Feb 4, 2010

Whence the Original, Authentic, American Humanity?

By L. S. Heatherly

Cultural maladies that infect a socioculture (our America)
should be treated, healed, or resolved in some manner. There
should, at least, be general closures, treatments and recoveries.
In the U.S., we have,
at least, significantly resolved the oppression concerning blacks,
other nonwhite races, and women. We have morally-socially-
spiritually resolved, as a country, next to nothing concerning at
least five decades of other maladies: the Vietnam and related military
follies, the Oligarchic and Plutocatic-based oppression and poverty of the
masses, and the oppression-destruction of other Earth-life, their
ecosystems and habitats(of which we are an inalienable part).

Moreover, we have not even navigated to any general closure, not
even to any sound ameliorations, of these sociocultural debilitations.
As the number of untreated, social and cultural diseases increase;
so does the debilitation of our general welfare, present and future;
and, moreover, U.S. and Westernizing, sociocultural sustainability

Even as we sink (2009) further into the worst recession/depression since
the Great Depression; the super-rich continue to trick, delude and
plunder the masses. This unprecedented Plutocracy and Kleptocracy
is rendering the people and their supposed representatives increasingly
helpless, will-less and largely clue-less regarding the debilitations of their
innate human rights, loves, relationships and general welfare. The ongoing
explosion of new high-technic forms of dehumanization, inequity and
oppression has, in a long-running systemic manner, outflanked
the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the US Supreme Court,
as well as, local and national governments, and their Political
Systems, Judicial Systems, Law Enforcements, Educational Systems,
Health Systems. Likewise outflanked are regional and international,
organized religions, civil compassions, social advocacies, charities
and philanthropies. Our real, authentic lives have been sucked into machines
and darkly magical screens that amount to a artificial black hole, which our
infected, diminished humanity is unable to perceive and diagnose as such!

Our social institutions, from the basic unit of socioculture, the family,
outward through all so-called civilized humanity, have institutions
become so rigid,  regimented, electronicized and virtualized
that their policies can only be explained as a codependency.

They are codependent on the addictions
they profess, in part measure sincerely, to struggle against.
We need an unprecedented, deep, human revelation and deep, human
revolution, generating a gradual restoration of natural human
consciousness, thought, vision, and love coming from within as
revelation and re-birth of how, what, and why we are, as human
beings, on a planet jeweled with Earth-life, cradling a human
species over two hundred thousand years-old.

We have come a long, magnificent way. Now is not a time for
audacious hope based on ungrounded, oratorical optimism. Now
is the time for the highest courage and vision-- the courage to behold
with painful clarity the unprecedented abyss of growing scourges
that threaten to sweep all humanity from its Last Human Spring
into a Last Human Winter, an unprecedented human decimation.
Only from this high courage, breakthrough-clarity of vision, and
restored manifold forms of natural, evolved, human love and
compassion can we breakthrough artificial shams into the vision,
the revelation, of our original, human purpose, fulfillment,
well-being, and sustainability, authentic to a most pre-1970's

We, likely, now, have been, since the 1960's, in our Last Human
Spring. Once the re-springing of our human essences is achieved,
against all odds, in eco-families-communities spreading
across the globe; Then, we, must cultivate our Springtime into a
Human Summertime worthy of many millenia of harmony amidst
the most precious treasures of Earth-life, of which we are one,
and their ecosystem-habitats. We are the responsible jewel of
Earth-life that is destroying so much of ourselves and other
jewels of life. This is a time for embracing the manifold, most
natural and joyous forms of love and loving relationships that
have carried and sustained us through the eons of Earth-place
with all Earth-life beings.

The revelation, vision, and work we must now re-embrace is
that of restoring natural, human culture. This is to say, we must
gradually restore our human nurturome, the mechanism and
blueprint that regenerates human families, communities and
societies through its natural interaction with our human
organisms, their human genomes and their partnered ecosocial,
ecocultural and ecological systems in Earthly sustainability.

This human nurturome
grows, fulfills and reproduces for each generation the manifold,
natural sociocultural selections representing, manifesting and
constituting human love, compassion and cooperation. Our human
nurturome provides the Nature-tested instructions for achieving
the behavior-relationship-cultural-habitat characteristics
constituting normal full, human evolution, human development
and transference(reproduction) of these generation to generation.
Human beings are not just brain-body organisms generated by
their genomes' instruction for these organisms. Everything else
about our humanness, about human beings beyond our organisms,
is recreated in every generation by our evolved, natural
nurture-culture -- by our human nurturome. Civilization, the
invasive, alien and artificial antithesis of natural socioculture,
diminishes and adulterates our nurturome with surrogative,
alien, artificial objects/phenomena.

Where are our Thomas Paines, our Jeffersons, our J. J.
Rousseaus, our Ghandis, our Tecumsehs, our M. L. Kings,
our Carlyles, our Thoreaus, our Mark Twains? Where are the
American People as a self-conscious whole, democratic nation?"
Where is our original, Earth-based Humanity? Where are our
defenders of the whole human species? Where the trail blazers leading
the authentic human trail and expedition on this jeweled planet Earth?
Who reveals and teaches the true human path back to our age-old,
time-proven Earthly selves, to our truth, our goodness, our beauty, our
authentic human nature, identity, being, spirit, reality, cultures,
lifeways, villages, childhoods, families, communities, human eco-habitats,
our cooperations springing from manifold loves, our pervasive,
intercultural, human Golden Rule?

(Edited from a letter originally sent to Darryl K. House in
August '09. It is a profound compliment to a rare man: that
this Author, Yours Truly, writes passages to Mr. House that meet
the high standards set for my published works. Such a man, surely,
must live in some sort of paradise; as surely as I know he is
partnered there, with a rare woman, called Teri.)

Copyright 2009 L. S. Heatherly All rights reserved