusions

Child Development and Love Vs. Sociocultural Delusions

By L. S. Heatherly


A psychiatrist who once had a wide following died
April 27th of this year. Yours Truly knew nothing of
Stanley I. Greenspan. Reportedly, he was at the forefront
in the 1970s and beyond of a movement that saw human
interactions and loving relationships as the foundation
for a child's emotional and intellectual growth.

Looking around us today at the unprecedented
fragmentation, disintegration and surrogation, at the
the electronification, cyberization, virtualization,
of human interactions and loving relationships; we might
wonder, and need to ponder, what happened to this
restoration movement.

Gosh! How did he come to rediscover what was, once upon
the times, and in the family-village places, common sense!
What was, and is, the most loving essence of the human condition,
of human sociality, for eons! That, back then, it took an eminent
psychiatrist and a movement to inform us of this! To inform us that
human interactions and loving relationships are the central basis
for childhood development! And now, we have scarce hope of
restoring this traditional common sense

Just imagine, it took a movement to attempt the restoration
of the core basis of human culture and society! Could it be
that he saw all around him a deficiency in these! Imagine
that the movement failed; as it did. Now, imagine the
seemingly unimaginable! Imagine that we shall come
together to apprehend and embrace this vital common
sense! Imagine we cared and dared to know how and
why this movement failed!

Imagine that we shall rededicate our lives to restoring
the sanctity of natural childhood. Imagine that we shall
protect and defend our children's birthright to be the
children of Mother Earth and her natural, unadulterated
human nature, unfolding within a natural childhood.

It is sad and disturbing to see, to what new, lower levels
"genius" now falls in its artificial rise, its separation from the
natural human condition. Artificial genius, intelligence and
activities now accelerate their rise amidst the Modern fall
of natural intelligence, consciousness and activities. This
we, through formal education, loosely and recklessly
for over 150 years, now, call Progress. Oh, how we
desperately need more undegreed, independent thinkers
like Will Rogers, Thomas Paine and Jean J. Rousseau!

This is one hallmark of our Modern Tragedy, both marking
and exemplifying our Age. This unfortunate man midst
our pollutions of humanity, a genius by contemporary standards,
conceivably, died from more than "complications from a
stroke" -- a stroke merely involves the brain of a mere
human organism!

What about the man, the male, human being? What about
the man's heart, life, and spirit? How about reporting to
the public what happens to human beings during the
Modern process of dying! Tragically, such fuller
reporting is beyond what is considered appropriate;
it is forbidden!

Alas, only rare souls will dare to investigate true, natural
human living and dying -- to investigate what
human life really is; to investigate the sociocultural
follies that really are, increasingly, killing us! We who,
once upon true time and place, were full, whole human
beings in unity and sustainabilty within Earth-life!

Modernity's science and medicine want to report, and
impart to us, their knowledge of human tissue, cells, organs
and organisms! Whence the truthful and wise human
beings so commonly found in more natural and traditional
societies? Whence the plenitude of organic, communities,
in respectful obedience, knowledge and harmony
with evolved, human nature, culture midst all Earth-life?

Death from a broken heart is very conceivable, but
forbidden to utter: Its conceivable, even likely, to free
thinkers, that people get strokes, cancer and heart disease
from the progressive breaking of the human heart and spirit!
What, after all, is the deep source of Modern stress!

Could the real, deep, natural truth be that this man, who
saw the light concerning children's growth and well-being;
but, still, despite his heroic vision and work, had to endure
the ongoing pain of observing the ongoing decline of that
enlightenment he professed; and had to witness the
displacement, of those very human interactions and loving
relationships via the rise in artificial, electronic, cybernetic,
virtual, and diverse, unclose, nonloving forms of human
interactions, relationships and vicarious forms of
these! Could it be that he died of a broken heart and spirit!


Starting, perhaps in the 1980s, movies became filled with
scenes of parents and children saying the words,
"I love you." This reveals, to anyone willing and able to see,
that as the manifold acts of love are removed from our lives;
the need to assert love with words arises through the
subliminal awareness of love's declining presence in our
lives. Its nothing less than the verbalized denial of the
decline in the manifold acts and relationships of love.

This revelation is also the starkest indication that the Age
of Linguistics, and the hermenuetical thesis are false and
destructive to humanity. During the 80s, and earlier for
some, we arrived to where we could no longer completely
block and deny the decline in love. At some level, we
became aware of our social and cultural failure to love and
be loved as much as humans innately deserve.

