Nov 20, 2015

The Highest Love of Any God

                   By  L.S. Heatherly

I. Prologue: Selfishness Vs. Love --Brotherhood-Family-Community Love

Send Heart's Word forth to every nation:
There is no Heaven awaiting
The murderers of children--
God's sweetest, highest creation!

For, the highest love of any God
Is the Love of innocent children!

Children have been the most treasured members of humanity (and of
Social mammals), forever.  Will our actions of love for our children
Rise up! Into a declared war on the terrorisms that are killing our children!

In the West run by billionaires of global, hi-tech plutocracies/kleptocracies,
A handful of hateful, deprived hearts, here and there,
Can decrease the co-operation, compassion,
And practice of human goodness, family, and community, everywhere.

II. Children as the Source of Human Love

The essence of childhood
Is the Safeness of the Child's Loves

If millions of global, young people
Were organized to compose  Thankfulness lists,

Even, merely, short lists,
Of the cherishings
They are thankful for;

If these lists were messaged into ISIS areas,
And, via media, to home-grown terrorists everywhere--

Serving notice--
From airplanes high over
ISIS villages and cities--
That Global Children are
United against all terrorism.

The bulk of these lists would mention/refer to
Parents, siblings, family, friends-- held as child-birthrights!
Freedoms to grow, live, work, play and love together--

Midst peaceful homes, schools, streets, playgrounds;
Midst clear and free fields,
Of all kind and color of
Earth's innate human being, heart and spirit!

Thereafter, the driving selfishness
Of ego-centered individuals,
Grown as a cancer in the heart of ISIS belief,

Would suffer the irreversible blows
Of wide brotherhood, compassion and love,
Carried, since primordial, human beginnings,

As love flowing into our children
And flowing out from our children,

As the blossomings within human adulthood,
Into the fruitings of community,
Human goodwill, commonality and trade..

And, as well, sustaining our Humanity upon
This ancient, living Earth, jeweled with
The growth of manifold forms of Love.

Copyright 2015  L.S. Heatherly