Mar 27, 2013

O Music, Fail Not Sweet Life on Earth!

Ask not for whom the drum beats,
Guitar strums, fiddle bow rings,
horn blows, and piano man sings.
These should rightly sound for thee--
For Earth's life; for all Humanity.

The Music, then, enters our life's relationships.
From memory's and longing's chord, melody slips

Into balance with life on Earth;
Renditions eco-spirit's rebirth,
Arrangements seek what life unfolds,
Taking stand as band for souls.

Enters natural village-protections,
Enters natural village-selections,
This orchestration, of humanity with Earth?
Music reaches for our natural rebirth!

Take care, new music on artificial wing;
Fail not what soul would sing;
Be not false, elite artifact.
Honor ancient mission, meaning and tact.

Fail not spirit's human sociality, 
Ritual, lore, love and culturality.
Fail not our organismicity's worth;
Fail not life-and-love-jeweled planet, Earth.

2013 L.S. Heatherly