Through our diverse, commercial oppressions,
we cannot walk the walks of love, cannot do the
manifold acts of love, cannot have the full
relationships of loving each other;

thus, we inevitably, try to compensate
for what is missing by saying
what should be happening.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Heart, Love and Mind

Love is phenomena of the heart, compelling actions;
Love, as phenomenon of the mind, remains ideas and words.

Love entails behavioral relationship,
it is behavioral embracement: growth of human being.

Love spoken as affirmation, may also act;
but entails, compels, or effects, via mere words, no sharing behavior.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Original Sin: Rationalization of Love

We rationalize this false belief: the saying of love makes
it so, makes love there, where it rightfully should be:
in accordance with innate, natural, human nature, in
accordance with sustainable, natural human culture,
family, community, society, life way and Earth's human

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Life and Love
One does not have to verbally affirm true love,
when one has true, loving life!

We love, therefore, we are.

We live as humans be(ings),
therefore, we love.

All Rights Reserved 2010

Apr 29, 2010

Art, Nature, and Intelligence

By L. S. Heatherly

We use the words, art and artist, often, and in only one
sense of reality. Beyond our expedient, illusional reality, there
is a deep, pure, human art only reachable, during states of
cleansed, restored, primordial consciousness; only
reachable through traveling back in time and being,
back into natural human being and Earth-place.

Back there, in fleeting recovery of our primordial being,
we restore some reunification with our original, human
essences still in ecological balance, still there deep down
in the primordial self, still authentic to us, as a species
of our evolved, two million year-old, human family.

We are pulled by the call of the wild back into this true, human
art--into some recapturings of our whole, pure self--but only
upon such inspired, restorative, and healing journeys.

And, the farther we travel back into our natural, human
self-life-world, the more pure art -- the artifacts of pure, whole
self--we discover to be excavated, and restored back into our
human lives and souls, now debilitated with infection, now
diminished by scar-tissue, surrogative behavior--due to invasive
pollution-toxins--the artificialities of civilization.

The truest, purist, most genuine, human art is that which
restores humanity and Earth-life as one. It reimplants, it
reinhabits --in consciousness or deed-- the human soul,
in some measure, to its natural state within Earth-life.

We enter again our Earthly evolutionary flow;
our natural humanity flowing within Earth's evolution.
Dwelling again midst life on Earth,
We restore to us the only life we can, ever,
richly experience in an ecological reality;
can ever perennially reproduce for posterity
in autonomous,eco-community habitats.

Those looking for remnants of life on Mars or moons
are in denial about the meaning and value of life:
a deep, wide eonic process, creating succeeding species,
and changing them to fit within the whole process of evolutionary life.

Such specialists have been specialized out of the ability to
understand and behold what human life really is.
They have specialized their vision with artificial scopes,
as well as their perception and intelligence, with these and 
many other artificial activities, objects and phenomena.

Can artificial, adulterated understanding, vision and intelligence,
engaged in artificial, human culture and society, bear any
promise of understanding two pure, natural things, called Life
on Earth and her Humanity! The sight, senses and mind of
science and art, as well as their fostered, 'civil' institutional
enterprises, become blind to real, natural, evolved
Living Nature, blind to real, natural intelligence and
consciousness: thereby, they become blind to real sustainable,
natural, human culture.

Copyright 2010 All rights reserved

True literature is marked by its piercing into the hearts,
lives and very souls of its closest readers:
accomplishing with mere written words,
some of what others do
through communal actions,
loving relationships
and family blood.

Copyright 2010

Apr 14, 2010

Truth: Waitings and Countings

By L.S. Heatherly

Truth: Waitings and Countings

The truth has its countings that ring
Of what human story and consciousness would sing.
Ruffled of feather, She's a fettered, violated thing;
First Caged Bird, lifting no spirit on freedom's wing.

Emboldened 'neath swollen, infected societies,
Truth waits the countings of primal, human pieties:
She waits out slashing strikes of machine and pen;
Awaits re-emergence of red-blooded, green-minded men.

Down for counts, by blows; history's march is swift;
Truth is counted out, and buried by myth.
She waits out civil, anti-nature, of history's hoof;
Awaits ever-young nutrients of pristine youth,

Our Lady, commands all battles for liberty,
Secures her blessings: Earth's human, cultural body of We.
Through unpolluted, archetypal patterns of youth,
She wins primal, true relatings of humanity.

