Dec 23, 2012

Oh, Come All Ye Earthful

On the First
Day of Winter,

And midst Our
Season's Glee,

Earth-life glows,
In our Human Tree.

She maps our life--
As it used to be.

We behold not,
What conquest is:

But, Her pure work --
Our conscience, still, free.

*    *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Ancient Map, 1200 Years-old

"....a rock containing what is believed to be an ancient map
has emerged in the Mississippi River in southeast Missouri.
The rock contains etchings believed to be up to 1,200 years old.
It was not in the river a millennium ago, but the changing course of
the waterway now normally puts it under water — exposed only in
periods of extreme drought. Experts are wary of giving a specific
location out of fear that looters will take a chunk of the rock or
scribble graffiti on it.

"It appears to be a map of prehistoric Indian villages," said Steve
Dasovich, an anthropology professor at Lindenwood University in
St. Charles. "What's really fascinating is that it shows village sites
we don't yet know about."

                                 -- Jim Salter (AP) Yahoo News 12/22/12

L.S. Heatherly 2012 (poem)

Nov 30, 2012

Ancient Roads Not Taken

Shall we think our greed is natural sensation?
These speeds swift and high, modern legend still upholds!

Spared artifice's power, spared greed's imagination,
Our fancy, bold, mighty, dead-end roads

Would be the roads still undiscovered, still not taken.
We un-selected Earthly roads, for roads that proved forsaken.

Come climate change, come social hell, come high water;
These new roads won't push our lust much farther.

Our grand schemes, civilization-centric charters,
Now bow down to Earth-life's ancient, humble alters.

2012  L.S. Heatherly

Nov 1, 2012

Mother Nature Shows Up to Vote

A Deeper Calling, a Truer Vision:                    (photo: Rueters)                             
A Vote for Caring over Division

Mother Nature humbles through her hits,
Finds humanity above politics.

Brings together those we have chosen
To reassess to whom we are beholden

Wraps every human heart and soul
Around events of human pain she must unfold.

Mothers do affirm: we are better than
Our worldly thoughts, our party-partisans.

Higher, and deeper, than the civil world,
One heart and soul unfolds and unfurls,

Across one same Earth, shared home upon;
Born from marriage-joy of Earth with Sun.

Copyright 2012 L.S. Heatherly

Oct 11, 2012

Studios of Love

When our human Soul breaks through --
Into lyrics, voice and tunes;
All make united love, come true.

All live together in a room
Next to human being's oldest loom;

One part of Human Soul, is reconceived
Through a passageway to rebirth, thus received!

Spring again our lovings so old!
All occuring in sound-hearing-speech room--
Recording studio of Soul.

Enter, then, all studios of old:
Babe, through breast and eye, is told;
Of Parents-children mealtime lovings,

Working, playing, ever bequeathing :
Family-love-community foreseeing.

Enter all studio life-flows.
In Human watersheds, Earthly-Humans know

That our replenishments of Love
Make human soul and grace still flow.

2012 All rights reserved

Sep 5, 2012

Michelle Obama's Convention Speech

                                                  AP Photo from

The night a first lady rose above--
Through her love of all children
Her love of one wide-known promise land--
To defend one president's term and stand.

By common measures of love,
She took old D.C. down,
And lifted up a nation.
Yes, Virginia, genome has a partner--
Our nurturome of love.

Now we know why that president
Has not been more strenuously courting congress.
He has been faithfully courting
A much more powerful, intelligent and graceful body.

Copyright  L.S. Heatherly

Aug 29, 2012

We Shall Stumble Home

for Gary S. Snyder (and his knowing how to be)

You know, friends of Earth-Humanity,
Ever longing to be free,

From art's paradise lost;
We may, again, come to be:

From restoring at all cost
Old humanity, now lost,

We'll  find and re-become as one
Streambeds of human nature's run.

And whole, again, midst Mother Earth,
We shall discover our rebirth;

Find our Home, in Earth again,
Calling back Her child within;

Yes, reinstill our Life with Soul,
Some natural way.

Yes, we shall stumble Home again,
Some natural day.

Copyright L.S. Heatherly 2012

Jun 23, 2012

Songs and Singers: Ego's Royalties and Empires

The singer's ego and personality, along with voice, unite in an artistry
of artificials, overriding and burying the common, sharing human soul. 
Songsters and music are left to excavate fleeting embraces of the human soul,
originally, freely shared within the whole self of  family-communty-ecovillage.

