Nov 10, 2009

Materialism's Consciousness Vs. Human Evolution

In our Time, we bury our heads in the sands of DNA, genomes, and our high-technic adventures and toys; while overall human sufferings and inequities continue to increase, along with looming mega-scurges, apocalypse and human decimation.

We are programmed to escape into curiosity, fascination, spectacle and idolatry; into an escapist-addiction to scopicized visions of science; even to electronicized, cyberized, quasi, false senses, perception, intelligence and reality.

We are programmed to be oblivious to rediscovering our innate responsiblility to human cooperation and goodness. To rediscovering our innate, universal, human brotherhood, to following the golden rule, and to defending these inner natures, along with the outer ecosystem-habitats' natures cradling our inner eco-habitats of compassionate-social-spiritual-ontological human being(ness).

The goodness, the glory of a mountain range, a watershed, an ocean is less; without natural, human mind, spirit and soul, four million years-old, to share these with other conscious life forms. Much of our human treasures are slipping away from us, and in need of human restoration. What little remains is an essential part of us, of our whole, Human Self evolved within, and by, Earth-life-world-- Earth's ecosphere of life.

Is this not our Time, our Age, even our Era, for new kinds of enduring, archaeological expeditions: digs for our lost, true, essences of humanity! Time for rediscovering the real human frontier! The Age for real human exploration-- to restore the natural, whole human self and soul!


Oh Self-Conscious Life

Oh Creation of Human Life!
That we might return to thee!

To naturally selected nurturings, the culturings
Within our organic, Human We.

For culture-environment-mediums
Holding manifold forms of love,
In caring, sharing identities.

For lifting us patiently above
Reptilian swamp and tree
To sing, speak, dance and scrawl

On rock-art wall, on page,
On screen! One for All!
Our united Love for Thee!

Oh, ego-self, brain-body and genome,
Your prison is living this life alone.
Restore your heart, re-marry nurturome.

In sickness, find health,
From poorer to richer,
Your sigh: "I will, I do,"
Sets Humanity free!

Copyright 2009 L. S. Heatherly. All rights reserved.