Aug 22, 2010

Art Selection

by L. S. Heatherly

What artist should be trusted
to select a group of creations for any original, human being?

Rather, listen to Emerson:
"Trust yourself; every heart vibrates to that iron string."

. . . Creative Commons

Aug 14, 2010

Awe, Soul and Art

by L. S. Heatherly

One should never hesitate to express awe
At the true gems of any living writer.

The greatest ones are never in danger
Of hearing such praise too often;

As they are always ahead of, outside of,
Dwelling deeper than, their Time and Age;

They are in great and lonely need,
Of such soul-arms around the soul-shoulders,
Of their refuged and besieged humanity.

They slowing burn your offerings;
Tend your kindlings into their night of the soul;

You keep their isolated flame,
In their solitary, human camp,
From dying midst winter-storms of civilization.

Your awe at their labor of love,
Is destination for their journey of joy.
The sound of your voice ends the sounds of silence;
Your message is a candle passed, a gleam of redemption.
2010 Creative Commons