Dec 21, 2009

Light Within a Gathering Storm

By L. S. Heatherly

Quenching wanderlust, dispelling fear;
where end of human road
meets trail of rabbit and deer;

re-bonded with what is real --
with Life on Earth held dear;

wilderness-cleansed, the maverick,
returning to the City-herd's lifeway --
equivocate, conflict, and disjoint --
pulled off Black Canyon Highway
for twilight time at Sunset Point.

The local place of roadway lore
held one young couple resting there;
as night was, falling and foreboding, in '64.

Strings of verbal beads, an exchanging,
and, through conversation, a rearranging
of whats in the "what's happening?" of yore.

Babe asleep, secure and sound
back in the homemade wooden shell,
on old pickup-bed, images on edge of modern hell.
Parents, out of luck, Phoenix bound.

Beads and shells, ways of Lifeway happenings
in that Time and Being, of debated lore.
Voiced softly, yet deeply pondered, aimed at ripenings.
And sent into a gathering, cultural dusk, one night in '64.

Potato chips, a 29 cent bag,
freely shared with the maverick,
mostly just air, reflecting a family's plight.
Yet, tomorrow's breakfast shared, defys any Night.

One old truck, one old car, three youths,
a white-man powwow, a ceremony of cloudy sensing,
in three (and wide, collective Youth) in the year of '64:
sensing personal and cultural storms commencing.

Nothing else expected, a mark of human sanity:
requesting nothing but the sharing of humanity.

The maverick, as the flow of words
attains to soul-embraces and dying light, itself, slips--
below both Bradshaw Mountains and all human herds;
by slight of hand, a ten spot meets the last few chips.

Rolling it up, with "good night, good luck!"
Into a '53 Pontiac, Youth itself had struck
a Detoured Road from Life; yet, cleansed, might restore.
But, still, drove into the gathering storms in '64.

Aye, such gathering storms destroy and estrange.
Storms within storms; mavericks; cultural climate change.
But, now, begging one question: a human storm forevermore.

12/21/2009 All Rights Reserved

Dec 10, 2009

Earth's Human Evolution Vs. Mechanics of Civilization

"Things are in the saddle and ride mankind."
-- R. W. Emerson

False things are in the saddle and ride false events; false events
are in the saddle and ride false humankind. These novel things
and events (unprecedented in our 250,000 year-old species)
form a cycle carrying humanity outside Earth's evolved Living
Nature, outside human nature and well-being within Nature.

Indeed, mechanical things have gotten into the saddle and ride
natural, evolved humankind. Moreover, the events and
activities generated by those things, in turn, generate more
novel things, which, in turn, generate more novel activities
and behavior. Human natural selection of natural, culture--
the natural objects, phenomena and relationships of authentic
human lifeway and culture-- is replaced with quasi, sham,
de-human, artificial selection, alien and invasive to humanity
and other Earth-life.

A new, un-natural cycle of novel things and events ride upon our
natural, human species carrying it outside of its evolved human
nature, being, spirit, reality, culture and lifeway. 'Civilization'
creates, generates and integrates a megacycle of these artificial,
alien cycles, spinning authentic human being, time, place and
reality outward from Earth-life's human evolution that has
culturally (and genetically)blueprinted (designed) the well-being
and sustainability of humanity on Earth.

We are, thereby, very gradually separated and removed from our
evolved, natural, human matrix-medium-culture-environment-
society-habitat-ecosystem-spirit-complex-- our human nurturome.


Nov 10, 2009

Materialism's Consciousness Vs. Human Evolution

In our Time, we bury our heads in the sands of DNA, genomes, and our high-technic adventures and toys; while overall human sufferings and inequities continue to increase, along with looming mega-scurges, apocalypse and human decimation.

We are programmed to escape into curiosity, fascination, spectacle and idolatry; into an escapist-addiction to scopicized visions of science; even to electronicized, cyberized, quasi, false senses, perception, intelligence and reality.

We are programmed to be oblivious to rediscovering our innate responsiblility to human cooperation and goodness. To rediscovering our innate, universal, human brotherhood, to following the golden rule, and to defending these inner natures, along with the outer ecosystem-habitats' natures cradling our inner eco-habitats of compassionate-social-spiritual-ontological human being(ness).

The goodness, the glory of a mountain range, a watershed, an ocean is less; without natural, human mind, spirit and soul, four million years-old, to share these with other conscious life forms. Much of our human treasures are slipping away from us, and in need of human restoration. What little remains is an essential part of us, of our whole, Human Self evolved within, and by, Earth-life-world-- Earth's ecosphere of life.

Is this not our Time, our Age, even our Era, for new kinds of enduring, archaeological expeditions: digs for our lost, true, essences of humanity! Time for rediscovering the real human frontier! The Age for real human exploration-- to restore the natural, whole human self and soul!


Oh Self-Conscious Life

Oh Creation of Human Life!
That we might return to thee!

To naturally selected nurturings, the culturings
Within our organic, Human We.

For culture-environment-mediums
Holding manifold forms of love,
In caring, sharing identities.

For lifting us patiently above
Reptilian swamp and tree
To sing, speak, dance and scrawl

On rock-art wall, on page,
On screen! One for All!
Our united Love for Thee!

Oh, ego-self, brain-body and genome,
Your prison is living this life alone.
Restore your heart, re-marry nurturome.

In sickness, find health,
From poorer to richer,
Your sigh: "I will, I do,"
Sets Humanity free!

