May 28, 2010

The Human Environmental Movement

(Penan natives blockade logging road, 1990's)

"I feel deep shame when I look into the eyes of my grandchildren and think
how much damage has been done to planet Earth." -- Jane Goodall Time Aug 18, 2002

We need to become proactive in our quest to save
ecosystems from destruction, saving, as well, their wildlife
species from the progressing extinctions witnessed within Earth's environment!

We need a rooted movement to restore and conserve
human wildlife -- our human naturality, the natural human condition, 
evolved within the wild Earth-life, called wilderness or the wild.

The onus of the Environmental Movement must be shifted
into our inner selves, into the constituent makeup of our human
being, spirit, mind, heart, soul, consciousness, perception,
intelligence, families, communties, culture and life way.

We need a Human Renaturalization Movement, the only
pathway back into our original, evolved, natural nature-
human relationship. This movement must enable the people
to become renaturalized and gather together to reclaim from
their bought-off representatives the sustainability, well-being
and fate of Earth's humanity and all of Earth's ecosystems-

Without this movement into the restoration and
conservation of Earth's human wildlife-- unpolluted human
perception, mind, consciousness, community, culture and
lifeway; we are doomed to remain victims trapped in a
reactive mode, reacting to the diverse pollutions of humanity.

Civilization's manifold pollutions of childhood's mind,
consciousness, spirit, being, self, life and world are
the original and generating source of adulthood's
pollutions of Earth's evolved, natural environment as well as
our pollutions and fragmentations of organic eco-families and

The pollutions of our children develop the invasive,
alien, behavioral patterns of corporations and governments:
develop the anti-nature and anti-human nature doctrines
and enterprises of our science and education, paving
the human pathway into corporate and govermental
destructions piercing all life within Earth-life-world.

The source of the ongoing destructions of all the pristine,
beauties and treasures of life out there is the ongoing
destruction of the pristine, beauties and treasures within us.

The random destruction of Earth's natural environment
springs from the precise destruction of Her evolved,
natural human nature, being, consciousness, perception,
intelligence, her ecological families, communtities, culture and

We have known for decades that adult behaviors and
enterprises are determined primarily during early childhood
and, secondarily, during the remaining years of youth. To
change what adults are doing out there in "the natural
environment;" we must change what they (we) are doing to
the natural environment within human perceptions,
senses, minds, hearts, souls, lives, consciousness and

By choosing proaction over reaction, we commence
restoring and conserving the unpolluted, naturality of our
children. We move toward staging an ongoing rebellion
against the artificialization of childhood development being
waged by the commercialism, corporatism and sci-
technologism of power and profit seeking enterprises of
every stripe, imaginable and creatable.

The people of the Earth must reclaim the natural, human
environment within themselves, before they can reclaim
the natural environment "out there."

The destruction of the human environment within us
is the generating source of the destruction of the nonhuman,
natural environment "outside us."

It is non-natural human minds, hearts and souls that are
creating non-natural environments for both humanity and
all Earth-life.

To save Humanity and Earth-life, we must clean up, restore
and liberate our children, via our childhood.

To redeem our lost humanity, we must restore natural,
human nurturing within the context of natural
ecosystems. Human re-naturalization is human

To love our children is to uncage them; to return them
to Earth's natural relationships with natural family,
community, and ecosystem.

Modern, commercial, materialistic science is blind to our
human nurturome, which receives the new-born human
organism and its genome. Young parents must behold the
reality of our nurturome; and form a movement to restore it.
Materialistic science rejects it; the people must embrace it.

Our arrogant, Modern thinking has tried everything else;
and will continue to try more and new everything elses:
everything but the oldest solution and medicine (and what
every good shaman primordially knew), restoring the union
of Earth's human nature with Earth's living nature.

The fate of our human species lies in the deep, instinctive
hands and hearts of parents and eco-communities; not in
formal, commercialized, corporatized education.

The human journey has, for eons, been led by
the manifold forms of love, springing from pure,
unpolluted, parental love, growing outward and upward
into Earth-life's pure, unpolluted, human eco-families and
eco-communities, cradled in Earth-life.

Copyright 2010 L.S. Heatherly

May 13, 2010

Child Development and Love Vs. Sociocultural Delusions

Child Development and Love Vs. Sociocultural Delusions

By L. S. Heatherly


A psychiatrist who once had a wide following died
April 27th of this year. Yours Truly knew nothing of
Stanley I. Greenspan. Reportedly, he was at the forefront
in the 1970s and beyond of a movement that saw human
interactions and loving relationships as the foundation
for a child's emotional and intellectual growth.

Looking around us today at the unprecedented
fragmentation, disintegration and surrogation, at the
the electronification, cyberization, virtualization,
of human interactions and loving relationships; we might
wonder, and need to ponder, what happened to this
restoration movement.

