Dec 5, 2011

Earth, Emerson, and Foolishness of Stars


           By  L. S. Heatherly

Emerson stumbled, leading hearts too far!
With "Hitch your wagon to a star!"

Yes, still, "things are in the saddle"!
Thus, we regather

Our faith in Earth, now, bedraggled!
We, through Her reborn, would, thus, more rather

Hitch our wagon to the Earth!
Much more precious stuff than star!

And to our Soul, of Earthly birth?
Both, innately, close! now, estranged, afar!

Reconnect our instruments to the Earthly-old!
Reconnect voice-song to Earthly soul!

To our Earth-stuff, from which we're made;
What City, does, ceremoniously, forbade.

Copyright 2011  L.S. Heatherly

Nov 20, 2011

Art, Evil, Real Gold, and Human Re-Becoming

Evil is not something determined rightly by the past:
By ideologies, religions and creeds; all replete with evils hath.

Evils leave production lines of civil-izations.
Filtering-outs of human nature, to fit exalted nations.

Pollutions of Earth's evolved human nature, a rationale of reason;
Midst spirit, soul and Culture's inter-growths of being.

Living ecosystem-habitats encradling human species past!
Our own invasive, violating species, devolving as the last.

Close fettered human eye and perception to flashing lights;
Reawaken consciousness of spontaneous birthrights.

How this desecration of our Soul, with scarcely a fight!
Why dark conflagrations in a species once so bright!

Chart human searchings into re-cleansed apprehension
Engage our restorations, Human pathways to redemption.

Art is not what human egoism creates.
It's what the soul-miner recovers and reinstates;

It's dredged up and panned out of buried human soul.
There is no equity beyond this human gold.

No other real work on the stage;
No canvas, clay; no Golden Age;

No other story to be told;
Just our becomings, again, to unfold.

'Fore our eyes have seen the Glory
Comes excavation of the soul.

Copyright All rights reserved

Oct 25, 2011

Occupy! Rectify! Purify! Equity!* Our Humanity!

                                                  Occupy a Rain Forest for 6,000 years
                                                Occupy Freedom, Hidden by History's Lies
(A Word for which an Age has come:)
* equity  \ ek-wit-eye \ vt (2011) to make just and right (as a financial or social
or legislative or political or sociocultural system) according to Earth's naturally evolved,
human nature, human being, spirit, culture, and human reality (as opposed  to, and free
from, any civilization's contrived, grafted, fabricated, biased, favored laws of psuedo, 
stratified, violated, unecological human nature, spirit, being, culture, self, world and reality)

Long resurging heart, soul and culture's innate needs:
Sprout, still yet, o'er ego-ethnocentric desires and creeds.

Long resurging, human spirit's growth, still yet, winds
Pathways o'er growths of rationalize-centric body-minds.

Long resprouting, heart's, still yet, blossom: our Spring-season,
Still yet, yield fruit above ego's makeshift, grafted stems of reason.

Long Occupy! Rectify! Equity Humanity, into a Human Spring!
Bear Summer's Lore! Fairness-fruits, still yet, we'll dance and sing.

Affluence gives toward the feeding of egoism's high.  
Not to give of soul: still eludes our human how and why.

Well-being is unfolding loves: our human being's becomings.
Poverty? The wilting of love-growths: humanity's uncomings.  

Copyright 2011 L. S. Heatherly  All rights reserved

Oct 13, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Re-Occupy Dignity & Human Rights

The elder pundits and politicians are wrong multifariously, about OWS!
What the OccupyWall Street Movement has begun will transcend the politics 
and issues of our, particular Time.

This rebellion is wide and deep within civilization's oppressions of heart and soul;
decades in its waiting; and beyond media's tunneled, commercial vision.

The human spirit and soul have, previously, waited through decades and centuries
of injustices and oppressions for the sociocultural moisture needed to resprout our
humanity toward recapturings of our innate freedoms.

Toward our "truths to be self-evident,"
for our "all men are created equal,"
for our "certain inalienable rights,"
for our "liberty and the pursuit of happiness."
For all human blessings innately endowed.