Copyright 2009 L. S. Heatherly. All rights reserved.

Oct 24, 2009

Loss of Whole Self-Consciousness Vs. Human Evolution

Miracle of Self-Conscious Being

Paradox harbors deep truth.
The pure growths of home-fire identity,
brilliant flamings of consciousness, cracklings of spirit,
songs of language, and dances of human being.

Miracle breaching the primate tree-line,
naturally selecting the kindlings of human family,
eonically striding into sub-miracles of this human being.

Only to stumble, out of miracle stride
into de-cultured and de-natured regimentations,
pollutions, mechanical oppressions of fields of being.

This miracle-being of life,
blueprinted with original human being
naturally selecting variations of humanness,

carries on the intimacies and bondings
with Nature and her human nature;

carries on the rejections
of artifice-prison walls of historicity;

carries on recurring human Springtimes,
revelations, imaginings and visions,
restoring lost essences of pre-fallen humanity.

Crucibles and mediums of rebellion and liberation,
in turn, in paradox, bear the limitations,
under-developments, inherent within the invasive.

Un-Nature? An alien battleground of Nature against history,
against obstructions to freely regathered restorations
to any posterities of human family's humanity.


The truth hidden in paradox is evidenced in extreme passionate love for a mate: it has to be instructed, guided, blueprinted and united with family, community, lifeway and ecosystem-habitat; lest it become madness or human physical, mental, ontological, ecological debilitation. Such imbalance, when in the mind, is witnessed in the West's (in any) extreme obsession with reason, matter and dominational power (mechanical, microscopic, electronic, digital, cybernetic, military, industrial, corporate, political, economic, the arts, and media, et. al.).

Historically, richly diverse ethnocentricity has fueled surges of commerce, trade, arts, oligarchy and human oppressions in ports and trading centers. Unfortunately, such festivals and triumphs of rainbow culture are deleterious, rather than beneficial to the masses of humanity. This rainbow materialism is not a characteristic of natural, human development, well-being and sustainability. It dispels cohesion, unity, organic community-autonomy, egalitarianism and shared consciousness, values, mythology and ethos-- it dispels urban, sociocultural organismicity-- in the same manner as the explosion in complex growth of information, technology and culture itself and many other human vitals. In fact, this diminishment, and adulteration of humanity's organismic well-being is effected by any new object, tool, system or construct oblivious to, and un-united with the authentic patterns and blueprints for humanity's development and sustainability. Not to mention many other vitals of natural, human society.

We have created, in our Time, an accelerating menu of ingredients and meals for family, communal and social disintegration, ethnic, national and trans-national aggression, personal and collective sociopathology, scoiocultural pathology, ecospheric and human decimation!

Part B

Why should this progressive dehumanization not be obvious? Simply because, when it comes to our original, human well-being, development and sustainability, we are oblivious, even blinded and deafened by, even rendered clueless, perceptionless and conceptionless by, the bright flashing lights and siren calls of the commercialized, religionized Human Genomic Sciences and high-science-technologies of escapist, indulgent art, industry, commerce and entertainment! More precisely, human self-consciousness, is transmuted by civilization, leaving it dysfunctional, diminished and artificialized. It is rendered conceptually, consciously oblivious to the whole naturality of human self, and its natural, self-consciousness of evolved, behavioral, social and cultural blueprints, its human nurturome.

Our nurturome inherently receives each generation of new-born human organisms and genomes into natural, human socioculture. Our human material characteristics are received, planted and cradled into inextricable union with our naturally selected (by and from evolved living nature and human nature) non-biological human characteristics and essences.

We are addicted to artificial society; while in rejection and denial of natural human society, which is entailed as existent and vital to humanity through the accepted ideas, tenets and mechanisms of human evolutionary theory!" Incredibly, this entailed , evolved, natural human society, the acknowledgment and awareness of it, is absent, is surgically removed, is conceptually-ontologically blocked, by Modern science and civilization consciousness!

On the one hand, in caustic irony, we accept, either through natural observation or evolutionary theory that every other living thing has a innate path of growth, a blueprinted development, provided for its life-span, its reproduction, sustainabilty and evolutionary life-span, from the sprouting of plant seed and and animal egg-fertilization and birth of baby, to their respective deaths. Yet, incredibly, we reject this for over a million years of the various human species, including our own 250,000 year-old Homo sapiens!

It is with humans only, without any epistemological-ontological-ecological foundation, that science holds that only the material brain-body organism has an innate path of blueprinted development guiding its path from conception and birth thru death! Everything else about our human species, despite its being defined as a social and cultural species, is held to be developmental and non-evolutionary-- held as outside prevailing, human, evolutionary theory! The nonmaterial, nonorganic, nonbiological -- the mental-social-spiritual-ontological-ecosystemic nature, (the relationships and inexricable interactions composing this phenomenal, supra-material human nature and being) -- is held as fundamentally, primarily, learned and constructed by each generation of humans from whatever behavioral, social and cultural objects and phenomena are present at birth! This position is preposterous, within the context of the last 30 years of discoveries about the original, sociocultural nature of our human evolution! Yet it must be held at any cost to defend the empires of contemporary science, education, industry, commerce, arts, media,

The obvious question we are programmed to be oblivious to, and to never ask! Why and how has our human species and only our human species of the 3-4 million year old human family, in our Time and Age, arrived to such a sociocultural environment, state, condition, medium, complex, construct and lifeway that is sustaining humanity's and Earth-life's ecophere-habitat's debilitation and destruction? Why is science, technology and their diverse offspring still in the throne of human destiny on Earth? Why, even in the face of fifty years of ecological and humanitarian awareness, amidst our Environmental Movement's best educational, scientific and technological efforts?

