May 29, 2013

Eyes of Child Quest Into Thee

(Amazon Child-Eyes)

Should we, now, think we'll ever see
A poem more lovely and more free

Than pristine child with seaching eyes
Perched on our urban, hassled knee!

A gift from Earth-life's, human wild,
Born with eyes questing into thee!

A child whose eyes, in vain, still quest
For Earth's pure eco-viillage, nest.

Such lifeway eyes, pure once, did find
Earth's free unfolding life did shine.

Our greed, thru might, did conquest,
And laid pure eyes of child to death.

Pure child-eyes now quest in screens,
Bind life and eye to machines.

We cannot wish, again, to see
The pure child-eyes in village free.

Child-eyes ask, Always bound? Or was I free?
And what, through art's machines, are thee?

For image and scene, you shoot me;
Never banned, I am the human game, that's free.

All Rights Reserved