This is a reaffirmation, of what democracy, as well as the American Revolution
affirmed: that the common people have innate intelligence, abilities, rights and
dignities. Such innate, goodly attributes, that in the course of civilization's events,
are taken from them, upon the Golden Rule's protection being overrun.

In civilizations, the Golden Rule, is widely advocated;
yet, through smooth law and priviledge, is abrocated.
Midst civilization's greedy action,
The Golden Rule very easily goes missing in traction.

The only golden rule on Wall Street is: seize and hoard the gold,
the currencies and equities representing it, into deceitful pockets, legalized to hold.

This rebellion, spontaneous as a Springtime, is quite likely, a fresh quickening
of the West's Last Human Spring, started in the 1960s. And it will likely shoot its
sproutings up through the Winter of Western Civilization for decades to come,
to say the very least.

This rebellion could, conceivably and likely, play a key role in sociocultural justice,
as important, or more so, as the Civil Rights and the Environmental Movement.
It is, conceivably, the beginning of a much needed, unprecedented, American
and Human Revolution, in unity, against a constellation of injustices and oppressions.

Did the US Founding Fathers intend for new, alien, invasive, cultural growths,
marked by inequality and oppression, to occupy human, sociocultural landscape!

Such forces overwelming us, recently in particular, have been progressing and
accelerating -- through high-tech, commercial, financial, oligarchical, plutocratic,
global, corporate empirism, and other alien, anti-human forces-- for over
50 years now, 30 of which have seen the oppressive rule of free market orthodoxy.

Free market orthodoxy, courtesy of Ayn Rand, is the oppression of the peoples' innate,
inalienable, abilities, goodness, rights and dignities via the desires, and educated,
legalized thievery, of the greedy top 1% measured by income and assets.

These toxic, sociocultural artificials do not spring from any USA nor any human,
sociocultural DNA. Genes and DNA are material and physical; and this recently, popular
metaphor denoting favored, social behavior and events is fundamentally ungrounded.

Language, falsely influenced by the Human Genome and its Projects, has
increasingly acquired a new euphemism for favored, sociocultural phenomena:
"it is in our very DNA." (meaning in our sociocultural genome or epigenome).
As usual, what is "in" by verdict of new science and lingo, is completely false.

This quickening of rebellion, --which, as most before it, is not just American,
but human--springs from our social and cultural humanity, deep within us.
It is phenomenal-social-cultural-spiritual-ontological-ecological-epistemological!
It is not material, genomic, nor epigenomic! This rebellion springs from
our human spirit and soul's natural need to be free-- free of artificial obstructions.

As natural to humans, as to buried seeds, waiting for enough moisture to sprout;
this is oppressed humanity's endurance of thirst for freedom of spirit and culture.
Natural freedoms set fruit in social primates, grown-harvested as natural humanity.

OWS's Human Spring is our Founding Father's and our ancient
nurturing's--our human nurturome's-- resurgence of mind, heart, 
spirit and soul. It is the regeneration of humanity's Earth-evolved,
indigenous, primordial, eco-sociocultural humanness.

The Human Spring now witnessed in the OCW Movement is
an expansion of the Environmental Movement's innate impulse
to save the Earth's pristine wilderness and wildlife: expanding this into
a revelation that we must save--through cleansing and restoration--
our natural freedoms; as being a part of Earth's evolutionary creation of Life.
The destruction of rain forests, lands and waters is human self-destruction.

There is still a deeper revelation: the pollution and layered burials
of our humanity within--our heart, spirit, being, culture, and soul--
this inner pollution is the ultimate source of the pollution-destruction of
the Earth-life 'outside us'-- outside our city-selves, lives and worlds.

Long-live the resurgent growth and triumph
of the heart and soul's innate needs:

Long resurging atop the growth of the body and mind's
mere personal and ethnocentric desires.

All human regeneratings blossom heart and soul, in human Spring's season,
to yield fruit above egoism's makeshift, selfish stems of reason.

May OWS become a Human Spring;
and fruit again into a Human Summertime.

