Mar 2, 2010

Back to the Land, Children, Love, Freedom

 A Declaration of Childhood's Natural Rights

Bring the Earth's bountiful, land and children together!
We shall re-seize nothing less than lush, green,
human redemption!

It is only by bonding our children during early
childhood to Earth's life, and her ecosystems;

Only by restoring the child's intimate
relationship with Mother Earth;

Only by restoring this childhood relationship that has
created, fulfilled and sustained us in Earth's play of life;

Only by restoring our natural, innate human nature
during our children's formative years;

It is only, therein, that humanity restores,
conserves and sustains its future on Earth,
the jeweled home and cradle of life.

It is only through childhood's re-nurturalization, and
re-naturalization of human nature, spirit, being, culture
and lifeway that civilization's fallen humanity finds redemption-- finds
restorations and conservations  of its natural soul and culture.

May a vision be beholden upon us: the Back to the Land
Movement was, and remains amongst us today, the
legitimate and good heart of the Counterculture Movement
of the 1960's and 70's. The Land Movement is interactive and
bonded, through Nature herself and her human nature, with
the Environmental Movement.

Both Movements will continue to play foundational roles in
regenerating -- in re-naturalizing and re-nurturalizing -- the
human nature, being, spirit, family, community, culture, economy
and lifeway that Earth-life evolved for our two hundred thousand
 year-old human species.

Whatever rediscovery, restoration, and conservation
of these natural nurturings, 

Whatsoever these diminished and adulterated,
manifold forms of human love! 

These elements of our human
nurturome (sacrificed on the alters of civilizations'
power-wealth-domination ethos and empires): 

These recapturings will be the measure of our success at ameliorating the diverse
scourges, now coalescing as a looming, human decimation/extinction

Every civilization has, largely, fallen or been dispersed back into
village or nomatic lifeway, ultimately, not from insufficient

military, nor exhaustion of natural resources; but at the deepest
level -- the exhaustion of love-nurturings of natural childhood:
this nature-human, manifold love is the basis of natural, sustainable culture.

Behold children removed from Earth's natural land; and, therein,
behold battlegrounds of a human circus-zoo, its chains binding the

originally free, human heart!

Humanity declines from the cooling of the human heart,
from the diminishment of the very roots of the human
family, found in primordial depths of our heart and soul.

The infection and debilitation of natural, human love
by artificial, pollutant, behavioral-cultural toxins,
at the deepest, root level -- in our human infants and
children -- remains the true source of our fall from Life's
evolved, bequeathed, human grace.

Civilization, by its artificial nature, removes us from our natural
evolved, manifold forms of human love and relationships bonding
us into loving identities with each other, and other forms of

Our natural ways of living and being, springing from the
heart, and engaged in union with the land and its abundant life

-- our humanity's heartland -- have created and carried us
through the eons.

As our DNA and human genome have carried our brain-body
organisms; so, too, these manifold forms of love, constituting
our human nurturome, have received, bonded, and inextricably
interacted, intergrown, interdeveloped, and intersustained our
human organisms as human beings! 

We are life beyond flesh and reptilian instinct-- onward into our loving, 
self-conscious humanness! Selections gathered for  human being, spirit and soul.

Love, in eco-families and eco-communities, is the soul of all our human matter.

Differences in ideas about civilization's society, life and world
are over-ridden by the heart and soul. 

This is a mark of humanity.
Natural, authentic, human love is revealed as the human spirit's
overriding victories over greed, artificial ideologies and enterprises.

Wheresoever, and whereupon, this true, human love successively falls
short of our humanity's minimum daily requirement; civilization's malnourished,
sociocultural mind-bodies are, thereupon, exposed, revealing its falterings at 
bearing and sustaining our evolved Earth-life's humanity and soul.

Bring forth children nurtured in nature-human awes and wonders,
in naturally beholden phenomena of joyful, loving relationships
within Earth's life and land, within her human heart and soul;

Bring  forth, herein, the only real Green Movement:
the greening of each generation of youth's human heart!

Copyright 2010  L.S. Heatherly

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