Sep 30, 2015

Liberty, Peace, Fairness, and American Pharoah

American Pharoah (misspelled but his recorded, racing name) won the Arkansas Derby; then, the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes--- the Triple Crown! The morning afterwards, Yours Truly, felt the gifted horse had won even more. Above is a poetic treatise on human well-being from, of all places, a racehorse's performance and peaceful, friendly, demeanor. Idealism, social advocacy, philosophical license and more?  Perhaps a minor breakthrough for poetry itself!  And, likely, the best poem on a thoroughbred ever written!.Here, poetry displays a philosophical and romantic idealism --about America and Western Humanity itself!

All reports about the colt during 4/15 to 7/15, seemingly have attained to more than the Triple Crown. In four sittings, from June 3 to July 4 (16 hrs); fuller, wider and deeper meanings of the American Pharoah phenomenon unfolded to one original, life-long, philosopher-poet-essayist, and lately, songwriter. This thoroughbred has inspired the above refreshened, poetic, vision of human well-being. Authentic visions of wholesome humanity have become scarce these days-- amidst rampant visions of money and power!

ALL RIGHTS to this poem are FOR SALE! See below

[PS The online posting of this American Pharoah poem on a poster, with nothing being offered for sale, does not constitute publication (says the U.S. Copyright Office). Heatherly has registered in the Library of Congress(7/17/15) the following four Copyrights: Sound Recording, Lyrics (the poem), Vocals (his recorded reading of the poem) and Production (in his bare-bones home studio) of the audio files. All these four rights are FOR SALE-- including first (for sale) publication right, and first (for sale) reading or recording of the poem.

Note, that an author can share a poem of his on an online blog, without publishing the poem; such  sharing does NOT exercise the poem's first publication. The poem on this poster seen here, does NOT constitute publication. Offering all rights to the poem as being for sale does  not equal offering a copy (or copies) for sale. AP's next race: Breeders Cup Classic 10/31/15)] Contact the poem's author for more info on the copies of the poem's, as well as the poster's availability for sale..
Copyrights (4) 2015 L.S. Heatherly