*    *    *    *    *

Love, Soul and Liberty

Oh, our besieged, Human Soul!
Rise through rebellion into a Human Revolution,
Mark your rebellions against a constellation of injustices,
Engulfing humanity's sociocultural firmament.

Resist civilization's perennial coldness and darkness;
Embrace resurging liberties of humanity and Earth-life:
Re-light ten thousand campfires to enlighten lost, human rights;
Recapture Earth, restore cultural Sunlight, and social firmament.

Human campfires mark the beginnings of human villages!
Village, family, and Earth are the basic units of Human Liberty!
Speak the basic word to deceit, to social fabrications:
To all subjugations of humanity and soul: speak "No!"

Speak "Yes" to our grandchildren, and to theirs;
Our lovings given them are our deepest unity,
Our only path to Humanity's freedom.

Failing this unity and love,
Failing family, village and Earth;
Therein, lies our ongoing oppression by civilization.

L.S. Heatherly 2011 .. Creative Commons (with citation)

Oct 3, 2011

Finality of Love: Depths of the Human

The truest seekers
Of humanity's light, warmth and splendor;
Of magnanimous, manifold love;
Rediscover our oldest treasure:

Their bounty is Love-- all its natural, ecological, manifold forms,
Reigning as original force, original phenomenon, the roots of humanity:
Of our development, well-being, fulfillment and sustainability.

When we say or feel, "Love is God",
We are in deepest, human togetherness.
There is no reversing this into: God is Love.
We break free on Earth; as one humanity of Hers, at birth!

We skirt free of attaching human traits,
And diverse, conflicting, cultural characteristics
Onto competing man-made Gods of diverse arrogant civilizations.
Earth's commons of humanity--our ecovillages, our souls--recover unity.

All civilizations represent a disintegrative invasion; an anti-Earth nature,
A penetrating, anti-human nature, an alien, artificial form of socioculture;
A violation of Earth's ecologically created, natural socioculture.
Natural culture and society mark and define Earth's natural humanity.

Through Love's universally shared map (nurturome) to human behavior,
Relationships, activities, values, spirituality, culture and lifeways;
Love becomes triumphant, uniting all humankind in unity.

Nations, empires, and all un-natural, un-ecological,
Un-just accumulations of un-human powers, crumble thereupon.
All humans become united as one human condition of being.
All return to evolved, universal, natural, human eco-villages.

When "Love is God" replaces "God is Love";
We are in harmony, in cooperation, as human family on Earth,
Midst other naturally selected, created, interdependent,
Inter-grown families(species) of Earth's life.

From this, Earth's humanity emerged.
To this, humanity, restored into Earth's human nature,
Will return in finality, cleansed of civilization.


The finalities of both love and and real, human philosophy
Are the resurging branching, blossoming and setting fruit:
Our fallings: into perennial, archetypal, Earth-Human villages.

We are our only real fruit: our humanity.
Our soul flows free: with the grace and humility of Earth-life;
Or clots in blockage: with the arrogance and futility of civilizations.

Creative Commons, L.S. Heatherly 2011

Sep 7, 2011

The Real 9-11: Humanity's Tragedy

9-11 --all massive, human killings-- defy conventional truth, reality and meaning.

Feeling out of sight, for meaning, love and grace: What is human tragedy?
Slaughters of wars, acts of terrorism, are attacks on all peoples, of all civilizations.

Citizens of various nations, peoples of all races, creeds and religions:
All this humanity, all 'civil' humans, all were in those twin towers.

All humanity of every nation is maimed and killed on all battlefields.
All humanity is victimized by murders, robberies, rapes, by any crimes.

All cultural enslavements, all social inequities, any dehumanizations, are ours.
We all are both the victims and the accomplices.

We ourselves leaped from those windows, were killed or burned alive.
All peoples of all fallen civilizations, by original, human nature, are one people.

Common, human soul is our Earthly redemption, the oldest, human revelation.
All human exploitations, oppressions, and deaths are ours.

Someday, we shall re-unite as one, in balance, with Earth-life.
Somehow, we shall diverge from the artificial roads, leading to 'civil' atrocities.

