Aug 31, 2011

Constitution of Humanity: Indigenous to Earth-life

We hold all Human truths on Earth to be evidenced from our Beginning;
we hold Human realities, and Human-Earth self-consciousness as indigenous.

Humanity and all Earth-life forms have been created in Unity;
original Unity is disintegrated by the adulterations emergent in civilizations.

Our constitutional human nature, spirit, life and being consist through
our inter-active communal, whole identity, our sharings of lovings:

Through the communality of these identifications and manifold loves;
through speech, song, dance, plants, animals, land, water and sky.

Our evolvings-becomings, our collective condition as Earth-human beings,
are experienced via our becomings-unfoldings of Earth's naturally evolved humanity;

These unfoldings require no permissions, from civil egoism, empire-religion
nor arrogant, invasive constructs and enterprises, debilitating to our Earth-humanity.

Repeatedly, love's embraces, disclosings, and unfoldings, within human souls, 
battle civil toxins, and reclaim this humanity, so long infected by civil-artifact artificials. 

Naturally, evolved, unadulterated humanness, innately engages pure Earthness in Unity;
Earth-Human Unity (via nurturome) carries birthrights and essences to Earth's peoples. 

We hold Love's Unity as the inalienable, whole source of sustainable, human blessings.  

L.S. Heatherly 2011  All rights Reserved

Aug 19, 2011

Earth's Chosen Humanity Vs. Sacred Cows

Will cows, escape the citadel, or barn, for good?
All domestics to civil man--himself domestic to civil power,
Are prized or sacred artifices, our civil woulds;
And return, at times, at will, to their Earth-life's shoulds.

Our short-lived modernity, and flash of globalism's haze
Now commence a final exodus for good. 

Out of constructs: of degreed thugs, entitled thieves and liars;
Out to Earth-roads, beyond artificial highways,
Out of egoism's greedy and arrogant desires.

Out of invasive empires, their life-choking growths,
Past hoaxful schemes, binding grandchildren's days,
Hopes and lives, by design, to empire accountables.

Out of artificial growths; made as promise, sworn as oaths;
Past pledged, allegiance to elite, royal cause;
Past our blunder: we measured eco-life's boundaries, Earth's human laws,
Through artificial creed of arrogance,  as nothing but surmountables.

Desires are, again, exposed, still again, as artifice's unaccountables.
While, ancient, proven, eco-balanced passions
Sustain eco-humans  place, clear of slave-labored parlor, or farm;
And recaptue proven, Earth-human harmonies and charm.

Again, old Earth embraces natural, human beings midst civil profanity. 
Earth, and her human nature, will be chosing her humanity;
Selections intergrown, marked with boundaries that free
Our family-village human magnanimity, our everlasting sanity.

Growing, branching lovings gathered, generations hundreds long, slowly,
For each emergent, human species, she gathered these,
Into organismic, rising flow of Life, all knowingly.

Gathered for an Earth's pristine humanity, 
Too deep, rich and sublime
To accommodate artful power's sham-decree:
We must dwell in fleeting art's false being, place and time. 

All Rights Reserved