Sep 7, 2011

The Real 9-11: Humanity's Tragedy

9-11 --all massive, human killings-- defy conventional truth, reality and meaning.

Feeling out of sight, for meaning, love and grace: What is human tragedy?
Slaughters of wars, acts of terrorism, are attacks on all peoples, of all civilizations.

Citizens of various nations, peoples of all races, creeds and religions:
All this humanity, all 'civil' humans, all were in those twin towers.

All humanity of every nation is maimed and killed on all battlefields.
All humanity is victimized by murders, robberies, rapes, by any crimes.

All cultural enslavements, all social inequities, any dehumanizations, are ours.
We all are both the victims and the accomplices.

We ourselves leaped from those windows, were killed or burned alive.
All peoples of all fallen civilizations, by original, human nature, are one people.

Common, human soul is our Earthly redemption, the oldest, human revelation.
All human exploitations, oppressions, and deaths are ours.

Someday, we shall re-unite as one, in balance, with Earth-life.
Somehow, we shall diverge from the artificial roads, leading to 'civil' atrocities.

Of oppressions, we shall teach our children: behold yourselves, your families!
Behold: manifold love marks our path, our soul, our humanity.

The babe, at breast, waits manifold love's all knowings;
We seek human being's becoming-- love's unfoldings.

Liberty's love is deeper than us right here against them over there.
It is the found us within the lost us:
The waiting to be restored us.