Jul 26, 2011

II: Machine, Art, Officialdom, Earth and Soul

(Emerson, 1850's: "Things are in the saddle, and ride mankind.")

Civilization men bow to thrones --of riches, Gods, and nations;
to artificial leadership, commerce, industry, media, celebrations;
march in columns, to mortgage Human-Earth naturality;
march to regiment and mechanize an automaticality of artificiality;  
to make digits, virtuals, cybers, spectacles of language, ritual, and sociality;

Pull the strings of Youth's Heart,
chart the roads and dreams of Child's Soul
out of Living Nature into artificial [art-offic(e)ial] art,
into artificial lifeways of the heart.
The Sacred in Earth-life and her Human soul,
proven through Ages old,
is tokenized, in school, religion, law, science, art;
then, for base desire, sold.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Birth of Writing

Writing emerged in order
To decree, to sanction as official, an emergent, human disorder,
To rationalize slavery, oppression, division of life and labor;
To proclaim ego's magestic rule of, by and for,

A contrived divinity that royalty, supposedly, hath.

Writing (here now eco-candidly), studies and rationalizes
All departures from Earth and Human Nature, all pains, hoaxful disguises
Emergent in the swollen, human portion, our hindquarter:
Writes, makes book of, city's templed, soldered order--

Of blossomed, but fruitless, arrogant, human ass.

All rights reserved

Jul 23, 2011

Artificial Humanities I: Unecological Powers

Human appearance, dance, song, language--
in fact, all human culture, lifeways, heart and soul--
are up for commercial and material/monetary grab.

Nothing in religious text/prophesy about hi-tech and its enterprises!
Yet, religion holds whatever is necessary to keep its followers.
It is blind to the sacredality in all Earth-life, the sacredality in her
evolved, Earthly human nature, being, spirit, reality and culture;
a totality of blindness, through its joyful bondage to elitist,
artful powers and oppressions of the masses of humanity.
"Poverty will always be with us;" because religions, in tandem
with empires, created, institutionalized and canonized poverty.

How incongruous that religion rejects much of modernism,
like birth-control, egalitarianism and stem-cell research;
while generally embracing, or keeping its silence, on all hi-tech
enterprises dehumanizing and de-naturing individuals, organic
families and communities on Earth! And while keeping its silence
on the vilest stupidity and systemic insult to Earth's evolved
human and prehuman species of life itself: that the human
future lies in outer space!

These tandem false beliefs and their resultant de-humanizing
enterprises, destructive to all life, spin out from the central,
generating belief of civilization: that humans are a separate,
distinct life form from other Earth-life, with both being inferior
to an nonempirically evidenced heavenly or re-incarnated
life, a life supposedly always our true destiny and close upon us.
And always, for some 5000 years, failing to evident or appear.

2011 L.S. Heatherly