-- from the manuscript, From Darwin to Heatherly's Theory of Natural Selection.

All Rights Reserved

Oct 19, 2009

Ecology: Human Evolution Vs. History (C)

Living Nature's organismicity of natural whole, human
self-life-world, its blueprinted matrix-environment-medium,
i.e., its human nurturome, has its natural boundaries
and must remain separated (generally) from the
adulterations and violations of alien, intellect-egoself,
alien city, and its lifeworld-culture of sci-technics and
commercialism. Whenever these two, natural and artificial
human phenomena, are co-mingled, the alienism acts as a
pathogenesis within natural, human authenticism (the
organismicity of our authentic human condition) impairing
the health of human life, being, spirit, and consciousness.
The debilitation then spreads its malignant-like pathogenesis
outward to other portions of Earth-life-world (the bioshere
and web of life).

A deeper, natural identification with all living nature must
re-spring from reborn, renurtured, regrown and re-fulfilled
human being and its restorations of natural, authentic
nurture-culture, our nurturome, as the illness of alienism is
arrested. Ironically, the rebirth --the renurturalization and
renaturalization are not natural, but occurs only as an
unprecedented, revelatory reaction to an illness, alien,
invasive and artificial (non-natural) to natural humanity, and
to Earth-life cradling us.

Our recovery, our redemption--our freedom to be human
beings--will naturally take two or three generations to be a
substantial one.We must restore the means for our children
to lead us--by restoring childhood's evolved, natural
nurturome; as we help guide them out of the alien, artificial
jungle smothering out our growth of fulfilling, sustainable
humanness, in unity with our ecosystem-habitats.

(edited from The Last Human Spring)

Oct 14, 2009

Ecology: Human Evolution Vs. History (B)

Final Terrorism

No being is an island unto itself.
Yet, 'civilization' poses human being,
For want of natural mind's seeing,
Supreme on Earth, a being unto itself.

Alien constructs and lordly foundries
Cross Life's natural boundaries;
Confines humans and beasts to commerce-shelf

No organically grown, human purities,
No natural, human nature, honored and held;
No harvested knowings, no posterity-sowings.

No natural eco-defensives,
Nor native-child-homeland essences.
Desire invades mind; heart expelled.
Soul of matter wilted; ego-self swelled.


During and after the Twentieth Century, the modern mind has
increasingly dug into the idea that humans can and do exist
independently from the other species, from Earth's world of
inter-relational, ecological beings. From Flash Gordon
to Star Trek and into accelerating irresponsible sci-techno
escapism-explorationism, to the colonization of Mars: all these
fantasies spring from the false belief in independent, lone,
autonomous, human being(and beingness).

The innate nature of Earth-life's humanity, however, is otherwise:
all life forms exist through their participation in an evolving
process and system of Earth-life. Prehistoric and a'civilization',
Earth-folk sociocultures were/are quite aware of this; while we
are in violation and denial of humanity's whole, natural self. Our
incremental slipping out of this primordial understanding is our
slipping out of Earth-life's world of species-beings, evolved
and sustained through natural selection of our evolved nurturings
constituting our human culture-medium-matrix. We are falling
out of our human being, reality, behavior and sustainability,
instructed by our evolved nongenetic blueprint, our nurturome.

The marks of Humanity's original fall from paradise, from grace,
from natural goodness, are its inherent oppression of human
intelligence and its exhaustion of other natural resources. This is
seen in the rises and dispersals of city-states, nations and empires.
This 'civilization' socioculture is now a globalized, interlocked
oppression of humanity and Earth-life. The laws of Earth-life dictate
its final fall. A gradual restoration and conservation of our
nurturome is our only amelioration, our partial redemption.

A wide, ecological identification with Earth-life-world, if
ontologically-spiritually deep enough, can regenerate some
rebirthings of our evolved, original, humanity, a humanness
authentic to us and the Earth-life cradling us. This is a
rebirth of Westernized humanity's alienized human being and
socioculture back into renaturalized, renurturalized organic
family-community-ecosystem-habitat identity and autonomy
-- beyond mere individual expansion of consciousness and
identification with the wilderness, meditation and other convenient
selections from the entirety of Earth's nature and human nature.

This rebirthing is of the whole self, its family(self),
community(self), the natural self-life-world, and
nurture-culture, our human nurturome: all these dwelling within
living nature. After all, these are evolutionally created, are
intergrown, inter-functional, inter-fulfillmental and
inter-perpetuational within living nature's ecosystems of
her ecosphere, generating the growth-fulfillment-perpetuation
of life, and of life's species of beings. (continued)

(adapted from The Last Human Spring)

Oct 12, 2009

Ecology: Human Evolution Vs. History (A)

The most profound and earnest thinkers in the Environmental
Movement remain in eco-socio-cultural-episteme-spiritual-
ontological denial.

Modern mind, de facto, denies that our natural human
species innately possesses sufficient, natural knowledge, reality,
culture, intelligence, consciousness and other such human
naturals to secure the blessings of liberty, human development,
well-being and sustanability for ourselves and posterity.

It is time; it is an Age, for failed thinkers of a failed
Modern Age to come out of the sociocultural,
conceptual closet, confess and profess this
openly and abundantly to themselves and to the
masses of humanity they purport to instruct and lead.