Of oppressions, we shall teach our children: behold yourselves, your families!
Behold: manifold love marks our path, our soul, our humanity.

The babe, at breast, waits manifold love's all knowings;
We seek human being's becoming-- love's unfoldings.

Liberty's love is deeper than us right here against them over there.
It is the found us within the lost us:
The waiting to be restored us.

Aug 31, 2011

Constitution of Humanity: Indigenous to Earth-life

We hold all Human truths on Earth to be evidenced from our Beginning;
we hold Human realities, and Human-Earth self-consciousness as indigenous.

Humanity and all Earth-life forms have been created in Unity;
original Unity is disintegrated by the adulterations emergent in civilizations.

Our constitutional human nature, spirit, life and being consist through
our inter-active communal, whole identity, our sharings of lovings:

Through the communality of these identifications and manifold loves;
through speech, song, dance, plants, animals, land, water and sky.

Our evolvings-becomings, our collective condition as Earth-human beings,
are experienced via our becomings-unfoldings of Earth's naturally evolved humanity;

These unfoldings require no permissions, from civil egoism, empire-religion
nor arrogant, invasive constructs and enterprises, debilitating to our Earth-humanity.

Repeatedly, love's embraces, disclosings, and unfoldings, within human souls, 
battle civil toxins, and reclaim this humanity, so long infected by civil-artifact artificials. 

Naturally, evolved, unadulterated humanness, innately engages pure Earthness in Unity;
Earth-Human Unity (via nurturome) carries birthrights and essences to Earth's peoples. 

We hold Love's Unity as the inalienable, whole source of sustainable, human blessings.  

L.S. Heatherly 2011  All rights Reserved

Aug 19, 2011

Earth's Chosen Humanity Vs. Sacred Cows

Will cows, escape the citadel, or barn, for good?
All domestics to civil man--himself domestic to civil power,
Are prized or sacred artifices, our civil woulds;
And return, at times, at will, to their Earth-life's shoulds.

Our short-lived modernity, and flash of globalism's haze
Now commence a final exodus for good. 

Out of constructs: of degreed thugs, entitled thieves and liars;
Out to Earth-roads, beyond artificial highways,
Out of egoism's greedy and arrogant desires.

Out of invasive empires, their life-choking growths,
Past hoaxful schemes, binding grandchildren's days,
Hopes and lives, by design, to empire accountables.

Out of artificial growths; made as promise, sworn as oaths;
Past pledged, allegiance to elite, royal cause;
Past our blunder: we measured eco-life's boundaries, Earth's human laws,
Through artificial creed of arrogance,  as nothing but surmountables.

Desires are, again, exposed, still again, as artifice's unaccountables.
While, ancient, proven, eco-balanced passions
Sustain eco-humans  place, clear of slave-labored parlor, or farm;
And recaptue proven, Earth-human harmonies and charm.

Again, old Earth embraces natural, human beings midst civil profanity. 
Earth, and her human nature, will be chosing her humanity;
Selections intergrown, marked with boundaries that free
Our family-village human magnanimity, our everlasting sanity.

Growing, branching lovings gathered, generations hundreds long, slowly,
For each emergent, human species, she gathered these,
Into organismic, rising flow of Life, all knowingly.

Gathered for an Earth's pristine humanity, 
Too deep, rich and sublime
To accommodate artful power's sham-decree:
We must dwell in fleeting art's false being, place and time. 

All Rights Reserved

Jul 26, 2011

II: Machine, Art, Officialdom, Earth and Soul

(Emerson, 1850's: "Things are in the saddle, and ride mankind.")

Civilization men bow to thrones --of riches, Gods, and nations;
to artificial leadership, commerce, industry, media, celebrations;
march in columns, to mortgage Human-Earth naturality;
march to regiment and mechanize an automaticality of artificiality;  
to make digits, virtuals, cybers, spectacles of language, ritual, and sociality;

Pull the strings of Youth's Heart,
chart the roads and dreams of Child's Soul
out of Living Nature into artificial [art-offic(e)ial] art,
into artificial lifeways of the heart.
The Sacred in Earth-life and her Human soul,
proven through Ages old,
is tokenized, in school, religion, law, science, art;
then, for base desire, sold.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Birth of Writing

Writing emerged in order
To decree, to sanction as official, an emergent, human disorder,
To rationalize slavery, oppression, division of life and labor;
To proclaim ego's magestic rule of, by and for,

A contrived divinity that royalty, supposedly, hath.

