Mar 29, 2010

Heart Of Gold

By L. S. Heatherly

The first hearing of Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" can be
a musical, even spiritual-ontological, milepost in one's life:
a flashback illumination, a residual trance of thought and emotion.

Being engulfed by golden purities of voice, lyrics,
and instruments, perfectly orchestrated into an arrangement,
is rarely captured by musical-song artists.

The beats and rhythms, the instruments and lyrics;
the arrangement unifying all into an inundating flow of
unclouded, human vision, closely effecting a
primordial experience, stirring one very essence of the
human condition, and recording the state of that vital
essence as experienced in our Age!

All this, in metered union with the golden voice
of one man, re-capturing the spirit of Youth afloat,
un-docked, flowing alone, in the growing, unbonded,
searching sea of love -- Modern un-mated adulthood.

Young's rendition of his "Heart of Gold"
returns any true listener, with his humanity still in gear,
to the very essence of one stage of human development,
so distinctively marking one socioculture,
ambiguously called, "civilization."

Through this masterpiece, we relive
the cutting sociocultural blades and binding chains,
imprisoning Youth itself in an un-natural and artificial dilemma.

We hear an artist gracefully, and beautifully, bearing witness:
to an alien, invasive, pseudo place, time and being of the human
condition, for which humanity's children and adults pay:
in the blood and traumas of their lives, families, cultures,
societies, ecosystems, spirits and souls.

To any naturalistic, philosophical soul
it rose to one song of humanity, a sad, forlorn complaint
about the complex obstacles and adulterations
eclipsing any natural, noble pathway of Life in our Time.

Damn! Truth be dug and told:
songster and philosopher
not only merged to score for music;
but scored for the human soul:
one small triumph for humanity!

In our Stormy Age of ego and personality,
true artists make Land,
and take one small step
onto the shores of human sunlight.

Copyright 2010, L. S. Heatherly

Mar 16, 2010

Circles of Life Vs. Civilization

By L. S. Heatherly

Whence cometh the idea we can make newness from

Newness, and the idea of it, overwelmingly originate as
civilization's, digressions from human life's natural, slow-
changing --natural adaptational, and selectional -- human
nature, being, spirit, reality, socioculture, well-being and

But, still, before the human species' recent 'civilized' departures
from natural, human evolution, the story of Earth-life's evolution
is itself a story of making new species out of (old) existing ones.
In the social mammals, primates, and especially human-primates,
it occurs through very slow, incremental selections for, and
adaptations to, changing physical and sociocultural conditions for
well-being, reproduction, and evolutionary sustainability.

In Earth's evolution of human species, natural radiation in the
atmosphere produces some new mutations in our DNA and
genes(the building blocks of organic life) joining some other,
earlier mutations stored for possible, beneficial need and use.
These new elements of matter are received into an inextricable,
interactive, bonded unity with eco-social-ontological-cultural
phenomena --our human nurturome --selected by the natural,
human family and extended family-community.

Thus, the beneficial, new genes, genome and other DNA related
(e.,g., epigenes) elements (newness) chosen by (Darwin's
or Darwinian) natural, material-organic-genetic selection for
participation in the material, human realm or world are received into
a unified field -- human self-life-world-- consisting of these genetic
selections and of (Heatherly's or Heatherlyian) beneficial, natural,
non-organic-behavioral-cultural selections chosen by natural
humanity's medium-matrix-culture-complex- environment
(human nurturome) of co-operative-loving-nurturing-
developmental behavior and relationships.

The above story of evolving (new) human species (or maintaining
old species), comes to an end with civilization; wherein the evolved,
natural, human lifeworld and self are no longer within the distinctive,
natural process-system, the structure-function-dwelling, of Earthlife's
evolution of primate and human-primate species. In civilization, the
creative ways of Earth-life's evolution through natural selection and
mutation are gradually displaced by artificial selections of artificials
created by humans fallen from the natural, true human path. These
invasive, alien artificials benefit short-term desires of elites
(for un-natural power-domination) at the expense of the short and
long-term needs of the bulk of the species--the need to stay the path
of human growth-fulfillment-perpetuation, to stay the path of
humanity's eco-family-community development, well-being and
evolutionary sustainability.