Today's scientists propose ideas that, under the scrutiny of any
consciousness of deep human truths realities and sustainability,
represent the collective illusion and self-delusion afflicting modern

Our collective madness proposes to somehow retain
the essences of modern 'civilization' in particular and
'civilization in general, which have been the very
essences of human and environmental destruction.

Our ongoing failure to rescue Earth-life and
humanity stems from our foremost, fundamental misunder-
standing of the 'civilized' mind: that we can have it, our
self-life-world, both ways. Namely, that we can carry
anti-thesis within thesis, the power-wealth-domination
ethos and order within the organismic order and system
of evolutionary Earth-life, within which lies our
primordial human species and its only future.

Ecological scientists, in great bulk, have understood the nature
of life's evolution and human evolution merely academically,
only in their their compartmentalized, rationalized, subsidized minds.
Such polluted learning fails to apprehend these in evolved,
natural, human consciousness-- in their natural, human spirit
and being, in their natural heart and soul.

This modern educational phenomenon of failure represents
matter and mind over spirit, being and soul. It represents artificial
industry, commerce, social stratification and oppression
over natural, organic, human self, family, community and the
Earth-life's ecosystem-habitats cradling and sustaining us.

(Adapted from The Last Human Spring)

Oct 9, 2009


History? Five thousand years old,

Scrawled symbols so elegantly bold,
To revise and bury the old,
To suppress our primordial themes
With constructions of greedy schemes.

The 'civilized' brute is mean!

Oct 8, 2009

Language Meets History: Literature

Literature is linguistic carnality, battle, courtship and mating.
What elaborate turmoils and relationships the true writer of literature gets into!
What struggles with the passions and selections of thought and language:

for the feverish thrusts of analogies,
for the rhythmically-timed penetrations with theses,
for the arrangements of well-turned phases,
for the orchestrations of sentences into paragraphs,
for the impregnations of gatherings of passages:
all this for the obsessive, prolonged labor and delivery of an abstract child!

All this, for the blueprinting, the birthing, the reproduction, the development,
of a mere representation, a mere artificial version, of self, life and world!

All this, when true literature is in pursuit of (what mere writing is blind to),
our pure human unity and balance, our self-life-world within Earth-life!

All this, in pursuit of lost human essences, once,
through eons of Earth-life's primordial humanity,
freely ours in original forms of Earth's natural, human condition!

Copyright 2009, All rights reserved.

Literature Rediscovers Liberty

Great literature is marked by regraspings of natural, spontaneous
speech-- natural language.

It grasps deep into regenerations of thought, intuition, instinct and consciousness.
These linguistic respringings of human nature and being effect restorations and
conservations of our indigenious, evolved, human autonomy: our organic
families and communities within ecosystem-habitats.

True literature restores natural mind and spirit, natural heart and soul, and
blueprinted selections of evolved, nurturings and relationships-- our
nurturome, which receives our genome into a bonded, interactive unity
bequeathed to successive generations.

Furthuring no liberation, writing fails humanity's development, well-being
and sustainability. Reading and writing remain indulgence, egoism, idolatry,
spectacalism, propaganda, denial and escapism-addiction.

Still worse, pen becomes sword, slashing and thrusting illegitimate ambitions of
persons, nations and empires, the well-worn paths into diverse (now accelerating),
subjugations of humanity and our source, Earth-lile-world.

To write for the glory of the written word, for literature per se, the pleasures
and immersions in it, is to furthur literary life while losing human soul.

Writings impotent to human liberation reproduce nothing but arrogant
oppressions of humanity-- by illegitimate leaders and sociocultural entities,
by their dutiful journals and classics.

Oct 3, 2009

Language and Speech (D)

Informed Speech

Oh, essence of poetry!

Releasing the sounds of speech,
Releasing the beauty of voice,

Timings of sounds and silence;
Wings of speech, lifting prose into song;

Transcending the explosive noise
Of written history at war with path of Soul;

The breaking free of artificial form,
The joyful dash into natural language!

Language and Speech (C)

Pretty Lie

They say a picture's worth a thousand words.
If so, then why do poets write?

Do techno shots on paper, movie and computer screens
Lack what science and art imply they mean?

Is this magic show a seduction without end
To hide some lies on which we now depend?

Does the Poet's eye of spirit-mind
Refute the eye of science-gadget mind?

Does this condensation of our speech
Reveal some truth that science cannot reach?

Will the Poet rise up to defy
The rampage-mind's illusion, that Pictures don't lie. ?

Will the spirit eye go blind
Living with this techno-eye, so prettily unkind?

Sep 30, 2009

Laguage and Speech (B)

Fossil Speech

Sounds from soft, red flesh;
Released with the breath of life,
Through the box of voice-sound,
Through the cave of mouth,
Sculpted to taste and send
meanings with tongue.

Sounds mating in flight with message of eyes,
Sounds flying into patterns, into transformations,
Into voice-waftings, as caresses of faces!
As landings on faces, of speech-formations!

Words so stubborn, so embedded,
As to be petrified, to be time-locked,
Into moving rythym and chanting beat,
Defying conquest-storms of culture-shock,

Speech sounds given as kisses defying death,
Mouth to mouth spirit resuscitation, an imortality.
Deep language carved into stone
And etched onto sheaths of wood.

Language buried, as scrolls in caves,
As bios and tales in tombs,
Carried, on culture's beasts and vessels,
As treasured pages of Ages.