She sees Modern mind takes flight from natural light;
As high-tech art tunnels human seeing.
Innately false: its flashes invade the primal night;
As we await our re-becoming of human being..

She sows and waits: freedom's resprouting in her loam
To break-back-through to human nature's home:
To our growth-blueprint-matrix-medium-culture,
To innate, eco-socio-cultural-nurturings of love--our nurturome;

To our blueprints, our spelling bee of human right
The essential activities that read
The second book of human life,
Its timeless creed of social-cultural deed.

She awaits our discovery of her cognition-seeds:
In the "Book of Human Life":
Volume one: genome-brain-body,
Volume two: eco-social-cultural deeds--

From growth's sequences, selections, tellings,
Of Earth's human structures-functions-dwellings,

The habitat of eco-social-cultural youth,
The united, natural selections, the countings,
The creations, of Life's nature-human truth.

Copyright 2010 L. S. Heatherly

Mar 29, 2010

Heart Of Gold

By L. S. Heatherly

The first hearing of Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" can be
a musical, even spiritual-ontological, milepost in one's life:
a flashback illumination, a residual trance of thought and emotion.

Being engulfed by golden purities of voice, lyrics,
and instruments, perfectly orchestrated into an arrangement,
is rarely captured by musical-song artists.

The beats and rhythms, the instruments and lyrics;
the arrangement unifying all into an inundating flow of
unclouded, human vision, closely effecting a
primordial experience, stirring one very essence of the
human condition, and recording the state of that vital
essence as experienced in our Age!

All this, in metered union with the golden voice
of one man, re-capturing the spirit of Youth afloat,
un-docked, flowing alone, in the growing, unbonded,
searching sea of love -- Modern un-mated adulthood.

Young's rendition of his "Heart of Gold"
returns any true listener, with his humanity still in gear,
to the very essence of one stage of human development,
so distinctively marking one socioculture,
ambiguously called, "civilization."

Through this masterpiece, we relive
the cutting sociocultural blades and binding chains,
imprisoning Youth itself in an un-natural and artificial dilemma.

We hear an artist gracefully, and beautifully, bearing witness:
to an alien, invasive, pseudo place, time and being of the human
condition, for which humanity's children and adults pay:
in the blood and traumas of their lives, families, cultures,
societies, ecosystems, spirits and souls.

To any naturalistic, philosophical soul
it rose to one song of humanity, a sad, forlorn complaint
about the complex obstacles and adulterations
eclipsing any natural, noble pathway of Life in our Time.

Damn! Truth be dug and told:
songster and philosopher
not only merged to score for music;
but scored for the human soul:
one small triumph for humanity!

In our Stormy Age of ego and personality,
true artists make Land,
and take one small step
onto the shores of human sunlight.

Copyright 2010, L. S. Heatherly

Mar 16, 2010

Circles of Life Vs. Civilization

By L. S. Heatherly

Whence cometh the idea we can make newness from

Newness, and the idea of it, overwelmingly originate as
civilization's, digressions from human life's natural, slow-
changing --natural adaptational, and selectional -- human
nature, being, spirit, reality, socioculture, well-being and

But, still, before the human species' recent 'civilized' departures
from natural, human evolution, the story of Earth-life's evolution
is itself a story of making new species out of (old) existing ones.
In the social mammals, primates, and especially human-primates,
it occurs through very slow, incremental selections for, and
adaptations to, changing physical and sociocultural conditions for
well-being, reproduction, and evolutionary sustainability.

In Earth's evolution of human species, natural radiation in the
atmosphere produces some new mutations in our DNA and
genes(the building blocks of organic life) joining some other,
earlier mutations stored for possible, beneficial need and use.
These new elements of matter are received into an inextricable,
interactive, bonded unity with eco-social-ontological-cultural
phenomena --our human nurturome --selected by the natural,
human family and extended family-community.

Thus, the beneficial, new genes, genome and other DNA related
(e.,g., epigenes) elements (newness) chosen by (Darwin's
or Darwinian) natural, material-organic-genetic selection for
participation in the material, human realm or world are received into
a unified field -- human self-life-world-- consisting of these genetic
selections and of (Heatherly's or Heatherlyian) beneficial, natural,
non-organic-behavioral-cultural selections chosen by natural
humanity's medium-matrix-culture-complex- environment
(human nurturome) of co-operative-loving-nurturing-
developmental behavior and relationships.

