Dec 5, 2011

Earth, Emerson, and Foolishness of Stars


           By  L. S. Heatherly

Emerson stumbled, leading hearts too far!
With "Hitch your wagon to a star!"

Yes, still, "things are in the saddle"!
Thus, we regather

Our faith in Earth, now, bedraggled!
We, through Her reborn, would, thus, more rather

Hitch our wagon to the Earth!
Much more precious stuff than star!

And to our Soul, of Earthly birth?
Both, innately, close! now, estranged, afar!

Reconnect our instruments to the Earthly-old!
Reconnect voice-song to Earthly soul!

To our Earth-stuff, from which we're made;
What City, does, ceremoniously, forbade.

Copyright 2011  L.S. Heatherly