Speech as human spirit's reach
To endure every breach
Of love-nurture by artifice-culture;
Love passed as birthright to all and each,
As soul-life sounds midst
Ruins of bones and abode-stones.

Sounds regathered not for science shelves,
But as forage, for the Soul
To speak again what is older,
What is stronger than constructed stone:
Speech calling from the fossil Soul.

(adapted from Ch. XI, "Ecopoetry," in The Last Human Spring

Sep 29, 2009

Language and Speech (A)

To Speak the Body of We

Language says to Life,
Give me your sounds of atrophy and pain,
Your sounds of growth and joy,
Your sounds of struggle to be--
Free of pretense and greed--
Sounds of your primal, pure identity.

Give me sounds of Life attaining to Being,
Echoing round, and on to speech;
As Life evolves its charted strife
With Soul into self-conscious being;
As the heart leaves the self of I
Joining the bond of We, in social life,
Searching to speak our needings' Why.

And the body of Life and Being,
Organismic-Earth, says to language,
You are not needed here,
But are welcome, if you come to speak
More deeply than, "Listen to me":
If you come to know
The condition of your being,
And to speak the body of We.

(from Ch XI, "Ecopoetry" The Last Human Spring

Sep 26, 2009

Wildness, Savagery, Disintegration Vs Order, Unity, Growth (B)

The questions, What is wildness and savagery? and What is beastly? call out for an ecological and ontological answer in our Age of Ecology and Sustainability. Look at Civilization's diverse, long-running menu of feasts: its enslavements, conquests, genocides, oppressions, hegemonies, exploitations; look at the violations of organic families, communities, and ecosystem-habitats and ask, "What is wildness and savagery? and What is the beast and where is it?

The answer, we are in denial of: it is Us, dear Readers. The beast, raging so savagely amidst Humanity and Earth-life is within us, savaging our humanity, spirit, soul and being. A beast wildly implanted there through accelerating, penetrating violations into our once pure, human being and soul! Natural, original, pure, human being was originally created through the natural selections from the matrix-medium-environment of natural culture, our nurturome, having order, balance, unity and sustainability.

Stopping on the hiking trail or beside the parked car, looking out upon the mountains and valleys; do not believe it is the Wild you see out there! For, what you behold it is the only form of meaningful order, rightness, goodness and beauty ever created in our lifeworld having unified purity, meaning and purpose. Organic human family and community once were there also, a part of Earth-life's natural purity, unity, growth and order.

Whichever human communities believe, in the center of their hearts, in this unity and purity, in this goodness and beauty, in this meaning and purpose; this natural order will be sustained till the end of human time and being in their home of Earth-place. This world of treasure called Life will shine on. This order of warmth and light will dispel the Wildness and the Darkness sustaining Earth's modest, humble humanity for eons to come. Seize and embrace, then, this faith in our Source, our Earth-life-world. Keep, then, this original human Faith; and practice this natural Faith.

The natural disasters we see in Earth's evolved ecosystems of life are intrinsic parts of both Earth-life's and Humanity's development, well-being and sustainability. In contrast, the destructivities long-witnessed in civilization's cities, states, nations and empires are intrinsic parts of the power-wealth-domination ethos and oppression of the masses of humanity by small elites, within which "might makes right."

No construct or entity, human or nonhuman, of civilization past or present, could exist for a month, nor one day, without the savageries it disguises, through trickery, false hopes and shams, as necessary and rightful rule of the 'strong' few over the masses; unto which, it systematically administers and sustains the conditions of chronic, diverse human debilitations.

The various arts of civilization, likewise, could not exist without sustaining the lie, hoax and sham that art is worth the taxes, retail prices, corporate welfare, art grants, tax breaks and loopholes: all the illegitimate weight strapped onto the oppressed shoulders of the masses of humanity. The living refutation of this false art of oppression is the natural, pure art and crafts of Earth-life's organic, human families and communities.

This has always been so, and largely still is, free for the taking as the un-polluted nurturings and culture manifested through the universal, human commons, found in Earth's whole, natural, human being, spirit and soul.

All rights reserved

Sep 24, 2009

Wildness, Savagery, Disintegration Vs Order, Unity, Growth (A)

The natural condition, order and unity of Earth's life is the process called Earth's evolution of life. Civilization runs wild outside this orderly, united process, in many artificial directions and forms, in violations Earth-life.

The only ecological, natural order of Earth-life, as well as her humanity within this natural process of life,
is Earth's evolution of her species of life, including natural humanity, preceeding our violation by civilization.

The Modern Age continues to deepen the dichotomization of Life on Earth into (a) the "wild" of living Earth's natural order, and (b) the "civil" order, the domesticated, the tame, of Civilization's socioculture.

The dichotomy is there. But false in it's depicted nature. The truth lies deeper, buried by convenient and foundational lies. The pure, natural order of Earth-life, it's evolution and sustained condition, is the natural order, patterns, boundaries, identities, characteristics, and selections, forming the orderliness and cohesiveness of Her species, genuses and families. Earth-life forms this as one unified system of Evolutionary Life. Civilization, on the other hand, and contrary to programmed, educated belief, is the original, emergence of wildness, in conflict with both our orderly, 250 year-old species of humanity and our humanity encradled wihtin Earth-life.