Writing (here now eco-candidly), studies and rationalizes
All departures from Earth and Human Nature, all pains, hoaxful disguises
Emergent in the swollen, human portion, our hindquarter:
Writes, makes book of, city's templed, soldered order--

Of blossomed, but fruitless, arrogant, human ass.

All rights reserved

Jul 23, 2011

Artificial Humanities I: Unecological Powers

Human appearance, dance, song, language--
in fact, all human culture, lifeways, heart and soul--
are up for commercial and material/monetary grab.

Nothing in religious text/prophesy about hi-tech and its enterprises!
Yet, religion holds whatever is necessary to keep its followers.
It is blind to the sacredality in all Earth-life, the sacredality in her
evolved, Earthly human nature, being, spirit, reality and culture;
a totality of blindness, through its joyful bondage to elitist,
artful powers and oppressions of the masses of humanity.
"Poverty will always be with us;" because religions, in tandem
with empires, created, institutionalized and canonized poverty.

How incongruous that religion rejects much of modernism,
like birth-control, egalitarianism and stem-cell research;
while generally embracing, or keeping its silence, on all hi-tech
enterprises dehumanizing and de-naturing individuals, organic
families and communities on Earth! And while keeping its silence
on the vilest stupidity and systemic insult to Earth's evolved
human and prehuman species of life itself: that the human
future lies in outer space!

These tandem false beliefs and their resultant de-humanizing
enterprises, destructive to all life, spin out from the central,
generating belief of civilization: that humans are a separate,
distinct life form from other Earth-life, with both being inferior
to an nonempirically evidenced heavenly or re-incarnated
life, a life supposedly always our true destiny and close upon us.
And always, for some 5000 years, failing to evident or appear.

2011 L.S. Heatherly

Jun 30, 2011

Children and the Blinding, Gold Curtain

I. Natural Family-Community
Earth's evolution of Live evolves an ecological nature, being and
habitat for each species. More important to us, Earth evolves
ecological families, communities and ecosystem-habitats for all
social species of mammals, primates and human-primates.
Civilization violates, diminishes, surrogates and destroys families,
communities, and eco-habitats. They are on record, with illustrious, vain
self-praise, of their building,  of cities, states, kingdoms and  
empires of conquest and enslavement; all this for the pleasures of
art(ificial), "majestic" elites, recently emergent, in our 200,000
year-old human species, Homo sapiens. 

Thereby, these elites, along  with their subjugates, depart from 
Earth's natural, indigenous, human species, its life way, communal 
culture , and Earth-based spirit.They become an alien, invasive, 
synthetic, pseudo, illegitimate, quasi-species, Homo alienus.

They exhibit, partly, human; and increasingly, aliens behavior,
destructive to most life on their original Earth-home and, as well as 
the masses of humanity. They are marked by the elites they form:
centered around opulent wealth, midst on-going sufferings and 
inequities of the human masses. 

II. Children and the Blinding, Gold Curtain

Each generation of subjected-humanity is born into the official
art(ificial) world, 'civilization'; with this curtain having its inherent
place, lately extending even into the remaining, pristine tribes of
Earth's humanity, indigenous to the Amazon Rain Forest.

This five thousand year-old curtain, first as clothes, jewelry, decor
and archetecture, gilded with gold; later, with coin and currency
added, is so prettily, artfully, institutionally, socioculturally disguised,
it requires a deep, bright, human revelaton, unprecedented in human
history, to expose its presence unto tamed and subdued eyes; to
expose its decayed reality to tamed, captive, transmuted,
human consciousness.

