Jun 25, 2015

Music, Song, Soul, Purpose, & Freedom

What sense is made of music and song?
But embrace the bond of human hearts as one!

Else, stay trapped in only room,  mind-body spree;
Trapped in the side-pool of the me, afloat  in self-centered sea.

Real music and song play us: like a child at our door with a kite!
Forms of the imagination's real and true flight!

In deep, reflective meditations of life; the soul opens like a flower to Sun,
Taps into music unplayable by instruments,
Except purest,  heart string's ladders rung.

Don't forget music and song were first created in primal, eco village,
And family camp! Don't forget that authentic happening informs
Of our real, authentic, unpolluted purpose, nature, value, and freedom- tillage!

Thus, the deep soul-self, or spirit-self,  re-becomes,  re-finds and re-enters
One of our lost, hunting grounds, creating song, music and village, our common centers.

Real and great songs and music need real and great receptions--
By souls--not just by fans' inflections.

If music does not leave us in some kind of spirit spell entreated;
It was not fully played, fully heard, or not fully and accurately created.

Great music and song release some portion of organic, human natures,
spirit, being and eco-community that oppression by civilization wagers.

To know why a tune or song exists; ask, what peoples,
purpose, values and social sector, prospered and embraced sound- steeples.

Ask: of the the musician or songster: which side they are on!
Ours? Or the sides of material riches, arrogance, excesses and empires come?

Hearing music or song, we leave the ego-self, get transported nearer home!
Somewhere between where the artist would have us, and our soul has known!

We have to make the leap back into our humanity's common soul!
There is no fence to sit on-- it's wings of hearts! Or path where asses stroll!

Art is known for momentarily, temporarily liberating, artist and patron.
Will it ever end subjugations and oppressions institutionalized by nation!

O melody and lyric! Combine for pure, free spirit!
O song! Restore pure relatings, that hearts stay lit!

Have thy sounds portrayed  the re-becoming of our souls!
Have voice and eyes retaken depths of where love grows!

Ring safe each child! Reclaim childhood, love stories!
Route out the artful hoax, ring in all kindness-glories!  .

Copyright 2015- 2016 L.S. Heatherly