Nov 10, 2013

Birth of Soul

             by L.S. Heatherly

Soul -- in singing, talking, playing music;
In living, loving, and being human:

Something unbought by diploma's hubris;
Ungained by travel, arts, and science in hand;

Something growing outward, upward and true:
Where yearning stops; Heart throbs; and Earth-love springs;

Enfolding the child, relating love's rule,
Over all Human and Earth brought things.

Soul is mother of family, village, and fairness;
Of bondings, givings, receivings: all this

Old treasure defies the greedy and selfish!
Soul is wonders, splendors, all lovings' sweet bliss!

Soul's a sweet cup, sipped here, in fleeting time;
So unworthy, we, of soul's long presence.

Human heart's vision is Culture's essence.
Soul's decision is pure, ancient, and sublime.

With each arising from our depths,
We are, briefly, born again-blessed.

With each pollution of child's purity;
We pollute, strike short, our futurity.

Copyright 2013 L.S. Heatherly

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