Whence the idea the new can renew itself?

With Springtime, the season is not renewing itself,
springtime. It is renewing, in one real sense only, one
circle, or cycling, (the seasons) of life. Afterall, where is the
beginning of any circle-- can a circle have a beginning? It can
and does: if the circle is only a circle in appearance; while
being, in precise human reality, a tightly formed spiral of
incrementally changing, constituent nature through natural
selection. With the seasons of yearly life, witnessed and
experienced by humans and other self-conscious life, Spring
is characterized, and distinguished, by its surges of life from the
dormancies of life, being of special import to the conscious and
self-conscious species. The point in the circle of the yearly
seasons -- the point and period of re-surging life-- is denoted
(and before language, noticed) as the re-surging, the re-
springing of life from the yearly dormancy of life.

*** *** *** ***

Organic-Material DNA and Eco-Sociocultural DNA

Those phenomena generally appearing to humans as
circles or cycles, are, in precise human evolutionary reality,
spirals within our human species' spiral, which slowly spiraled
from previous human species spirals, which, in turn, spiraled
from our predecessor species of primates, spiraling from
earlier forms of social mammals preceding the social primates.

The evolution of social-sexual species-life is not that of slowly
evolving lines; but, instead, that of slowly changing and
branching spirals from the first form of such life.

In sociocultural primates, and especially in human species,
evolving life creates a sociocultural spiral, gradually bonding in
interactive, inextricable unity with the material, genetic spiral
of DNA -- a double spiral of both genomic and nurturomic
blueprinted instructions, reproduced and transferred to
successive generations. This is nothing less than a fundamental,
and revolutionary second form of evolving life: from just one
spiraling strand of material, organic, evolution into two intertwined,
interactive spiraling strands -- the basis-mechanism-process-
system of evolutionary socioculture.

Can a rebirth occur after a birth? In our present use of
English, when a person or human phenomenon looses enough
of its essential and vital nature to threaten its existence, it, at
times, even if only in plausible theory, experiences a rebirth--
recovering essentials and vitals of its innate nature.

Single cell organisms, and other pre-sexual life forms, reproduce
themselves: at the time when they innately 'know" (genetically)
they are becoming increasingly less able to sustain life; they then,
through life-force, reproduce their form of life with a new organism
modeled (genetically programed) upon itself."

*** *** *** ***

The Arizona Monsoon (a season or time of rainfall )
traditionally begins when atmospheric conditions are
present for its manifestation. About three years ago, the
Weather Reporting Service decided to make it a calendared
phenomena-- an occurrence within the phenomena of the
calendar. Instead of measuring the amount of humidity and the
dew point-- its beginning being marked as the 3rd or 4th day
that the dew-point is over 40 degrees; they, in effect said: its
easier to mark its beginning at a point on the man-made
calendar, on June 15th, lasting to Sept 15th. Never mind the
factual, observable conditions of nature's atmosphere and
weather; and never mind that we will rarely get rain as early
as June 15. The monsoon, nevertheless, will, henceforth,
conveniently be marked to begin and occur when our
calendar says so.

A laughing matter to the keen observer of Mother Nature;
but, history shows how easily laughter changes to tears.
All conquests of Living Nature, her human nature and
natural, human community-socioculture are filled with laughter
and bravado; then drowned in floods of tears flowing as
natural consequence of violations of Earth-life's evolved,
nature and human nature.

Science, and other human arrogances march on, carrying
natural humanity toward still another, but unprecedented,
human decimation. A rose by any other name, eventually
becomes misunderstood into ambivalence, when under the
weight of convenient, changing denotations and perceptions.
Convenient, verbal denotations have their way of blurring,
then transforming, natural perception, as well as, conception
and intelligence.

