Nov 20, 2011

Art, Evil, Real Gold, and Human Re-Becoming

Evil is not something determined rightly by the past:
By ideologies, religions and creeds; all replete with evils hath.

Evils leave production lines of civil-izations.
Filtering-outs of human nature, to fit exalted nations.

Pollutions of Earth's evolved human nature, a rationale of reason;
Midst spirit, soul and Culture's inter-growths of being.

Living ecosystem-habitats encradling human species past!
Our own invasive, violating species, devolving as the last.

Close fettered human eye and perception to flashing lights;
Reawaken consciousness of spontaneous birthrights.

How this desecration of our Soul, with scarcely a fight!
Why dark conflagrations in a species once so bright!

Chart human searchings into re-cleansed apprehension
Engage our restorations, Human pathways to redemption.

Art is not what human egoism creates.
It's what the soul-miner recovers and reinstates;

It's dredged up and panned out of buried human soul.
There is no equity beyond this human gold.

No other real work on the stage;
No canvas, clay; no Golden Age;

No other story to be told;
Just our becomings, again, to unfold.

'Fore our eyes have seen the Glory
Comes excavation of the soul.

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