Dec 25, 2015

The Greatest Gift: Children's Eyes

              By L.S. Heatherly

         Children: the Origin of Peace

Be thankful for peace;
For, where there is peace,
There is rooted love.
These two, as one, rise above.

The most thanksgiving of our lives?
Our look into all children's eyes!

Springs, here, the answer to all whys!
Souls, here, re-root; lest childhood dies!

Earth's sweet, human Soul need not die;
Boot's march for holy words. Boots lie!

Greed: brings the money changers' lies;
Love: springs all peace: from children's eyes!

When, all Lands, once again, kneel here:
Greed, war, fear:
Each of these, then, dies.

Copyright 2015 L.S. Heatherly