Words, words, words; music, music, music! What artificial inequities have been
seductively created via ego-self, industry and commerce! All part of an escalating
destruction of Earth's natural, free-flowing humanity!

The growing of one Modern Royalty! Performer/artist's royalties are not called
royal-ties for naught. Democracy has been programmed into the glorification
of personal empires of power and opulence.

The bancruptcy of civilization is seen, for one, when its songs are of the
individuals desire's and loves; when the heart is centered in selfish, personal,
affairs/matters of the heart and material gains to the body's life. Human family,
community and soul are abducted. These siren songs stealthily help carry humankind
onto the endangered species list.

Gone, long-ago, are natural, human song and music-- millenia-old! Once, Humanity's
indigenous, natural, authentic songs and music were central to village ceremonies,
celebrations, spiritual requests, thankfulness, inclusiveness and unity! Natural songs
express, manifest and sustain village, tribe, family, birth, death, puberty, marriage,
hunting, fishing, rain, harvests, harmony. Ultimately, songs must represent the innate,
ecological-ontological-spiritual sacredality found in Earth's humanity. Instead, they
increasingly center on the wealthy one percent's reception of time, money and
idolatry from the oppressed masses.

The story of songs and singers in the Modern Age is the story of the
artist's ego and voice out-singing the lyrics, out-performing the song, and out-casting
(what little, if any) meaning, message, social value and well-being delivered.

With all high-tech communications, the medium becomes the message.
The medium of television stood out early. But preceding TV, the medium of 
ego and personality, bonded in marriage, was and remains the message. One
measure of a great song is how it, nonchalantly, outlasts all singers of it.

An authentic, human song delivers and shares some of the naturally selected,
deposited, layered and patterned gold and gems of universal, human culture and
soul. These are bequeathed, generation to generation, through eons, of natural
human culture-- families, camps, villages within ecosystem-habitats of Earth.
Todays Modern sci-technics, commercialism, materialism and Plutocratic,
oligarchic empires feeds on the decay and oppression of our human nurturome
(or culturome).

Humanity is a human, sociocultural ecosphere within and part of
Earth-life's ecosystem-habitats. The natural, authentic, human song
excavates lost treasures that have been oppressed and overrun by
civilization socioculture's arrogant enterprises, disenfranchising the people.

These lost, ecological and human purities are recaptued by one, or a few
artists, working away at the real work-- of excaving our lives, beings, cultures
and souls. They dig up and regenerate from 'civil', phoney, elitist constructs
our humanity's full, whole, ecological self-life-world midst Earth-life!

True artists are representative human beings: representing Earth's human
species. A species infected by the invasive, alien violations infected into
humanity by an arrogant one tenth of one percent, vitally assisted by the
entire one percent.

Getting to brass tacks: how can a largely pure and natural act of human sharing:
delivering humanity's recaptued sounds, movements and language; how can this
natural action occur on an artificial, commercial stage, and surrounded by a largely
artificialized, commercialized, dispirited, disheartened, dis-souled audience?

Art often talks the talk of soul. But, its delivery arrives, bearing nearly
nothing of soul, nor natural, common sense and fairness.

Further still, how can the singer and musician pull up from human depths;
then, grasp, maintain, and share human purities of sound, language and human
presence itself; whilst swimming in a sea of diverse toxins created and
defended by a greedy, dominant one tenth of one percent of the people upon
the Earth!

Any redeeming carriage of purity and naturality into the artificial systems
and ideologies of civilization is, merely, illusory. The general reality of
music is hoax, sham, egoism and creative self-rightious elitism. It is a
creative-art empire-kingdom-complex.

It is only by slight of hand, movement, sound, imagination; by slight of
language, light, high techics, fantasy and spectacle, that such illusions and
delusions regularly are disguised as glories of elitist, stratified, oppressive

The democratic spirit represents:
power to the people.
The Modern Artistic spirit represents:
power to the artists diverse, commercial empires.

L.S Heatherly 2012

May 25, 2012

Art and Human Liberation

Art is not the slave-built things of conquest-nations.
Art is ceaseless paths to human liberations.

Art is not the artist: the ego freshly sold.
Art is democracy, springing fresh, barely told.

To feast on artist is idolatry forlorn.
Art is villageocracy ceaselessly reborn.

Art redeems our besieged human nature:
The Soul's tongue, without regard for nomenclature.

