Jul 15, 2013

Trayvon Martin Trial: 2 minutes = Scalpeled Justice

Scalpeled Justice, Truth, Reality, Court Trial, and Socioculture

The jury and lawyers were given FALSE and UNREAL instructions,
evidence, arguments, and concept of event.  Everyone, in fact, was told
that the 2 minutes of struggle between two men was the the event causing
the death of Trayvon Martin. Jury and all were told:  that  2 minutes was
the ONLY moments to reach a verdict about: a 2 minute incident.

But, in realty, those 2 minutes CANNOT be divorced away from
the preceding 3.5 minutes that created those last 2 minutes. The
physical life-or-death struggle was CAUSED, was created, by:

1. The defendant's decision to violate instructions given him:
"We do not need you to do that." (about 5.5 minutes before the fatal shot)
2. The defendant's 3.5 minutes -- of following, approaching-- and; thereby
triggering(creating) the 2 minutes of fatal struggle.

To scalpel away most of the fatal event-- the causation 3.5 minutes that
created-- caused and made inevitable-- the climax of the full event: this is a
misrepresentaion of the full event as being reducible down to 2 minutes.

The defendant's actions during the opening 3.5 minutes CAUSED
the closing 2 minutes of deathly struggle. As his group told him: "We
don't need you to do that." Nor did Martin and our country need that.

This scalpeling down to 2 minutes makes the full event equivalent to two
men walking toward each other on a sidewalk, locking eyes and, fearing each
other, engaging in a life-or-death struggle: this is NOT what happened. It makes
this event generally equivalent to a drunk driver being found guilty of another
driver's death; when, in reality, his friends (or social norms) assured him,
"you can do it; you can drive; you can make it home."

The life-or-death struggle was created by the behavior of the defendant--
following and confronting Martin!

The defendant created the life-or-death last 2 minutes. And thereby,
created the death of the loser of that struggle.

He created Martin's death in the starting 3.5 minutes that, innevitably,
in time, created the closing 2 minute deathly struggle. There would be
no death-struggle WITHOUT the opening 3.5 minutes!

The closing of an event cannot be divorced away from the event's beginning.

And this event cannot, in reality, be separated from wider events
creating this one! What really, more widely, happened? The defendant
( and those that think, hold the same feelings, hold the same values, and
behave like the defendant) created the death of Trayvon Martin. The
defendant was an agent, one person, acting on behalf of (at least two) particular,
sociocultural pathogeneses, racism and classism(Zimmerman was

The larger, bad news is that we, apparently, won't make it home either!
Because we have forgotten that, humanity, innately, had a home; and have
forgotten where it was, and what it consisted of: community, brotherhood,
the golden rule, et.al.

Coptright 2013 L.S. Heatherly