Civilization breaks away from the gradual careful, timings, sequences and ingredientials of evolved Earth-life's balance, blueprints, distinct identities, selections and orderliness composing evolved, orderly forms of life. This is Human Life's matrix-medium-blueprint of organismicity, via natural selections and mutations. Penetrating this natural order of Life, civilization is the emergence of wildness, disorder, violation and savagery within Humanity, spreading outward into Earth-life, her ecosystems and habitats.

After all, what is the central characteristic and phenomenon of human life and being, and all Earth-life? It is, respectively, two million years of humanity's, and four billion years of Life's, accumulated order, balance, unity and organismicity -- the wholeness and oneness of the system of Life on Earth. It is Life's organismicity. It's Life's natural order with proven sustainabilty.

Do not believe the Modern myth and lie that Living Nature is the Wild! It is civilization that breaks out of Life's natural order balance and unity, and departs into the wildness, chaos, savagery, disintegration and destruction of both humanity's and Earth-life's orderliness, balance, unities, blueprints, and ecologies providing growth and sustainability through the eons.

All rights reserved.

Sep 22, 2009

Readers and Books

There are two kinds of readers. One is traveler looking for scenes on the scenic terrain provided; attention and pace deployed toward the reader's enjoyment. The other Reader is hunter-gatherer, stopping to forage upon ideas and feast on reflections.

The first Reader values how many travels are made. The second never really finishes the journey the book has provided. The ideas and reflections attain to a meal of absorbtion and digestion, to a togetherness of Author with Reader, of idea and vision with reality,

The true Author and Reader are a recoming together; have some sharings of porch; stand at, and walk along some fences together; refire the forgotton torch; make some campings together; travel the roads less traveled by, re-blaze the trails now freeway-passed by;  answer the soul's needings why.

Sentence or paragraph of literature utter, between the lines: "ponder this and partake for truest need." They weave assimilations of knowledge, beauty and enlightenment for the Reader's life. The great book's passages clear a truer trail, blaze a more bountiful passage through Earth's time, being and place.

Oh, how the treasure left behind contests the treasure ahead! With such sweet sorrow, each paragraph is departed from; each page reluctantly turned. Trail-strewn passages still chant their deeper and wider nourishments hidden in herb-like leaves and brick-like stones. Nurturings and nutrients too numerous to backpack along the trails of human mind, through the storms and climate changes of language, into the Earth-dwellings of human being.

These deep Readers read writing that has fruited into Literature, beyond the mere stems and flowers of prose or poetry. These readers may, at last, reach the end of the trail of pages. But literature--of any length-- is never finished with readers; nor readers with literature. A great book provides no ending at its end. And no ending of their reading. True literature runs deep; its depths run deeper than any reader; deeper than the author that created it.

A great book is greater than the Author. Authentic human idea and vision outlive the mortal Author; they are remembered more widely than a human's name, escaping the confines of their creater. Their roots run wide and deep across Earth's conscious and subconscious fields of being. They do not stop with the Author's absence or death. Just one Reader, adding some water to one idea, to one shoot of compassion, pushes the root a little farther, adding to humanity's deeper grasping into life, it's rooting into all living being, its retappings into Earth's Human Soul.

A great book grows into the life and soul of the Reader as a linguistic organ or ontological gland. Understanding, imagination and vision are enhanced by the seeds of wisdom thus implanted. The book, its rootings and sproutings, are with the Reader till the end of his days.

The great book leaves a kind of "literary prayer" or "reverence" within the Reader. It leaves something like this: "Yea, though I walk through this valley of the fallen; I fear evil less. For, my books are with me."

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Sep 19, 2009

The Ontological Pollution of Humanity

"The destruction of the natural world [ecosystems-habitats] eminates from what we are as alienized human beings--from the kind of beings we have become. The environmental destruction is primarily within the environs of our human being-- the destruction of living nature's natural human being, her human nurtureculture, nurturome, and selflifeworld precedes and effects the destruction of the natural world enveloping us. When we come to realize that the pollution of our human being and soul-- material, biological, social, cultural, spiritual-ontological-- is primary to, and the source of, environmental pollution; we will have broken through our illusion, and can begin the real fight to preserve human nature, all living nature, and their home, Earthlifeworld (ecosphere)."

(from Ch. IX, The Last Human Spring)

Sep 18, 2009

Ecological Intelligence

"Our acquisitioin of a great quantity of scientific knowledge of Earth-life-world(ecosphere) and the universe cannot be vindicated; because it cannot be seperated from our lack of ecological, social-spiritual-ontological intelligence, nor from the resulting, accelerating destruction of Earth's human self-life-world and Earthlifeworld, which made this arrogant, destructive knowledge possible. Modern 'civilization' wants to have the cake of mind, while devouring the grains of being that make such extravagance (of intellect-egoism) possible. Such is the modern cannibalism, devouring our human being, soul and Earth-life [ecosystem-habitats]."

(from CH. IX, The Last Human Spring)

Sep 17, 2009

Perceptions Storm

There is not much coming in
Through the poet's adulterated mind,
Through the brave new world's scientific fabrication,
Through the storm-tossed sea of information,
Through the gloss of image and sensation,
Through the view of novelty as creation.

There is not much coming in,
As this infidel, in this hurricane of time,
Batters senses, once kept pure, for perception;
As artists surf waves of brash imagination,
As their 'second nature' takes formation,
As souls fight tides of alienation.

What sea reclaims this species' nations?