The spirit-storm felling written storied-steeple;
Art is the instinct to liberate the people.

Art is the fair, naturally selected rights restored;
The call, to which artist, by conscience is implored.

All are inspired; all reborn and able.
Our Soul kindles light upon this table.

Behold not stage: for artist's limelight glow;
Soul-art, not artist, is truest light of Home we'll know.

Copyright 2012  L.S. Heatherly

May 6, 2012

Literature as Epitaph for Humanity

Literature seeps, reaches our immortal,
species' Seed-sprouts; tapping our primordial.

Voice shuns Desire's cold, written speech--
Words painting bright, our species waning bleak;

Voice tastes not, the news'  conversations:
Tonque licks, the olds'  tribe-relations.

Soul sighs! Timed-strewn, voice-pearls form.
Through mind-heart will, our species reborn

Human being's scrawled, Earth-speech?  
Epitaph for Soul, long breached.

2012 All rights reserved

Mar 24, 2012

Love's Decline: the One Percent's "Philanthropy"

The greatest Freudian slip of 'civil' human tongue: philanthropy's "giving back"

*    *    *    *    *

Philanthropy flows from the buyout of the human heart;
Its pools are treasons to humanity, our conquest by materialism and civilization

*    *    *    *    *

I. Civilization's Cohersed Social Contract

Giving and taking is different, in the nature of life, from giving and receiving!
Did the material wealthy receive their wealth from the fruits of the land?
Did they receive wealth from the free fruits of the free people's freely given labor?
No; for the land is deceitfully taken; the people deceifully relieved of innate freedoms.

This is accomplished thru a deceitful myth and bargain, werein,
the people are made to confess a social contract with some sort of royalty--
that they need the royalty's skills in order for their lifeway to exist.

The royalty confesses no need, no dependence upon the people.
For, peoples are diverse and many; competition creates division, shortege and violence.
Their rulers are few and generally agreed on their stolen lootings, on their happy lots.
Upon divisions midst rulers; the people must die defending their particular royalty's
enslavements of natural lands, seas, ecosystems and peoples.

II. Philanthropy: Human Compassion in Decline

We, particularly, in our oligarchic Time and Age, have come to glorify an 
odd, disconnected, fabricated form of compassion called philanthropy.
We need desperately to rethink long and hard, this utterance coming through
the mouth, and coming from the rationalized,  buy-out of the human heart as
payment to civilization's materiakism: as treason to humanity, committed by the wealthy.

Arriving on the site of our Earthly human, species' soul, we need to excavate
deeply into our collective, human psyche, reaching the depths that uncover
and expose the deep, hidden, mostly subconscious, meaning in the expression
used by the wealthy to describe philanthropy: "giving back."

Freud largely turned away from the collective psyche, in fear of becoming 
a prophet. We need no prophets now; the evidence is at hand for all who
excavate the lost courage of our species' human heart to see innate, human
egalitarinism, revealed in our 200,000 year-old villages and seasonal camps.

Contemporarily, about one percent of humans, through privileged class,
institutions, and laws designed for and by this elite, have created and legalized
snobbish, greed, arrogance and unfairness; they have successfully portrayed,
disguised and officialized themselves as superior, majestic, and as an
all-deserving, secular royality.

These aberrational, transmuted humans, having uprooted their social
conscious through the above feature of civilization, connive to take peoples'
lands, home-utensils, innate freedoms, and birthrights --innately held, as
innate attributes of precivilization community-- by the peoples of Earth
through folk, common law, and through our human species' laws of
human nature, being, spirit, identity, and reality.

They seize all Earthly and naturally-human treasures, originally
bequeathed to humankind, generation to generation through centuries
and eons, by indigenous, folk (noncivilized, noncaptive, non-citified),
Earth-rooted, folk humanity-- by acivilization socioculture.

These conquerors, having satiated their anti-natural indulgence
and desire for art(ificial) power over fellow humans, having abandoned
kind and kin, i.,e.,Earth's human species; and leaving little left
to destroy, but Earth's air, waters, mountains and manifold species
of Life; they return, thereafter, ten to fifteen percent of what they have
deceitfully stolen, proclaiming and recording this as a newer, higher
form of charity and benevolence, termed, philanthropy.

Readers, bear in mind, that, if unsanctioned, common thieves and burglars
should start returning a portion of the peoples' rightful belongings, earlier
stolen; would we, then, call this philanthropy or, rather, criminality!
Such is the nature of civilization's wizard-elites: the people are made blind
by a curtain of gold and jewels, a curtain hiding their naked, fallen,
grotesque and dehumanized rulers.

