Apr 15, 2015

Revolution by Songs: Love, Peace, Earth, Children (transformativeness - fair use)

In late 2010, L.S. Heatherly,  added songwriting and recording to his life-
long mission for humanity's development, well-being and sustainability.

[update] As of [2018], Heatherly has written, sang, recorded and produced [29] songs
(in his bare-bones home studio). None have been released; as his purpose, here, is
writing songs to inspire improvements in all of humanity's well-being and peace;
while, having no aim at becoming a noted, recording artist.

Each of Heatherly's songs have US Registered Copyrights (in the Library of Congress),
granting him four ownership rights: Lyrics (transformative, fair use), Sound Recording, Performance, and Production.

These transformtive, fair use songs were inspired by songs consistently found
on most lists of {top 100,  200 or 500) All-time Classic Hit Songs. In fact, many
of Heatherly's songs are transformatives derived from the top 70 songs found on many of these lists.

Copyright and Fair Use: The Transformative Factor

In a 1994 case, the Supreme Court emphasized this first factor:
The Transformative Factor: the  Purpose and Character of Your Work;
as being a primary indicator of Fair Use.

. Has the material you have taken from the original work been transformed 
by adding new expression or meaning? 
. Was value added to the original by creating new information, new aesthethics, or new insights, and understandings?

Fair use Copyright Law also emphasizes creation of new meaning and message to
individuals and society..

Meeting the four factors required for Copyright fair use, and more; Heatherly has, through
serious, transformtive fair use creation, authentically created
28 transformative fair use songs-- derived transformatively --  from Great Pop,
Folk and light Rock classics. These transformative fair use songs include
transformative, fair use derivatives of/from songs of such artists as

5 of McCartney-Lennon
1 of Geaorge Harrison
3 of Elton John
2 of Stevie Wonder
1 of Neil Young
1 of Bonnie Tylers
1 of Whitney Houston's
2 of Bob Dylan's
1 of Billy Joel
8 Holiday and Spiritual Songs now in the Public Domain

ALL have BECOME, through fair use transformativeness,  songs of Earth, Love, Children, and Peace
and all have 3-4 of these 4 words in their (US Reg Copyright) titles and lyrics (Titles themselves cannot be copyrighted.)

Ideally, all of Heatherly's rights to these tranformative fair use classics will be sold to the artist(s) of the original hit songs. Excepting, of course, those with Public Domain music.

A few of these having PD music, Heatherly plans to release himself.

Copyright 2016 L.S. Heatherly