The above story of evolving (new) human species (or maintaining
old species), comes to an end with civilization; wherein the evolved,
natural, human lifeworld and self are no longer within the distinctive,
natural process-system, the structure-function-dwelling, of Earthlife's
evolution of primate and human-primate species. In civilization, the
creative ways of Earth-life's evolution through natural selection and
mutation are gradually displaced by artificial selections of artificials
created by humans fallen from the natural, true human path. These
invasive, alien artificials benefit short-term desires of elites
(for un-natural power-domination) at the expense of the short and
long-term needs of the bulk of the species--the need to stay the path
of human growth-fulfillment-perpetuation, to stay the path of
humanity's eco-family-community development, well-being and
evolutionary sustainability.

Whence the idea the new can renew itself?

With Springtime, the season is not renewing itself,
springtime. It is renewing, in one real sense only, one
circle, or cycling, (the seasons) of life. Afterall, where is the
beginning of any circle-- can a circle have a beginning? It can
and does: if the circle is only a circle in appearance; while
being, in precise human reality, a tightly formed spiral of
incrementally changing, constituent nature through natural
selection. With the seasons of yearly life, witnessed and
experienced by humans and other self-conscious life, Spring
is characterized, and distinguished, by its surges of life from the
dormancies of life, being of special import to the conscious and
self-conscious species. The point in the circle of the yearly
seasons -- the point and period of re-surging life-- is denoted
(and before language, noticed) as the re-surging, the re-
springing of life from the yearly dormancy of life.

*** *** *** ***

Organic-Material DNA and Eco-Sociocultural DNA

Those phenomena generally appearing to humans as
circles or cycles, are, in precise human evolutionary reality,
spirals within our human species' spiral, which slowly spiraled
from previous human species spirals, which, in turn, spiraled
from our predecessor species of primates, spiraling from
earlier forms of social mammals preceding the social primates.

The evolution of social-sexual species-life is not that of slowly
evolving lines; but, instead, that of slowly changing and
branching spirals from the first form of such life.

In sociocultural primates, and especially in human species,
evolving life creates a sociocultural spiral, gradually bonding in
interactive, inextricable unity with the material, genetic spiral
of DNA -- a double spiral of both genomic and nurturomic
blueprinted instructions, reproduced and transferred to
successive generations. This is nothing less than a fundamental,
and revolutionary second form of evolving life: from just one
spiraling strand of material, organic, evolution into two intertwined,
interactive spiraling strands -- the basis-mechanism-process-
system of evolutionary socioculture.

Can a rebirth occur after a birth? In our present use of
English, when a person or human phenomenon looses enough
of its essential and vital nature to threaten its existence, it, at
times, even if only in plausible theory, experiences a rebirth--
recovering essentials and vitals of its innate nature.

Single cell organisms, and other pre-sexual life forms, reproduce
themselves: at the time when they innately 'know" (genetically)
they are becoming increasingly less able to sustain life; they then,
through life-force, reproduce their form of life with a new organism
modeled (genetically programed) upon itself."

*** *** *** ***

The Arizona Monsoon (a season or time of rainfall )
traditionally begins when atmospheric conditions are
present for its manifestation. About three years ago, the
Weather Reporting Service decided to make it a calendared
phenomena-- an occurrence within the phenomena of the
calendar. Instead of measuring the amount of humidity and the
dew point-- its beginning being marked as the 3rd or 4th day
that the dew-point is over 40 degrees; they, in effect said: its
easier to mark its beginning at a point on the man-made
calendar, on June 15th, lasting to Sept 15th. Never mind the
factual, observable conditions of nature's atmosphere and
weather; and never mind that we will rarely get rain as early
as June 15. The monsoon, nevertheless, will, henceforth,
conveniently be marked to begin and occur when our
calendar says so.

A laughing matter to the keen observer of Mother Nature;
but, history shows how easily laughter changes to tears.
All conquests of Living Nature, her human nature and
natural, human community-socioculture are filled with laughter
and bravado; then drowned in floods of tears flowing as
natural consequence of violations of Earth-life's evolved,
nature and human nature.

