Jan 31, 2012

Life, Love, Being, Thought and Language

Unentailed, our speakings of love:
Earth's human life gives lovings thereof.

We live as humans be(ings),
Therefore, we love.

We love, therefore, we are

We think; therefore, we speak:
We love; therefore, love's speakings seek.

We live as loving human being;
Therefore, we are unfolding lovings.

We be-- unfold-- our manifold lovings;
We love, therefore, we are.

In our beginning, we loved;
Growth evolved our lovings; then speakings of.

We may speak without love;
We may love without speakings of.

We can think without love.
We can love without thinkings of.

Babe loves before speaking of;
We love babe, babe loves us.

The being of human being is thus.

Our Sun is not a distant star;
Its within our soul and flesh; not far!

We love Sun, Earth-life and us;
Through these loves, therefore, we are.

We become through these unfoldings thereof.

L.S. Heatherly 2011 All rights reserved

Jan 10, 2012

Children Born Free: Natural Culture

American Youth of the 1960's and 70's counterculture were told: "Get your act
together!" More recently, the acts on the stages of the Human Circus-Zoo--
called "modern civilization"-- are more automatically programmed via an
artificialization of childhood. But, a deeper pondering asks: of what kind, and
of what merit, are these un-natural, unecological choices! These fabricated
choices made on such slippery, mechanical, digital, virtual slopes!

These choices are provided to our children throughout youth's long, dietary,
spirit-being-culture-mind salad of scientific 'certainty', spiritual-ontological confusion, high-technicized senses and perception, digitalized, cyberized
language and relationships, spiritual-ontological frustration, commercial adulteration, and the ego's inflation.

An inflated ego that eclipses the whole human self -- human self as organismic union of family, community, mind, consciousness, being, spirit and culture; all within Earth-life!

Is this chaos of exploding, fragmenting, naturally evolved, human being and
socioculture merely stuff for social theories, and engineered, corporate,
cultural empires! Merely stuff for humanity as egocentric careers and
comodities! Have not our pesonal selves, our families, our communities, our
cultures and our particular ancestors emerged from, with and by means of,
our long-running, natural humanness; carried through, and around, written
historical time; carried through and around history's enslaved, subjugated, 
human being! Carried primarily, by our innate, evolved, organismic, naturalistic,
Earth-folk Society and Culture! By the Earth-life-Humanity relationship!

Dare we evoke, through deepest human restorations, a deep soul-rebellion!
Shall we proclaim that our very humanness cannot be perpetuated, be
socioculturally reproduced, be sustained, for human posterity without sufficiently
preserving our root human being, nature, spirit and culture, all resprouting
from our, original, Paleolithic being! That we must and we shall, excavate our
200,000 year-old ecovillages as birthrights of our human species!

Shall we abandon achaeology of things for archaeology of our soul! Shall we
replace excavations for career's passion with excavations for lost, wide, deep,
manifold, human loves. Loves, once, innate and free.

(adapted from pg 38, 6, of The Last Human Spring, L.S. Heatherly 2002)

Copyright 2011-2013  All rights reserved