Oct 24, 2009

Loss of Whole Self-Consciousness Vs. Human Evolution

Miracle of Self-Conscious Being

Paradox harbors deep truth.
The pure growths of home-fire identity,
brilliant flamings of consciousness, cracklings of spirit,
songs of language, and dances of human being.

Miracle breaching the primate tree-line,
naturally selecting the kindlings of human family,
eonically striding into sub-miracles of this human being.

Only to stumble, out of miracle stride
into de-cultured and de-natured regimentations,
pollutions, mechanical oppressions of fields of being.

This miracle-being of life,
blueprinted with original human being
naturally selecting variations of humanness,

carries on the intimacies and bondings
with Nature and her human nature;

carries on the rejections
of artifice-prison walls of historicity;

carries on recurring human Springtimes,
revelations, imaginings and visions,
restoring lost essences of pre-fallen humanity.

Crucibles and mediums of rebellion and liberation,
in turn, in paradox, bear the limitations,
under-developments, inherent within the invasive.

Un-Nature? An alien battleground of Nature against history,
against obstructions to freely regathered restorations
to any posterities of human family's humanity.


The truth hidden in paradox is evidenced in extreme passionate love for a mate: it has to be instructed, guided, blueprinted and united with family, community, lifeway and ecosystem-habitat; lest it become madness or human physical, mental, ontological, ecological debilitation. Such imbalance, when in the mind, is witnessed in the West's (in any) extreme obsession with reason, matter and dominational power (mechanical, microscopic, electronic, digital, cybernetic, military, industrial, corporate, political, economic, the arts, and media, et. al.).

Historically, richly diverse ethnocentricity has fueled surges of commerce, trade, arts, oligarchy and human oppressions in ports and trading centers. Unfortunately, such festivals and triumphs of rainbow culture are deleterious, rather than beneficial to the masses of humanity. This rainbow materialism is not a characteristic of natural, human development, well-being and sustainability. It dispels cohesion, unity, organic community-autonomy, egalitarianism and shared consciousness, values, mythology and ethos-- it dispels urban, sociocultural organismicity-- in the same manner as the explosion in complex growth of information, technology and culture itself and many other human vitals. In fact, this diminishment, and adulteration of humanity's organismic well-being is effected by any new object, tool, system or construct oblivious to, and un-united with the authentic patterns and blueprints for humanity's development and sustainability. Not to mention many other vitals of natural, human society.

We have created, in our Time, an accelerating menu of ingredients and meals for family, communal and social disintegration, ethnic, national and trans-national aggression, personal and collective sociopathology, scoiocultural pathology, ecospheric and human decimation!

Part B

Why should this progressive dehumanization not be obvious? Simply because, when it comes to our original, human well-being, development and sustainability, we are oblivious, even blinded and deafened by, even rendered clueless, perceptionless and conceptionless by, the bright flashing lights and siren calls of the commercialized, religionized Human Genomic Sciences and high-science-technologies of escapist, indulgent art, industry, commerce and entertainment! More precisely, human self-consciousness, is transmuted by civilization, leaving it dysfunctional, diminished and artificialized. It is rendered conceptually, consciously oblivious to the whole naturality of human self, and its natural, self-consciousness of evolved, behavioral, social and cultural blueprints, its human nurturome.

Our nurturome inherently receives each generation of new-born human organisms and genomes into natural, human socioculture. Our human material characteristics are received, planted and cradled into inextricable union with our naturally selected (by and from evolved living nature and human nature) non-biological human characteristics and essences.

We are addicted to artificial society; while in rejection and denial of natural human society, which is entailed as existent and vital to humanity through the accepted ideas, tenets and mechanisms of human evolutionary theory!" Incredibly, this entailed , evolved, natural human society, the acknowledgment and awareness of it, is absent, is surgically removed, is conceptually-ontologically blocked, by Modern science and civilization consciousness!