Science, and other human arrogances march on, carrying
natural humanity toward still another, but unprecedented,
human decimation. A rose by any other name, eventually
becomes misunderstood into ambivalence, when under the
weight of convenient, changing denotations and perceptions.
Convenient, verbal denotations have their way of blurring,
then transforming, natural perception, as well as, conception
and intelligence.

Copyright 2010 L. S. Heatherly

Mar 2, 2010

Back to the Land, Children, Love, Freedom

 A Declaration of Childhood's Natural Rights

Bring the Earth's bountiful, land and children together!
We shall re-seize nothing less than lush, green,
human redemption!

It is only by bonding our children during early
childhood to Earth's life, and her ecosystems;

Only by restoring the child's intimate
relationship with Mother Earth;

Only by restoring this childhood relationship that has
created, fulfilled and sustained us in Earth's play of life;

Only by restoring our natural, innate human nature
during our children's formative years;

It is only, therein, that humanity restores,
conserves and sustains its future on Earth,
the jeweled home and cradle of life.

It is only through childhood's re-nurturalization, and
re-naturalization of human nature, spirit, being, culture
and lifeway that civilization's fallen humanity finds redemption-- finds
restorations and conservations  of its natural soul and culture.

May a vision be beholden upon us: the Back to the Land
Movement was, and remains amongst us today, the
legitimate and good heart of the Counterculture Movement
of the 1960's and 70's. The Land Movement is interactive and
bonded, through Nature herself and her human nature, with
the Environmental Movement.

Both Movements will continue to play foundational roles in
regenerating -- in re-naturalizing and re-nurturalizing -- the
human nature, being, spirit, family, community, culture, economy
and lifeway that Earth-life evolved for our two hundred thousand
 year-old human species.

Whatever rediscovery, restoration, and conservation
of these natural nurturings, 

Whatsoever these diminished and adulterated,
manifold forms of human love! 

These elements of our human
nurturome (sacrificed on the alters of civilizations'
power-wealth-domination ethos and empires): 

These recapturings will be the measure of our success at ameliorating the diverse
scourges, now coalescing as a looming, human decimation/extinction

Every civilization has, largely, fallen or been dispersed back into
village or nomatic lifeway, ultimately, not from insufficient

military, nor exhaustion of natural resources; but at the deepest
level -- the exhaustion of love-nurturings of natural childhood:
this nature-human, manifold love is the basis of natural, sustainable culture.

Behold children removed from Earth's natural land; and, therein,
behold battlegrounds of a human circus-zoo, its chains binding the

originally free, human heart!

Humanity declines from the cooling of the human heart,
from the diminishment of the very roots of the human
family, found in primordial depths of our heart and soul.

The infection and debilitation of natural, human love
by artificial, pollutant, behavioral-cultural toxins,
at the deepest, root level -- in our human infants and
children -- remains the true source of our fall from Life's
evolved, bequeathed, human grace.

Civilization, by its artificial nature, removes us from our natural
evolved, manifold forms of human love and relationships bonding
us into loving identities with each other, and other forms of

Our natural ways of living and being, springing from the
heart, and engaged in union with the land and its abundant life

-- our humanity's heartland -- have created and carried us
through the eons.

As our DNA and human genome have carried our brain-body
organisms; so, too, these manifold forms of love, constituting
our human nurturome, have received, bonded, and inextricably
interacted, intergrown, interdeveloped, and intersustained our
human organisms as human beings! 

We are life beyond flesh and reptilian instinct-- onward into our loving, 
self-conscious humanness! Selections gathered for  human being, spirit and soul.

Love, in eco-families and eco-communities, is the soul of all our human matter.

Differences in ideas about civilization's society, life and world
are over-ridden by the heart and soul. 

This is a mark of humanity.
Natural, authentic, human love is revealed as the human spirit's
overriding victories over greed, artificial ideologies and enterprises.

Wheresoever, and whereupon, this true, human love successively falls
short of our humanity's minimum daily requirement; civilization's malnourished,
sociocultural mind-bodies are, thereupon, exposed, revealing its falterings at 
bearing and sustaining our evolved Earth-life's humanity and soul.

Bring forth children nurtured in nature-human awes and wonders,
in naturally beholden phenomena of joyful, loving relationships
within Earth's life and land, within her human heart and soul;

Bring  forth, herein, the only real Green Movement:
the greening of each generation of youth's human heart!