Beyond conception, preserved in the subconscious, dwells the vision
of opening and tearing down the invisible, blinding curtain of gold,
as well as the vision of returning to Earth-human village, from which 
their great grandparents or older ancestors, were abducted by wars, 
and the sirens of city/state or seduced, more recently, by so-called 

Many children, up to about age 3 to 5 years, have visions and
and encounters with this blinding gold curtain, experiencing its
obstructions to natural, childhood development and freedom, 
and expressing their rebellion in many forms; diagnosed as diverse,
spreading forms of disease, syndrome, and aberration.

Their parents distract and comfort them with artificial comfort, 
bondage, artificial medicines, toys and misguidance; 'till their
children can no longer recognize the gilded cloth, jewels, decor
and architecture as a confinement curtain, long-forgotten by
tamed, blinded, eyes and soul of 'civil' parents. 

The darkest blindness? The inborn, captive soul.

Copyright 2011  L.S. Heatherly 

Jun 8, 2011

Thought, Writing and Reality

Pure, essential ideas of human liberation 
Are scarcely captured in symbols of language:

The Quiet soul-talkings: visions of self-life-world as one;
Human being's caress of artifacts; natural copies of natural realities.

They still flash as spirit-lightening
Before thunder and rain of soul's replenishings,

Deep springings, still, from sacred, subconscious mind,
Deep throbbings, still, from oppressed, human heart and soul.

Here, pure, natural, human speech,
Writes on inner unfoldings of soul.

Bolts of human spirit-fire, in us, still flash;
Spirit-storms return, within us, to break civil, artificial storms;

Woe! Soul talkings, oneness visions, artifact-realities, meet writing;
Thoughts, once pure as primal rain, turns to acid-plots; 

Quenching not the drought-stricken captives of civilization,
Respringing not the deeply refuged, human souls of Earth.  

L.S. Heatherly 2011

May 30, 2011

Literature: Flash of Human Being

Through epiphanies in being's time,
We know when immortal line
Escapes construction of the mortal mind.

We know even common man
Can feed the fire of the soul,
Send up the leap of flame,
That sends out the flash of light
Into the chilling, mortal night
The arrogant, civil tongue calls culture.

We know when words,
Older than civil mind,
Escape storms of novelty
To flash their light.

We glimpse truth's glistening flow
Through  commercial, allocated daze;
Yet, leash our tongue to sanctioned ways
Not to make a show.

edited from poem in
The Last Human Spring '02

Apr 13, 2011

Stopping by Woods on a Showy Descending


For Earth (her Life's days, eons, Her peoples),
and for Robert Frost, U.S. Poet, 1874-1963:

from Frost's watching "woods fill up with snow" and his personal
"promises to keep" to Our watching Earth and Humanity fill up
with technological polution; and our going-scarce promises of "Earth's 
human soul to keep."

We saw Her, thru artificial eye,
As scope, screen and lense, told not the why.
We failed to pull Her pure Life near,
And hold Earth-human systems dear.

Whose truths these were, we barely know;
Their home: old, organic village though.
They and Earth, divine us stopping here
To mourn their truths, now, buried low.

Our mortgaged hearts sense love is near,
Stopping here to quell our fear:
To foil ego's desire and greed,
Should soul aspire an Earth so dear.

These truths give shackled hearts a break,
Calm civil mind's deep Human-quake.
The only other move's the creep
Of Human Nature's rape, History's true mistake.

High-tech arts are charming, dark and deep.
But we've Earth's human soul to keep,
Truths to regrow, 'fore we humans sleep.
Truths to regrow, 'fore we humans sleep.

Stopping by Earth's life descending,
Her powers, she will be defending--
Our coldness to Life, rescending.

L.S. Heatherly 2010-2013 All rights reserved


Mar 31, 2011

Civilization's Rising Debt to Children

I. Wizards of Artificial Curtains

Civilization is written codes, and we are deathly smitten.
Primal children-village episodes, have been sticken!
Once, the paths of life all came insured!
Now, base of We, the family, is endangered!

Yet, there's a way into Earthly-human redemption,
The only way, Earth's play of Life ever mentioned!
The only, sustainable role we can cast
And only Earth-human road that lasts.

Earth-life has birthed and cultured millions of species;
Civilization infects us! Then, oblivious to all mammals' pleas.
Empires enslave and oppress folk-masses of humanity.
Earthiness, and humanness, once, were one innate unity.

