Nov 30, 2012

Ancient Roads Not Taken

Shall we think our greed is natural sensation?
These speeds swift and high, modern legend still upholds!

Spared artifice's power, spared greed's imagination,
Our fancy, bold, mighty, dead-end roads

Would be the roads still undiscovered, still not taken.
We un-selected Earthly roads, for roads that proved forsaken.

Come climate change, come social hell, come high water;
These new roads won't push our lust much farther.

Our grand schemes, civilization-centric charters,
Now bow down to Earth-life's ancient, humble alters.

2012  L.S. Heatherly

Nov 1, 2012

Mother Nature Shows Up to Vote

A Deeper Calling, a Truer Vision:                    (photo: Rueters)                             
A Vote for Caring over Division

Mother Nature humbles through her hits,
Finds humanity above politics.

Brings together those we have chosen
To reassess to whom we are beholden

Wraps every human heart and soul
Around events of human pain she must unfold.

Mothers do affirm: we are better than
Our worldly thoughts, our party-partisans.

Higher, and deeper, than the civil world,
One heart and soul unfolds and unfurls,

Across one same Earth, shared home upon;
Born from marriage-joy of Earth with Sun.

Copyright 2012 L.S. Heatherly