Copyright 2010  L.S. Heatherly

Feb 4, 2010

Whence the Original, Authentic, American Humanity?

By L. S. Heatherly

Cultural maladies that infect a socioculture (our America)
should be treated, healed, or resolved in some manner. There
should, at least, be general closures, treatments and recoveries.
In the U.S., we have,
at least, significantly resolved the oppression concerning blacks,
other nonwhite races, and women. We have morally-socially-
spiritually resolved, as a country, next to nothing concerning at
least five decades of other maladies: the Vietnam and related military
follies, the Oligarchic and Plutocatic-based oppression and poverty of the
masses, and the oppression-destruction of other Earth-life, their
ecosystems and habitats(of which we are an inalienable part).

Moreover, we have not even navigated to any general closure, not
even to any sound ameliorations, of these sociocultural debilitations.
As the number of untreated, social and cultural diseases increase;
so does the debilitation of our general welfare, present and future;
and, moreover, U.S. and Westernizing, sociocultural sustainability

Even as we sink (2009) further into the worst recession/depression since
the Great Depression; the super-rich continue to trick, delude and
plunder the masses. This unprecedented Plutocracy and Kleptocracy
is rendering the people and their supposed representatives increasingly
helpless, will-less and largely clue-less regarding the debilitations of their
innate human rights, loves, relationships and general welfare. The ongoing
explosion of new high-technic forms of dehumanization, inequity and
oppression has, in a long-running systemic manner, outflanked
the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the US Supreme Court,
as well as, local and national governments, and their Political
Systems, Judicial Systems, Law Enforcements, Educational Systems,
Health Systems. Likewise outflanked are regional and international,
organized religions, civil compassions, social advocacies, charities
and philanthropies. Our real, authentic lives have been sucked into machines
and darkly magical screens that amount to a artificial black hole, which our
infected, diminished humanity is unable to perceive and diagnose as such!

Our social institutions, from the basic unit of socioculture, the family,
outward through all so-called civilized humanity, have institutions
become so rigid,  regimented, electronicized and virtualized
that their policies can only be explained as a codependency.

They are codependent on the addictions
they profess, in part measure sincerely, to struggle against.
We need an unprecedented, deep, human revelation and deep, human
revolution, generating a gradual restoration of natural human
consciousness, thought, vision, and love coming from within as
revelation and re-birth of how, what, and why we are, as human
beings, on a planet jeweled with Earth-life, cradling a human
species over two hundred thousand years-old.

We have come a long, magnificent way. Now is not a time for
audacious hope based on ungrounded, oratorical optimism. Now
is the time for the highest courage and vision-- the courage to behold
with painful clarity the unprecedented abyss of growing scourges
that threaten to sweep all humanity from its Last Human Spring
into a Last Human Winter, an unprecedented human decimation.
Only from this high courage, breakthrough-clarity of vision, and
restored manifold forms of natural, evolved, human love and
compassion can we breakthrough artificial shams into the vision,
the revelation, of our original, human purpose, fulfillment,
well-being, and sustainability, authentic to a most pre-1970's

We, likely, now, have been, since the 1960's, in our Last Human
Spring. Once the re-springing of our human essences is achieved,
against all odds, in eco-families-communities spreading
across the globe; Then, we, must cultivate our Springtime into a
Human Summertime worthy of many millenia of harmony amidst
the most precious treasures of Earth-life, of which we are one,
and their ecosystem-habitats. We are the responsible jewel of
Earth-life that is destroying so much of ourselves and other
jewels of life. This is a time for embracing the manifold, most
natural and joyous forms of love and loving relationships that
have carried and sustained us through the eons of Earth-place
with all Earth-life beings.

The revelation, vision, and work we must now re-embrace is
that of restoring natural, human culture. This is to say, we must
gradually restore our human nurturome, the mechanism and
blueprint that regenerates human families, communities and
societies through its natural interaction with our human
organisms, their human genomes and their partnered ecosocial,
ecocultural and ecological systems in Earthly sustainability.

