Jun 30, 2011

Children and the Blinding, Gold Curtain

I. Natural Family-Community
Earth's evolution of Live evolves an ecological nature, being and
habitat for each species. More important to us, Earth evolves
ecological families, communities and ecosystem-habitats for all
social species of mammals, primates and human-primates.
Civilization violates, diminishes, surrogates and destroys families,
communities, and eco-habitats. They are on record, with illustrious, vain
self-praise, of their building,  of cities, states, kingdoms and  
empires of conquest and enslavement; all this for the pleasures of
art(ificial), "majestic" elites, recently emergent, in our 200,000
year-old human species, Homo sapiens. 

Thereby, these elites, along  with their subjugates, depart from 
Earth's natural, indigenous, human species, its life way, communal 
culture , and Earth-based spirit.They become an alien, invasive, 
synthetic, pseudo, illegitimate, quasi-species, Homo alienus.

They exhibit, partly, human; and increasingly, aliens behavior,
destructive to most life on their original Earth-home and, as well as 
the masses of humanity. They are marked by the elites they form:
centered around opulent wealth, midst on-going sufferings and 
inequities of the human masses. 

II. Children and the Blinding, Gold Curtain

Each generation of subjected-humanity is born into the official
art(ificial) world, 'civilization'; with this curtain having its inherent
place, lately extending even into the remaining, pristine tribes of
Earth's humanity, indigenous to the Amazon Rain Forest.

This five thousand year-old curtain, first as clothes, jewelry, decor
and archetecture, gilded with gold; later, with coin and currency
added, is so prettily, artfully, institutionally, socioculturally disguised,
it requires a deep, bright, human revelaton, unprecedented in human
history, to expose its presence unto tamed and subdued eyes; to
expose its decayed reality to tamed, captive, transmuted,
human consciousness.

Beyond conception, preserved in the subconscious, dwells the vision
of opening and tearing down the invisible, blinding curtain of gold,
as well as the vision of returning to Earth-human village, from which 
their great grandparents or older ancestors, were abducted by wars, 
and the sirens of city/state or seduced, more recently, by so-called 

Many children, up to about age 3 to 5 years, have visions and
and encounters with this blinding gold curtain, experiencing its
obstructions to natural, childhood development and freedom, 
and expressing their rebellion in many forms; diagnosed as diverse,
spreading forms of disease, syndrome, and aberration.

Their parents distract and comfort them with artificial comfort, 
bondage, artificial medicines, toys and misguidance; 'till their
children can no longer recognize the gilded cloth, jewels, decor
and architecture as a confinement curtain, long-forgotten by
tamed, blinded, eyes and soul of 'civil' parents. 

The darkest blindness? The inborn, captive soul.

Copyright 2011  L.S. Heatherly 

Jun 8, 2011

Thought, Writing and Reality

Pure, essential ideas of human liberation 
Are scarcely captured in symbols of language:

The Quiet soul-talkings: visions of self-life-world as one;
Human being's caress of artifacts; natural copies of natural realities.

They still flash as spirit-lightening
Before thunder and rain of soul's replenishings,

Deep springings, still, from sacred, subconscious mind,
Deep throbbings, still, from oppressed, human heart and soul.

Here, pure, natural, human speech,
Writes on inner unfoldings of soul.

Bolts of human spirit-fire, in us, still flash;
Spirit-storms return, within us, to break civil, artificial storms;

Woe! Soul talkings, oneness visions, artifact-realities, meet writing;
Thoughts, once pure as primal rain, turns to acid-plots; 

Quenching not the drought-stricken captives of civilization,
Respringing not the deeply refuged, human souls of Earth.  

L.S. Heatherly 2011