Mar 24, 2012

Love's Decline: the One Percent's "Philanthropy"

The greatest Freudian slip of 'civil' human tongue: philanthropy's "giving back"

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Philanthropy flows from the buyout of the human heart;
Its pools are treasons to humanity, our conquest by materialism and civilization

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I. Civilization's Cohersed Social Contract

Giving and taking is different, in the nature of life, from giving and receiving!
Did the material wealthy receive their wealth from the fruits of the land?
Did they receive wealth from the free fruits of the free people's freely given labor?
No; for the land is deceitfully taken; the people deceifully relieved of innate freedoms.

This is accomplished thru a deceitful myth and bargain, werein,
the people are made to confess a social contract with some sort of royalty--
that they need the royalty's skills in order for their lifeway to exist.

The royalty confesses no need, no dependence upon the people.
For, peoples are diverse and many; competition creates division, shortege and violence.
Their rulers are few and generally agreed on their stolen lootings, on their happy lots.
Upon divisions midst rulers; the people must die defending their particular royalty's
enslavements of natural lands, seas, ecosystems and peoples.

II. Philanthropy: Human Compassion in Decline

We, particularly, in our oligarchic Time and Age, have come to glorify an 
odd, disconnected, fabricated form of compassion called philanthropy.
We need desperately to rethink long and hard, this utterance coming through
the mouth, and coming from the rationalized,  buy-out of the human heart as
payment to civilization's materiakism: as treason to humanity, committed by the wealthy.

Arriving on the site of our Earthly human, species' soul, we need to excavate
deeply into our collective, human psyche, reaching the depths that uncover
and expose the deep, hidden, mostly subconscious, meaning in the expression
used by the wealthy to describe philanthropy: "giving back."

Freud largely turned away from the collective psyche, in fear of becoming 
a prophet. We need no prophets now; the evidence is at hand for all who
excavate the lost courage of our species' human heart to see innate, human
egalitarinism, revealed in our 200,000 year-old villages and seasonal camps.

Contemporarily, about one percent of humans, through privileged class,
institutions, and laws designed for and by this elite, have created and legalized
snobbish, greed, arrogance and unfairness; they have successfully portrayed,
disguised and officialized themselves as superior, majestic, and as an
all-deserving, secular royality.

These aberrational, transmuted humans, having uprooted their social
conscious through the above feature of civilization, connive to take peoples'
lands, home-utensils, innate freedoms, and birthrights --innately held, as
innate attributes of precivilization community-- by the peoples of Earth
through folk, common law, and through our human species' laws of
human nature, being, spirit, identity, and reality.

They seize all Earthly and naturally-human treasures, originally
bequeathed to humankind, generation to generation through centuries
and eons, by indigenous, folk (noncivilized, noncaptive, non-citified),
Earth-rooted, folk humanity-- by acivilization socioculture.

These conquerors, having satiated their anti-natural indulgence
and desire for art(ificial) power over fellow humans, having abandoned
kind and kin, i.,e.,Earth's human species; and leaving little left
to destroy, but Earth's air, waters, mountains and manifold species
of Life; they return, thereafter, ten to fifteen percent of what they have
deceitfully stolen, proclaiming and recording this as a newer, higher
form of charity and benevolence, termed, philanthropy.

Readers, bear in mind, that, if unsanctioned, common thieves and burglars
should start returning a portion of the peoples' rightful belongings, earlier
stolen; would we, then, call this philanthropy or, rather, criminality!
Such is the nature of civilization's wizard-elites: the people are made blind
by a curtain of gold and jewels, a curtain hiding their naked, fallen,
grotesque and dehumanized rulers.

In civilization, might is, deceitfully, portrayed as right!
Then, it partially returns stolen, human rights,
in form of condescending love, sham royalty and righteousness.

Might is scripted by modern civilization, in the role of sham love!
Little loot of "progress" is returned; and, this cloak and dagger act
is performed on a fortressed stage of celebritic limelights!

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