May 30, 2016

The Child Within -- Remembered

     By  L.S. Heatherly

We should never forget, my friends,
How our Common Soul gathered in,
Deep breaths of time, back when!

Still now, child within, remembers--
How Adult, still, wishfully creeps:
To re-catch sweetest love, through sleeps!
Glow of  revelation's embers!
And long-lost joys in childhood's leaps!

Don't forget spells within our reach,
That gathering wild berries teach!
Catching fish, storing food, once, reaped
Panting breath of ol' hide and seek!

Being, within child, remembers
The glowing of spirit, its shine!
From intimate concourse and consorting
With passages of time!

Being, within child, remembers
Spirit-time, before machine-time!
When all systems were go
For Earth-place, we could know,
As our rhythm and rhyme!

Being, within child, remembers
A time, before Ego's thrusts for power,
Released the tragic flood --
Automated bodies over concrete;

Before urban time and commercial feat
Crowded out rituals of mealtime!
And many of Life's sparks
That our Spirit was meant to greet!

Being, within child,  remembers
A time -- before speech suffered culture's breach!
When pure words from a primal spring,
Flowed true in Earthly, Human banks of time!

Being, within child,  remembers
Spiritual intercourse-- all living things
Within an Earthly Soul,
Sprouting  family-saplings,
Catching  ancient breeze-songs --

Whispering, It takes a village. --
An ancient creed, now, gone;
As arrogant storms, still,
Flash-flood along!

--Edited from a poem published in Ch. XI of
The Last Human Spring (2002) E book (2011)