Civilization rocks to elites seizing power, an artificial unsustainment.
Blocks re-entrance into human naturality! Our fatal finality!
re-enter Earth-life's 2 million year-old, human sustainability.

Few return to our evolved home within Earth-life!
Breakout to evolved, natural, human culture-- our
Evolved, human culturome(nurturome). Our genomic growth, of
our mind-body organisms, bonds with Earth's eco culturomes.

II. Delinquent Debt to Sacred Childhood

We owe civilization nothing of heart's quest.
It builds new constructs serving coldness of conquests
Over Earth-Human's unity, accord and zest!

We owe our generations of children every song
Under the natural sun, all of Heart-Life's designs!
Earth-life and Human-soul in natural, proven eco-paradigms!

Owe them visions Of Stone-age children, still within:
Of human migrations, human camps and villages;
Of pottery, tools, bones, love-things, in mounds
Still inches and feet beneath their own playgrounds.

Vision of playgrounds as lovegrounds;
Of human passages, past and present, as one;
Of human beings, past and present, re-become one;
Stages of heart's sproutings through time; spare none!

We owe our children their Earth-given birthrights:
Natural contacts, relationships and growths
With Earth-life, elements, Earth-beings and lifeways!
Earth-life, family, community in unconquerable gaze!

With Earth-folk place, time, being, and patterns;
With Earth-humanity's play, work, music, songs,
Celebrations, rituals, ceremonies-- all love belongs.

We owe our children a sustained pilgrimage homeward:
A migration of soul, generation by generation,
Into a long-awaited, sacred Human Heart as one!

III. Love: To Set Free

To love a living thing; simply set it free:
Remove ego's art and tech device;

Timed-release freedom would suffice
The inclusion of Humanity.

Copyright 2011  L.S. Heatherly

Mar 3, 2011

Humanity's Genius as Earth-Human Spirit

Our genius is ceaseless, pure spirit:
Human life-force, become soul-force,
Our life-force, become being-force:
Our primordial instinct to be free beings.

We can try any bargain with it:

Place it in pretty house-cage,
Cast it in show, act it in circus.

We can colonize it
Into artificial edifice, the city;

Take it to dinner with wine,
Take it to bed with sex;

Drown it in any pleasure,
Addict it to any obsession,

Mate and marry it off
To science, art, religion.

We can regiment it with formal education,
Pack it into fettered fronteer;

Enlist it into any cause,
Agitate it into any war;

Enlist it into any adventure,
Establish it into any settlement:

Engage it in any institution,
Employ it in any occupation:

Rent and board it through finance,
Reside it in any economy.

Pledge it to any state,
Allege it to any nation;

Install it into any creed;
Buy it with any politics.

Deceive it with any literature,
Oppress it with any ideology;

Tax and confine it by any government,
Occupy it by any empire.

We can domesticate the human spirit 1000 ways;
Channel it through endless, novel systems.

But, having experienced Its first 3 or 5 years
Of pure, natural human love;

It will never, deeply, accord any fabricated order,
Never, finally, honor any contrived treaty or peace;

Never surrender its free being.
Artful deprivations, simply, starve it into cultural chains.

Genius, as abducted, pure, human spirit, love and freedom;
Is Restless Rebel, seeking long-lost home;
Ceasing only upon death.

This, our purity, our innocence, our human soul,
Lies buried inside our civil, toxic human condition.

Re-conceive, re-birth, carry on, this pristene humanity.
Re-inhabit it, in cleansed Earthly-human, childhood-home:

Pure, brain-body growth-- human genome,
Bonded with unpolluted, eco-social-cultural growth:

Our pure, natural nurtrings-- our nurturome;
In these Earthly manifold loves; human spirit touches home.

Copyright L. S. Heatherly 2010

Jan 17, 2011

This Special Day


Martin Luther King Day

May We Pause To Embrace

One Special Inspiration,


One Special Man,
One Special People,
One Special Nation,
The Only Special Planet,
One Special Celebration

Copyright 2010