Sep 30, 2013

Nature of Life

Nature is reckless of the individual. When she has points to carry,
she carries them.
                                                   -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Men argue, nature acts.              
                                                      -- Voltaire

The known universe beyond Earth is not hostile, nor is it friendly.
It simply has no feelings, no struggling selections of life, no joys.
                                                                   -- L.S. Heatherly

Nature, with equal mind,
Sees all hers sons at play,
Sees man control the wind,
The wind sweep man away.
                                                               -- Matthew Arnold

Talk of mysteries! Think of our life in Nature-- daily to be shown
matter, to come in contact with it-- rocks, trees, wind on our
cheeks! The solid earth! The actual world! Common Sense!
Contact! Contact! Who are we? Where are we?
                                                         -- Henry David Thoreau

Deep in their roots,
All flowers keep the light.
                                                             -- Theodore Roethke

Give me a spark o' nature's fire,
That's a' the learning I desire
                                                                    -- Robert Burns

Man [has become] a complex being: he makes deserts bloom
plastics, steel, artificial intelligence, many anti-Earth-lifes. He
makes lakes, streams and children die.

Mankind can never hope to see
A living thing more lovely and still free
Than the infant child upon our knee.

Conscious life: the only nature breathing, caring, loving.

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