Jun 19, 2010

Ecocrisis: Earth, Humanity and Childhood Dreams,

...........................................................Dave Martin/Guardian

Beyond Despair

Whence the child that Comes to Be?
Born to live in Land once Free!

There's more in our oceans than oily fish and birds: we float there.
Beyond despair over lost wildlife, occupations and tourism;
Look deep: our violated waters bemoan the Human Condition:


All our pollutions of Earth 
Enter our Human being's,
Gestational, amniotic fluid

Before they enter
The salty, amniotic fluid of Earth,
The origin of all Life.

More debilitating than blindness of the eyes
Is blindness of the soul.

More endangering than mind become blind
Is human culture, blind to sacred water, sky and land;
Blind to birthrights and dreams the human child.

If we cannot see Humanity, cannot see ourselves
As a threatened species, in oil-spill scenes;
We, first and foremost, are blinded by the oil in the water:

Blind to our Earth-place, our Humanity,
To child's becoming Earthly human being. 
To child's bonding to source of Earthly Human Life


Beyond the decimation of Coast and Marine species;
Our humanity within us is becoming decimated.

Before the photos, before our Eco-disasters,
We have become the blind species upon the Earth.

Only Humanity is blinded, in heart and soul, by civilization.

Having created an anti-Nature culture, gradually for millennia;
We, then, disown its Sociocultural excretions, blaming entities,
supposedly "out there in industry and technology"-- outside
Human Will, Being and Soul.

Look within; only we, are the infidels of Earth-life, and, our Humanity.

Only we, are emergent aliens, invading Earth-Human natural treasures.

Human Reality in Polluted Waters

Midst the oil and other debris in polluted waters,
If we cannot discern our grandchildren,
Even our very humanity, in that flotsam and jetsam;
We do not know what Humanity is, nor how and why it is.

L.S. Heatherly All Rights Reserved

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