(from Ch. XI, "Ecopoetry" The Last Human Spring)

Sep 16, 2009

Origins of Humanity

Human life and being is identification of it's natural ingredients,

Hunting and gathering them into human nature's unity and balance within Nature's unity and balance,

Nurturing them into growth and fulfillment of species' human being, nature, spirit, reality and culture,

Protecting and defending them against invasive, alien ingredients,

Reproducing and bequeathing them through successive generations.

Copyright 7/09

Oh, Children of Literature!

Oh, Readers, children of literature, suckle from Earth-life's and Her natural humanity's manifold breasts and nurturings;

Release again her human voice-sounds, speech, dances and songs;

Relearn her language, thoughts, relationships, passages, flora, fauna, labors of love and rituals of play;

Restore the child and parents unto Earth's playgrounds, folklore, crafts, gatherings and huntings.

Decode her blueprint for our manifold nurturings: for our lovings and bonding relationships;

Restore this human nurturome's unity and marriage with the brain-body's blueprint, our genome.

Restore this marriage that created your human species and each generations bequeathment.

Decode, re-read, rebirth, re-love, re-seize this natural, human treasure!

Decode, rebirth, re-love Earth-life's organic, human families, communities and ecosystem-habitats!

100 nurturome villages emerging here, 1000 restored there, one million in a re-won future on Earth;

In a someday, somehow, in this treasure, sprung through human, natural selections, this Earth's natural humanity.

Reseize the vision! And never, never, never, let it die in this gathering, artificial Dark Age!

This coming, global empire of artificial socioculture: Natural Earth-life will not let it stand!

She shouts out: "How much of my human species will embrace me as their Mother and producer-director of their only future role in my Play of Life?"

Sep 15, 2009

The Land as Freedom

The Land as Birth-Mother of Human Freedom

Human freedom sprouts forth from the living land: from the manifold forms of love released through nurturings of children-parents-family-community amidst themselves and nurturings through interactions with wholesome, human ecosystem-habitat cradled in Earth-life's land, air and water. This matrix-medium, our human nurturome, generates for succeeding generations freedom, development, fulfillment, love, joy, and sustainability. Our nurturome carries our heart, spirit, being, and soul through Earth's time, being, and place. Even the brain-body's growth to puberty and reproduction of our human organisms and genomes is inextricably bonded in partnership with our human nurturome.

How can human beings be free to grow, develop, sustain and reproduce this matrix-complex-medium of natural human culture if much of their time for the manifesting and fruiting of human essences is taken by struggling to defend dying species essential to humanity; struggling against invasive, alien species; against invasive, alien, artificial behavioral and cultural phenomena; and struggling toward the cleansing of polluted water, air and soil into a sustainable condition? Human freedom requires a bequeathed, unadulterated human nurturome to receive, nurture, sustain, and reproduce us, as full natural, human, ecosystem-habitat-family-community selves: as full, natural human beings and human souls.

No real intelligence nor real wisdom can hold that we have been created by Earth-life to be assigned to these occupations. These preoccupations, professions and industries result from a deep, long-running violation of humanity's evolved, constitutional nature, realty, spirit and identity; namely, from our arrogant pollution, diminishment and destruction of our evolved, nurturome's blueprint for developing, reproducing and sustaining the human species in harmony with Earth-life and its ecosystem-habitats. Humanity is in denial of the addictive, pathogenesis from which it suffers its debilitation, spreading outward to an increasing number of species.

Sep 14, 2009

Scales of Humanity and History

Scales of Humanity and History

An ounce of insight outweighs a pound of erudition.
A Time of true heart outflanks an Age of oppression.
An experience of oneness routes a chaos of disintegration.

The surgings of natural love dispel alienation.
The rooted vision outshines the beacons of theory and sermon.
All right and vital spirit outlives forged rule, order and learning.

Copyright 2008 L.S. Heatherly

* * * * * * * * * * *

The Roots of Humanity

Deeply rooted truths, realities, compassions, playings and labors of loves: these commonalities are the universal rootstock perrennially lying buried in all civilizations. They are the source of all Human Revolutions against oppression. Not to be aware of them is easy. These primordial roots and tubers of Earth's ecological, organic, family-community humanness, are covered over by the roadways of personal, expedient career and institutional selves. They lie underneath, national, commercial and ethnocentric selves-- underneath the intellect-egoself's materialistic, diverse empires of domination.

Not to join in the archaeological dig for the organic essences of humanity, not to yearn for the watering and cultivation of natural, whole self and whole, human being, is to accept the on-going sufferings and inequities of the bulk of humanity.

Human life (and being) is not a case of "to be or not to be." It is a case of what to be and why to be that whatness, and how to be that whatness of being, called human beings. It is a case of the becoming of and sustainment of humans beings --beyond the case of our mere human organisms remaining alive. It is beyond our brains and bodies' growth; and beyond the health and life-span of our brain-body organisms. The human condition, the experience of, the passage through, human beingness, is a case of what to love, how to love and why to love.

Copyright 2006 L. S. Heatherly

Sep 12, 2009

Human Freedom

Human Freedom

In the late 1950's, a mountain lion was killed on farmland adjacent to SW Phoenix. Encounters of wild animals with 'civilized' humans were destined to become more common. The fresh kill was strung up on a tree branch enabling the full length to be easily photographed by news reporters and all.