On the one hand, in caustic irony, we accept, either through natural observation or evolutionary theory that every other living thing has a innate path of growth, a blueprinted development, provided for its life-span, its reproduction, sustainabilty and evolutionary life-span, from the sprouting of plant seed and and animal egg-fertilization and birth of baby, to their respective deaths. Yet, incredibly, we reject this for over a million years of the various human species, including our own 250,000 year-old Homo sapiens!

It is with humans only, without any epistemological-ontological-ecological foundation, that science holds that only the material brain-body organism has an innate path of blueprinted development guiding its path from conception and birth thru death! Everything else about our human species, despite its being defined as a social and cultural species, is held to be developmental and non-evolutionary-- held as outside prevailing, human, evolutionary theory! The nonmaterial, nonorganic, nonbiological -- the mental-social-spiritual-ontological-ecosystemic nature, (the relationships and inexricable interactions composing this phenomenal, supra-material human nature and being) -- is held as fundamentally, primarily, learned and constructed by each generation of humans from whatever behavioral, social and cultural objects and phenomena are present at birth! This position is preposterous, within the context of the last 30 years of discoveries about the original, sociocultural nature of our human evolution! Yet it must be held at any cost to defend the empires of contemporary science, education, industry, commerce, arts, media, et.al.

The obvious question we are programmed to be oblivious to, and to never ask! Why and how has our human species and only our human species of the 3-4 million year old human family, in our Time and Age, arrived to such a sociocultural environment, state, condition, medium, complex, construct and lifeway that is sustaining humanity's and Earth-life's ecophere-habitat's debilitation and destruction? Why is science, technology and their diverse offspring still in the throne of human destiny on Earth? Why, even in the face of fifty years of ecological and humanitarian awareness, amidst our Environmental Movement's best educational, scientific and technological efforts?

-- from the manuscript, From Darwin to Heatherly's Theory of Natural Selection.

All Rights Reserved

Oct 19, 2009

Ecology: Human Evolution Vs. History (C)

Living Nature's organismicity of natural whole, human
self-life-world, its blueprinted matrix-environment-medium,
i.e., its human nurturome, has its natural boundaries
and must remain separated (generally) from the
adulterations and violations of alien, intellect-egoself,
alien city, and its lifeworld-culture of sci-technics and
commercialism. Whenever these two, natural and artificial
human phenomena, are co-mingled, the alienism acts as a
pathogenesis within natural, human authenticism (the
organismicity of our authentic human condition) impairing
the health of human life, being, spirit, and consciousness.
The debilitation then spreads its malignant-like pathogenesis
outward to other portions of Earth-life-world (the bioshere
and web of life).

A deeper, natural identification with all living nature must
re-spring from reborn, renurtured, regrown and re-fulfilled
human being and its restorations of natural, authentic
nurture-culture, our nurturome, as the illness of alienism is
arrested. Ironically, the rebirth --the renurturalization and
renaturalization are not natural, but occurs only as an
unprecedented, revelatory reaction to an illness, alien,
invasive and artificial (non-natural) to natural humanity, and
to Earth-life cradling us.

Our recovery, our redemption--our freedom to be human
beings--will naturally take two or three generations to be a
substantial one.We must restore the means for our children
to lead us--by restoring childhood's evolved, natural
nurturome; as we help guide them out of the alien, artificial
jungle smothering out our growth of fulfilling, sustainable
humanness, in unity with our ecosystem-habitats.

(edited from The Last Human Spring)

Oct 14, 2009

Ecology: Human Evolution Vs. History (B)

Final Terrorism

No being is an island unto itself.
Yet, 'civilization' poses human being,
For want of natural mind's seeing,
Supreme on Earth, a being unto itself.

Alien constructs and lordly foundries
Cross Life's natural boundaries;
Confines humans and beasts to commerce-shelf

No organically grown, human purities,
No natural, human nature, honored and held;
No harvested knowings, no posterity-sowings.