Gosh! How did he come to rediscover what was, once upon
the times, and in the family-village places, common sense!
What was, and is, the most loving essence of the human condition,
of human sociality, for eons! That, back then, it took an eminent
psychiatrist and a movement to inform us of this! To inform us that
human interactions and loving relationships are the central basis
for childhood development! And now, we have scarce hope of
restoring this traditional common sense

Just imagine, it took a movement to attempt the restoration
of the core basis of human culture and society! Could it be
that he saw all around him a deficiency in these! Imagine
that the movement failed; as it did. Now, imagine the
seemingly unimaginable! Imagine that we shall come
together to apprehend and embrace this vital common
sense! Imagine we cared and dared to know how and
why this movement failed!

Imagine that we shall rededicate our lives to restoring
the sanctity of natural childhood. Imagine that we shall
protect and defend our children's birthright to be the
children of Mother Earth and her natural, unadulterated
human nature, unfolding within a natural childhood.

It is sad and disturbing to see, to what new, lower levels
"genius" now falls in its artificial rise, its separation from the
natural human condition. Artificial genius, intelligence and
activities now accelerate their rise amidst the Modern fall
of natural intelligence, consciousness and activities. This
we, through formal education, loosely and recklessly
for over 150 years, now, call Progress. Oh, how we
desperately need more undegreed, independent thinkers
like Will Rogers, Thomas Paine and Jean J. Rousseau!

This is one hallmark of our Modern Tragedy, both marking
and exemplifying our Age. This unfortunate man midst
our pollutions of humanity, a genius by contemporary standards,
conceivably, died from more than "complications from a
stroke" -- a stroke merely involves the brain of a mere
human organism!

What about the man, the male, human being? What about
the man's heart, life, and spirit? How about reporting to
the public what happens to human beings during the
Modern process of dying! Tragically, such fuller
reporting is beyond what is considered appropriate;
it is forbidden!

Alas, only rare souls will dare to investigate true, natural
human living and dying -- to investigate what
human life really is; to investigate the sociocultural
follies that really are, increasingly, killing us! We who,
once upon true time and place, were full, whole human
beings in unity and sustainabilty within Earth-life!

Modernity's science and medicine want to report, and
impart to us, their knowledge of human tissue, cells, organs
and organisms! Whence the truthful and wise human
beings so commonly found in more natural and traditional
societies? Whence the plenitude of organic, communities,
in respectful obedience, knowledge and harmony
with evolved, human nature, culture midst all Earth-life?

Death from a broken heart is very conceivable, but
forbidden to utter: Its conceivable, even likely, to free
thinkers, that people get strokes, cancer and heart disease
from the progressive breaking of the human heart and spirit!
What, after all, is the deep source of Modern stress!

Could the real, deep, natural truth be that this man, who
saw the light concerning children's growth and well-being;
but, still, despite his heroic vision and work, had to endure
the ongoing pain of observing the ongoing decline of that
enlightenment he professed; and had to witness the
displacement, of those very human interactions and loving
relationships via the rise in artificial, electronic, cybernetic,
virtual, and diverse, unclose, nonloving forms of human
interactions, relationships and vicarious forms of
these! Could it be that he died of a broken heart and spirit!


Starting, perhaps in the 1980s, movies became filled with
scenes of parents and children saying the words,
"I love you." This reveals, to anyone willing and able to see,
that as the manifold acts of love are removed from our lives;
the need to assert love with words arises through the
subliminal awareness of love's declining presence in our
lives. Its nothing less than the verbalized denial of the
decline in the manifold acts and relationships of love.

This revelation is also the starkest indication that the Age
of Linguistics, and the hermenuetical thesis are false and
destructive to humanity. During the 80s, and earlier for
some, we arrived to where we could no longer completely
block and deny the decline in love. At some level, we
became aware of our social and cultural failure to love and
be loved as much as humans innately deserve.

Through our diverse, commercial oppressions,
we cannot walk the walks of love, cannot do the
manifold acts of love, cannot have the full
relationships of loving each other;

thus, we inevitably, try to compensate
for what is missing by saying
what should be happening.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Heart, Love and Mind

Love is phenomena of the heart, compelling actions;
Love, as phenomenon of the mind, remains ideas and words.

Love entails behavioral relationship,
it is behavioral embracement: growth of human being.

Love spoken as affirmation, may also act;
but entails, compels, or effects, via mere words, no sharing behavior.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Original Sin: Rationalization of Love

We rationalize this false belief: the saying of love makes
it so, makes love there, where it rightfully should be:
in accordance with innate, natural, human nature, in
accordance with sustainable, natural human culture,
family, community, society, life way and Earth's human

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Life and Love
One does not have to verbally affirm true love,
when one has true, loving life!

We love, therefore, we are.

We live as humans be(ings),
therefore, we love.

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