Copyright 2010 L. S. Heatherly

Mar 2, 2010

Back to the Land, Children, Love, Freedom

 A Declaration of Childhood's Natural Rights

Bring the Earth's bountiful, land and children together!
We shall re-seize nothing less than lush, green,
human redemption!

It is only by bonding our children during early
childhood to Earth's life, and her ecosystems;

Only by restoring the child's intimate
relationship with Mother Earth;

Only by restoring this childhood relationship that has
created, fulfilled and sustained us in Earth's play of life;

Only by restoring our natural, innate human nature
during our children's formative years;

It is only, therein, that humanity restores,
conserves and sustains its future on Earth,
the jeweled home and cradle of life.

It is only through childhood's re-nurturalization, and
re-naturalization of human nature, spirit, being, culture
and lifeway that civilization's fallen humanity finds redemption-- finds
restorations and conservations  of its natural soul and culture.

May a vision be beholden upon us: the Back to the Land
Movement was, and remains amongst us today, the
legitimate and good heart of the Counterculture Movement
of the 1960's and 70's. The Land Movement is interactive and
bonded, through Nature herself and her human nature, with
the Environmental Movement.

Both Movements will continue to play foundational roles in
regenerating -- in re-naturalizing and re-nurturalizing -- the
human nature, being, spirit, family, community, culture, economy
and lifeway that Earth-life evolved for our two hundred thousand
 year-old human species.

Whatever rediscovery, restoration, and conservation
of these natural nurturings, 

Whatsoever these diminished and adulterated,
manifold forms of human love! 

These elements of our human
nurturome (sacrificed on the alters of civilizations'
power-wealth-domination ethos and empires): 

These recapturings will be the measure of our success at ameliorating the diverse
scourges, now coalescing as a looming, human decimation/extinction

Every civilization has, largely, fallen or been dispersed back into
village or nomatic lifeway, ultimately, not from insufficient

military, nor exhaustion of natural resources; but at the deepest
level -- the exhaustion of love-nurturings of natural childhood:
this nature-human, manifold love is the basis of natural, sustainable culture.

Behold children removed from Earth's natural land; and, therein,
behold battlegrounds of a human circus-zoo, its chains binding the

originally free, human heart!

Humanity declines from the cooling of the human heart,
from the diminishment of the very roots of the human
family, found in primordial depths of our heart and soul.

The infection and debilitation of natural, human love
by artificial, pollutant, behavioral-cultural toxins,
at the deepest, root level -- in our human infants and
children -- remains the true source of our fall from Life's
evolved, bequeathed, human grace.

Civilization, by its artificial nature, removes us from our natural
evolved, manifold forms of human love and relationships bonding
us into loving identities with each other, and other forms of

Our natural ways of living and being, springing from the
heart, and engaged in union with the land and its abundant life

-- our humanity's heartland -- have created and carried us
through the eons.

As our DNA and human genome have carried our brain-body
organisms; so, too, these manifold forms of love, constituting
our human nurturome, have received, bonded, and inextricably
interacted, intergrown, interdeveloped, and intersustained our
human organisms as human beings! 

We are life beyond flesh and reptilian instinct-- onward into our loving, 
self-conscious humanness! Selections gathered for  human being, spirit and soul.

Love, in eco-families and eco-communities, is the soul of all our human matter.

Differences in ideas about civilization's society, life and world
are over-ridden by the heart and soul. 

This is a mark of humanity.
Natural, authentic, human love is revealed as the human spirit's
overriding victories over greed, artificial ideologies and enterprises.

Wheresoever, and whereupon, this true, human love successively falls
short of our humanity's minimum daily requirement; civilization's malnourished,
sociocultural mind-bodies are, thereupon, exposed, revealing its falterings at 
bearing and sustaining our evolved Earth-life's humanity and soul.

Bring forth children nurtured in nature-human awes and wonders,
in naturally beholden phenomena of joyful, loving relationships
within Earth's life and land, within her human heart and soul;

Bring  forth, herein, the only real Green Movement:
the greening of each generation of youth's human heart!

Copyright 2010  L.S. Heatherly