No natural eco-defensives,
Nor native-child-homeland essences.
Desire invades mind; heart expelled.
Soul of matter wilted; ego-self swelled.


During and after the Twentieth Century, the modern mind has
increasingly dug into the idea that humans can and do exist
independently from the other species, from Earth's world of
inter-relational, ecological beings. From Flash Gordon
to Star Trek and into accelerating irresponsible sci-techno
escapism-explorationism, to the colonization of Mars: all these
fantasies spring from the false belief in independent, lone,
autonomous, human being(and beingness).

The innate nature of Earth-life's humanity, however, is otherwise:
all life forms exist through their participation in an evolving
process and system of Earth-life. Prehistoric and a'civilization',
Earth-folk sociocultures were/are quite aware of this; while we
are in violation and denial of humanity's whole, natural self. Our
incremental slipping out of this primordial understanding is our
slipping out of Earth-life's world of species-beings, evolved
and sustained through natural selection of our evolved nurturings
constituting our human culture-medium-matrix. We are falling
out of our human being, reality, behavior and sustainability,
instructed by our evolved nongenetic blueprint, our nurturome.

The marks of Humanity's original fall from paradise, from grace,
from natural goodness, are its inherent oppression of human
intelligence and its exhaustion of other natural resources. This is
seen in the rises and dispersals of city-states, nations and empires.
This 'civilization' socioculture is now a globalized, interlocked
oppression of humanity and Earth-life. The laws of Earth-life dictate
its final fall. A gradual restoration and conservation of our
nurturome is our only amelioration, our partial redemption.

A wide, ecological identification with Earth-life-world, if
ontologically-spiritually deep enough, can regenerate some
rebirthings of our evolved, original, humanity, a humanness
authentic to us and the Earth-life cradling us. This is a
rebirth of Westernized humanity's alienized human being and
socioculture back into renaturalized, renurturalized organic
family-community-ecosystem-habitat identity and autonomy
-- beyond mere individual expansion of consciousness and
identification with the wilderness, meditation and other convenient
selections from the entirety of Earth's nature and human nature.

This rebirthing is of the whole self, its family(self),
community(self), the natural self-life-world, and
nurture-culture, our human nurturome: all these dwelling within
living nature. After all, these are evolutionally created, are
intergrown, inter-functional, inter-fulfillmental and
inter-perpetuational within living nature's ecosystems of
her ecosphere, generating the growth-fulfillment-perpetuation
of life, and of life's species of beings. (continued)

(adapted from The Last Human Spring)

Oct 12, 2009

Ecology: Human Evolution Vs. History (A)

The most profound and earnest thinkers in the Environmental
Movement remain in eco-socio-cultural-episteme-spiritual-
ontological denial.

Modern mind, de facto, denies that our natural human
species innately possesses sufficient, natural knowledge, reality,
culture, intelligence, consciousness and other such human
naturals to secure the blessings of liberty, human development,
well-being and sustanability for ourselves and posterity.

It is time; it is an Age, for failed thinkers of a failed
Modern Age to come out of the sociocultural,
conceptual closet, confess and profess this
openly and abundantly to themselves and to the
masses of humanity they purport to instruct and lead.

Today's scientists propose ideas that, under the scrutiny of any
consciousness of deep human truths realities and sustainability,
represent the collective illusion and self-delusion afflicting modern

Our collective madness proposes to somehow retain
the essences of modern 'civilization' in particular and
'civilization in general, which have been the very
essences of human and environmental destruction.

Our ongoing failure to rescue Earth-life and
humanity stems from our foremost, fundamental misunder-
standing of the 'civilized' mind: that we can have it, our
self-life-world, both ways. Namely, that we can carry
anti-thesis within thesis, the power-wealth-domination
ethos and order within the organismic order and system
of evolutionary Earth-life, within which lies our
primordial human species and its only future.

