Jun 30, 2013

Exiting Earth! Come In, Earth! Come In!

One Giant Step Toward Colonizing Space?
No, Just Looking for Feats Outside of Earth-life (outside of Biosphere):

Our Brother's Keeper? Or Physics and Technology's Sweep
Away from Earth-Life's evolved, conscious love!
"Contact, contact, contact!" [with Earth-life] -- Henry David Thoreau

Embrace Earth's life! This includes Us! -- L. S Heatherly

Technology -- the knack of so arranging the [artificial] world
that we don't have to experience it [the natural world].
                                                                          -- Max Frisch
Technology -- the accelerating creation of an artificial world that
crowds out Earth-life's natural world and our engagement in Her lifeworld!

Earth created Life herself! She experienced the miracle of Life's conception herself! Life did not have to be transplanted from anywhere--
especially not from the unreachable, known universe!

Impregnated by sunlight reaching her carbon and water at the right time and spot!
A spark of life! Transforming just another life-less planet into the unfolding miracles of consciousness and love!
                                                                                               -- L.S. Heatherly

"Life is all there is, let it flower!"                -- John Ruskin and Lewis Mumford
                                                                  (quoted in The Last Human Spring)

"One just might laugh oneself to death at the space station's implied boast, by action, to Mother Earth:
"Look, Mom, what we did! True; they don't really see Mother Earth's life and evolved love!"
                                                                                        --  L.S. Heatherly

"Some scientists (one on PBS) boast that we don't have to worry about Humans 
becoming extinct: We will have self-replicating machines to carry on for us!"
We now create abuses of human life; as science claims it can make
better use of it. We spend much of it creating cyberneticized machines, toys and
robots, hoping they will out-live mortal humans.

We are "cool"; and indifferently
watch as their employments artfully destroy pieces of Earth-life and Her humanity, in the name of the supremecy of the individual(ism) and branches of egoism-empire-sci-technic-commercial-materialistic delusions of grandeur --condescending to Earth's Life, Spirit and Soul. We worship at the entertaining alters of sci-technic arrogant usurpations of power-- from Earth-life's ecosystems and her masses of humanity.
                                                                                               -- L.S. Heatherly

"Life is an offensive [on Earth], directed against the repetitious mechanism of the universe."
                                                                                 -- Alfred North Whitehead

"The best defense is an offense; and Earth-life started her's fully with two main forms:
(a) individual and species reproduction and (b) natural selection of physical, mental,
social, spiritual and cultural attributes interacting with mutation, and (c) with
 physical climate, ecological and sociocultural climatic attributes."
                                                                                               -- L.S. Heatherly 
"From its first spark, Life went on to conquer one planet, removing it from,
setting it apart from, the life-less known universe, from the unreachable universe.
Earth, through its evolved miracles, especially its self-conscious loving species, is
is a trillion times more phenomenal, meaningful and precious than the known,
unreachable, lifeless universe as we can experience it. More astounding still, educated,
city-fied humankind can no longer, really, reach this wondrous, planet, jeweled with
life and love! They are, now, stranded in civilization as castaways from their
home of yester-time(s) and yester-being(s).
                                                                                           -- L.S. Heatherly

"When Earth-life evolved to social mammalian life, to conscious and self-conscious
primates( human and nonhuman); Earth attained to a sharp, brilliant, wonderful
quantitative difference, as well as a definitional difference, from all known planets.
A trillion times more precious, it should no longer be called a planet primarily. That is
derogatory, disrespectful and insulting to her as home and creater of her many infinitely
most prescious,species of life. She should not be called, merely, or firstly planet Earth.
A planet first in time only; because millions of years ago, she slowly tranformed into
a precious ecophere, biophere, Lifesphere.

We need a debate or stuggle of terms to arrive at a name for our Earth other than a term
denoting her secondary lifeless areas and elements. Yours truly used the term, Earthlifeworld,
some dozens of times in the major work, The Last Human Spring.

Planet, Earth-life, would also be more worthy a name for such preciousness. Surely,
human scientists, social scientists and life scientists that hold the Earth  precious enough,
along with lay people, could bring about this failure of science to make a precious distinction
between Earth and many 1000s of known planets. This misnomer is a major factor in our
long abuse and toxicification of Earth's life and of Her humanity.

We can only do big challenging things if we have the heart to feel they must be done.

We are loosing contact with the Living Earth.
Will our last call be:
Come in, Earth! Come in! 

All human species live through the inspiriations and relationships of the Living
Earth encradling us. Mother Earth has produced-- has created through Earth-life's
evolution-- millions of species of life, many thousands of sentient and conscious
species, and a fair number of self-conscious, social and loving species.

Post Modern, high-tech civilization has not and cannot create any conscious species
capable of ecological interaction and balance. Especially out of science's arrogant,
creative abilities are the sentient, conscious and self-conscious, social, loving species
seen in the gorilla, orangatan, chimp, bonobo and several human species of the past
and our own Homo sapiens.

The last is the species we innately, ecologically, sustainably belong to; but, from which 
we are making our exit -- into an artificial, electronic, cybernetic, digital, robotic, virtual
creature. One marked by decline in naturally, ecologic, evolved senses, as well
as, by arrogance, delusions of granduer and ingratitude to Mother Earth (Gaia),
the only eco-sustainable life-creative system on Earth, or anywhere in the reachable

Unknowingly blind, we are, with escapist excitement, bidding Mother Earth, her human
nature, spirit, being, self-consciousness and natural, human love, farewell. We are
opening our minds and hearts, terminally to artificial, alien, anti-Earth(ecosphere),
and anti-human addictions. Therein, we entice our species along an artificial
pathway, leading toward human decimation/extinction.

Copyright 2013 L.S. Heatherly