Mountain lions, have been known to cross through a city on their way to better hunting grounds. They have no ability to distinguish an artifice, a contraption, [[ n [perh. blend of contrivance, trap, and invention ] (ca. 1825) : DEVICE, GADGET ]] the city, from the natural environment. To the pure and wild lion, the automobiles, and people of the city, are beheld as merely strange, natural creatures never encountered before. The city itself is perceived as merely a strange, natural region of the Earth having large, sometimes towering, square trees, assorted other vegetation, rock and terrestrial formations, not previously encountered. All animals, including humans, being products of Earth-life's natural evolution, lack any naturally evolved ( via Earth-life's evolution ) perception, recognition and understanding of the artificial objects and phenomena of civilization.

Such illusions are entailed by the nature of Life's evolution, by Mother Nature. She is, simply, incapable of evolving non-nature or un-nature, or artificial, anti-living nature; and incapable, as well, of evolving the perception of something not created by her, and her mate the Sun. (The firmament has created only a few meteors obstructing our 300,000 year-old species.) This non-natural, non-evolved knowledge-- awareness of the existence of artificial, alien objects and phenomena -- has to discovered as a human, nonreligious revelation on the part of humans, having naturally evolved self-consciousness intergrown with a rebellious human spirit.

Next to richly nurtured children and parents, such precious human rebels are humanity's natural treasure! A treasure generated by the oppressive, illegitimate nature of civilization as an artificialized, synthetic, and alien form of human socioculture. Without rebels inspired by the flashes of human revelations, the nature and existence of these alien, artificial aduterations remains unknown to humans living within, coercively adapted to, and programmed by history's hoaxful pen -- the written word (and now videotapes) -- of civilization socioculture.

These moments of human revelation, if sufficiently frequent or large, are transformational, life-changing, mind-spirit flashes of natural, original, human comprehension. They, however, are rarely deemed worthy of cultivation into achieving even a modest rooting in any terrain of civilization. This revelation's new light illuminates alienism's (or alienity's or alienage's) existence here on Earth: not merely in outer space. It reveals alien, extraterrestrial objects/phenomena in the form of historical events and contempory sufferings and inequities on Earth, beyond meteorites. And, it reveals our original, natural humanity preceding this alienized realm of humanity called civilization. Lacking this light thrown upon our human self and lifeworld, the motorist driving to work, like the mountain lion walking to a new hunting ground, perceives the city as part of the normal, natural world, created by forces, agents and human-agents, acting as parts of Earth's natural creation, or processes thereof.

The Green Movement (or Environmental Movement), desperately requires this very human revelation so hard to come by: that the artificial, alien pollution of Earth-life's pure, natural, human nature, spirit, being, mind, culture and reality is the original, ultimate source of environmental pollution and global warming. Lacking this, we will remain in the reactive mode; rather than breaking through into the deep source of ecological destruction; and thereby, capturing the only mode effective against our Age's accelerating growth of diverse scurge: the preventive mode.

This discovery-revelation is startling and simple! Namely, it is naturally unperceivable to the lion and unperceivable and inconceivable to the human, that civilization is an alien, invasive, destructive creation, created by dominant, humans that have been penetrated, violated and infected with alien ideas, contraptions and enterprises. In the wild lion, it is, simply, its evolved nature blocking the perception of alienism. In the civilized human, it is both the evolved human nature (of human perception and understanding) and, as well, the artificial, alien perception and intelligence programmed into humans from birth through adulthood, that are blocking the revelations of natural, authentic perception and understanding of (what is) authentic, human truth, goodness and reality -- of what is natural, authentic, human development, well-being, and sustainability.

Ironically and perplexingly, to understand the true nature, reality, and meaning of this synthesis of naturals with artificials, constituting the city and civilization; humans have to momentarily escape from the imprisoned perception, intellect, mind, heart, soul, spirit, being, identity, culture and consciousness imposed by civilization. We achieve this, in moments of human revelation, by recapturing from within (if naturally developed and somewhat intact) early childhood's unadulterated, unpolluted, natural human developmental perception, intuition, vision and intelligence-- before they were penetrated, violated and transmuted by objects, phenomena and dominant elites of civilization.

We pull this buried treasure up from the buried child within. This eco-episteme-spiritual-ontologic-anthropologic-psychologic-sociocultural excavation, this recovery, constitutes a deep, human revelation to the adolescent or adult. It, thereby, forms the central root of any effective, authentically human counter movements and ideologies aimed at liberating conquered human freedoms. It represents the deep-rooted means of our human liberation from the diverse human oppressions, exploitations and subjugations, which characterize civilization's 5,000 year-old socioculture: its empires, states, nations, societies, institutions, and cultures.

Sep 5, 2009

Greetings to Earth-life and Humanity Within It

Greetings to all Humanity amidst the Earth-life which has created us. Our Ecological Age has only begun to address the diminishment and adulteration(pollution) of our Earth-life's ecosystem-habitats. The major work, The Last Human Spring, reveals and shows the way into rehabilitating the diminishment and adulteration of Earth's evolved, natural humanity.

Yes, that's the missing idea in the Green Movement! Namely, that both humanity and Earth's ecosystem-habitats are being destroyed via the pollutions of civilization. It's one assault on all life on Earth! A violation against all of Earth's species of life and their world (Earthlifeworld, our ecosphere, ); within which we are part; within which we have been carried and sustained through the eons!

We must rediscover our original, natural understanding. We must deepen our perception and intelligence down into this human revelation: we cannot effectively recover, restore, and conserve Earth's ecosystems; until we commence effectively recovering, restoring, and conserving natural humanity -- its organic, natural culture, communities, children, families, consciousness, and lifeway.