Ecological scientists, in great bulk, have understood the nature
of life's evolution and human evolution merely academically,
only in their their compartmentalized, rationalized, subsidized minds.
Such polluted learning fails to apprehend these in evolved,
natural, human consciousness-- in their natural, human spirit
and being, in their natural heart and soul.

This modern educational phenomenon of failure represents
matter and mind over spirit, being and soul. It represents artificial
industry, commerce, social stratification and oppression
over natural, organic, human self, family, community and the
Earth-life's ecosystem-habitats cradling and sustaining us.

(Adapted from The Last Human Spring)

Oct 9, 2009


History? Five thousand years old,

Scrawled symbols so elegantly bold,
To revise and bury the old,
To suppress our primordial themes
With constructions of greedy schemes.

The 'civilized' brute is mean!

Oct 8, 2009

Language Meets History: Literature

Literature is linguistic carnality, battle, courtship and mating.
What elaborate turmoils and relationships the true writer of literature gets into!
What struggles with the passions and selections of thought and language:

for the feverish thrusts of analogies,
for the rhythmically-timed penetrations with theses,
for the arrangements of well-turned phases,
for the orchestrations of sentences into paragraphs,
for the impregnations of gatherings of passages:
all this for the obsessive, prolonged labor and delivery of an abstract child!

All this, for the blueprinting, the birthing, the reproduction, the development,
of a mere representation, a mere artificial version, of self, life and world!

All this, when true literature is in pursuit of (what mere writing is blind to),
our pure human unity and balance, our self-life-world within Earth-life!

All this, in pursuit of lost human essences, once,
through eons of Earth-life's primordial humanity,
freely ours in original forms of Earth's natural, human condition!

Copyright 2009, All rights reserved.

Literature Rediscovers Liberty

Great literature is marked by regraspings of natural, spontaneous
speech-- natural language.

It grasps deep into regenerations of thought, intuition, instinct and consciousness.
These linguistic respringings of human nature and being effect restorations and
conservations of our indigenious, evolved, human autonomy: our organic
families and communities within ecosystem-habitats.

True literature restores natural mind and spirit, natural heart and soul, and
blueprinted selections of evolved, nurturings and relationships-- our
nurturome, which receives our genome into a bonded, interactive unity
bequeathed to successive generations.

Furthuring no liberation, writing fails humanity's development, well-being
and sustainability. Reading and writing remain indulgence, egoism, idolatry,
spectacalism, propaganda, denial and escapism-addiction.

Still worse, pen becomes sword, slashing and thrusting illegitimate ambitions of
persons, nations and empires, the well-worn paths into diverse (now accelerating),
subjugations of humanity and our source, Earth-lile-world.

To write for the glory of the written word, for literature per se, the pleasures
and immersions in it, is to furthur literary life while losing human soul.

Writings impotent to human liberation reproduce nothing but arrogant
oppressions of humanity-- by illegitimate leaders and sociocultural entities,
by their dutiful journals and classics.

Oct 3, 2009

Language and Speech (D)

Informed Speech

Oh, essence of poetry!

Releasing the sounds of speech,
Releasing the beauty of voice,

Timings of sounds and silence;
Wings of speech, lifting prose into song;

Transcending the explosive noise
Of written history at war with path of Soul;

The breaking free of artificial form,
The joyful dash into natural language!

Language and Speech (C)

Pretty Lie

They say a picture's worth a thousand words.
If so, then why do poets write?

Do techno shots on paper, movie and computer screens
Lack what science and art imply they mean?

Is this magic show a seduction without end
To hide some lies on which we now depend?

Does the Poet's eye of spirit-mind
Refute the eye of science-gadget mind?

Does this condensation of our speech
Reveal some truth that science cannot reach?

Will the Poet rise up to defy
The rampage-mind's illusion, that Pictures don't lie. ?

Will the spirit eye go blind
Living with this techno-eye, so prettily unkind?