In civilization, might is, deceitfully, portrayed as right!
Then, it partially returns stolen, human rights,
in form of condescending love, sham royalty and righteousness.

Might is scripted by modern civilization, in the role of sham love!
Little loot of "progress" is returned; and, this cloak and dagger act
is performed on a fortressed stage of celebritic limelights!

2012 All rights reserved

Feb 28, 2012

Truth, False Language, and Joy

One true, bright poem
Calms the false, dark language,
Pops chatting's bubble-foam.

History's word and art are sending
Word of artful human ending.

Tech-speech and arts: these dark holes,
Maroon us in false sensation,
Birth our natural, human soul's

Atomistic egoism excitedly creates!
This, and more, for the artificial, human states!
For the triumph of unrooted, fleeting fun!
To Human-Earth conflagration, happily we run.

No meteors strike; no volcanoes darken Sun,
Alien images pierce imagination,
Storm mind and home, sack our creation;
Slay human nature's culture: technics are the gun.

Tech-speech and arts have won
Our natural, human soul, for fun.

Yet, soul's revelations ever deploy
To culture's darkness: light of eternal, human joy.

Copyright L.S. Heatherly 2012

Jan 31, 2012

Life, Love, Being, Thought and Language

Unentailed, our speakings of love:
Earth's human life gives lovings thereof.

We live as humans be(ings),
Therefore, we love.

We love, therefore, we are

We think; therefore, we speak:
We love; therefore, love's speakings seek.

We live as loving human being;
Therefore, we are unfolding lovings.

We be-- unfold-- our manifold lovings;
We love, therefore, we are.

In our beginning, we loved;
Growth evolved our lovings; then speakings of.

We may speak without love;
We may love without speakings of.

We can think without love.
We can love without thinkings of.

Babe loves before speaking of;
We love babe, babe loves us.

The being of human being is thus.

Our Sun is not a distant star;
Its within our soul and flesh; not far!

We love Sun, Earth-life and us;
Through these loves, therefore, we are.

We become through these unfoldings thereof.

L.S. Heatherly 2011 All rights reserved

Jan 10, 2012

Children Born Free: Natural Culture

American Youth of the 1960's and 70's counterculture were told: "Get your act
together!" More recently, the acts on the stages of the Human Circus-Zoo--
called "modern civilization"-- are more automatically programmed via an
artificialization of childhood. But, a deeper pondering asks: of what kind, and
of what merit, are these un-natural, unecological choices! These fabricated
choices made on such slippery, mechanical, digital, virtual slopes!

These choices are provided to our children throughout youth's long, dietary,
spirit-being-culture-mind salad of scientific 'certainty', spiritual-ontological confusion, high-technicized senses and perception, digitalized, cyberized
language and relationships, spiritual-ontological frustration, commercial adulteration, and the ego's inflation.

An inflated ego that eclipses the whole human self -- human self as organismic union of family, community, mind, consciousness, being, spirit and culture; all within Earth-life!

Is this chaos of exploding, fragmenting, naturally evolved, human being and
socioculture merely stuff for social theories, and engineered, corporate,
cultural empires! Merely stuff for humanity as egocentric careers and
comodities! Have not our pesonal selves, our families, our communities, our
cultures and our particular ancestors emerged from, with and by means of,
our long-running, natural humanness; carried through, and around, written
historical time; carried through and around history's enslaved, subjugated, 
human being! Carried primarily, by our innate, evolved, organismic, naturalistic,
Earth-folk Society and Culture! By the Earth-life-Humanity relationship!

Dare we evoke, through deepest human restorations, a deep soul-rebellion!
Shall we proclaim that our very humanness cannot be perpetuated, be
socioculturally reproduced, be sustained, for human posterity without sufficiently
preserving our root human being, nature, spirit and culture, all resprouting
from our, original, Paleolithic being! That we must and we shall, excavate our
200,000 year-old ecovillages as birthrights of our human species!

Shall we abandon achaeology of things for archaeology of our soul! Shall we
replace excavations for career's passion with excavations for lost, wide, deep,
manifold, human loves. Loves, once, innate and free.

(adapted from pg 38, 6, of The Last Human Spring, L.S. Heatherly 2002)

Copyright 2011-2013  All rights reserved