This human nurturome
grows, fulfills and reproduces for each generation the manifold,
natural sociocultural selections representing, manifesting and
constituting human love, compassion and cooperation. Our human
nurturome provides the Nature-tested instructions for achieving
the behavior-relationship-cultural-habitat characteristics
constituting normal full, human evolution, human development
and transference(reproduction) of these generation to generation.
Human beings are not just brain-body organisms generated by
their genomes' instruction for these organisms. Everything else
about our humanness, about human beings beyond our organisms,
is recreated in every generation by our evolved, natural
nurture-culture -- by our human nurturome. Civilization, the
invasive, alien and artificial antithesis of natural socioculture,
diminishes and adulterates our nurturome with surrogative,
alien, artificial objects/phenomena.

Where are our Thomas Paines, our Jeffersons, our J. J.
Rousseaus, our Ghandis, our Tecumsehs, our M. L. Kings,
our Carlyles, our Thoreaus, our Mark Twains? Where are the
American People as a self-conscious whole, democratic nation?"
Where is our original, Earth-based Humanity? Where are our
defenders of the whole human species? Where the trail blazers leading
the authentic human trail and expedition on this jeweled planet Earth?
Who reveals and teaches the true human path back to our age-old,
time-proven Earthly selves, to our truth, our goodness, our beauty, our
authentic human nature, identity, being, spirit, reality, cultures,
lifeways, villages, childhoods, families, communities, human eco-habitats,
our cooperations springing from manifold loves, our pervasive,
intercultural, human Golden Rule?

(Edited from a letter originally sent to Darryl K. House in
August '09. It is a profound compliment to a rare man: that
this Author, Yours Truly, writes passages to Mr. House that meet
the high standards set for my published works. Such a man, surely,
must live in some sort of paradise; as surely as I know he is
partnered there, with a rare woman, called Teri.)

Copyright 2009 L. S. Heatherly All rights reserved

Jan 28, 2010

Zeitgeists, J. D. Salinger and Literature

By L. S. Heatherly

Nearly all this nonfiction Author, blogging here, knows,
of Salinger and his works is from the following:

Just saw (on PBS News Hour) an Author of 20 books and one other
literary fellow's comments on Salinger's death at age ninety-one.

In part:
60 million books sold; many as required reading for decades; now
mostly in high schools; took a swipe at David Copperfield in first
paragraph of Catcher in The Rye; nothing since age 45; loved
writing but hated publishing and public spotlight; represented
disaffected youth; but said: "here's the truth anyway."

The last three apply to Yours Truly; excepting a deep obligation
and need to reach one soul's revolutionary zenith, one soul's
breakthrough-level of thought, before writing the thoughts
and the message, "here's the truth anyway," to the people --
keeping it on the walls of the mind, till thought reached its
zenith-plateau, reached its vision of humanity cradled within
all Earth-life. A longer journey to travel, a more distant
destination. It was always, and remains for any authentic,
human, revolutionary vision, the pathway of thought into
enlightenment and revelation; not thinking itself; not the bits
and pieces of truth, the shards; and not writing itself.

He lived a private life in a small house since age forty-five.

One fellow said: Salinger "found a zeitgeist" a voice for many youth
of his time. The Last Human Spring was in search of some sort of
zeitgeist: but one for a humanity moving, increasingly, into
endangerment; while knowing full well humanity has long
been, and is, too lost to hear its thoughts and vision in our Time,
and, likely, in any Age to come. But, still, the truth counts;
disregarding its reception: inspite of its very slight chance of
being received but by a few. Thus, being slightly akin to
Salinger: ... .... Human Spring says "here's the truth anyway."

Countings of Truth

Truth counts for something: as long as there is another human
being receiving the light and warmth of Living Nature's original,
human words of truth and love;

Truth even counts for something; as long
as a family of self-conscious chimps or bonobos speak
prehuman speech, exchanging and sharing the bliss
and glory Earth-life has created.

Self-conscious Truth not only counts; it is everything.
It is all that has ever been; or ever will be.

Lacking this Truth, this Reality;
all else is lifeless matter or reptilian
snap of jaws, digestion, absorbtion, excretion.

All else waits in a cold universe
for Meaning to emerge in Life;

waits for the spark, for the fire,
for the warmth and the light;

waits for the only experience of purpose,
verified and fossilized by trails,

by paths of Time, Being and Earth-life --
into purpose, we emerge to know as Love.

***** ***** *****

All of history's authors, scholars, poets, songwriters, filmmakers,
theologians, preachers, et., al., have failed the main task, and the
rightful duty, of knowledge and literature: to save civilization
from its fallen self: to redeem it, albeit, partially.

All rights reserved