Feb 4, 2014

Free Play of Life

Listen, closely, to chirps and songs of birds;
To howls and moans of gathered worlves;
To suckling babes, and romping toddler kids.

Watch, closely; all freedom unfolds in spontaneity.
Growing Love is the one, and only, deity!

Here, on Life's love-play grounds;
Love flashes within Living Nature's bounds!

Feel, Earth-Human-Life-Love grow connected!
Artificial law, through this, will be rejected!

Spontaneity! Life and Love spring!
Here, inter-springing, are Spirits inter-singing!

Mourn this bliss, now, mis-decaying away.
Study, the hitch and glitch of high-tech play.

Study, our Life and Heart away!
Love's blueprints; are being s-mattered away!

Copyright L.S. Heatherly 2014