Feb 28, 2012

Truth, False Language, and Joy

One true, bright poem
Calms the false, dark language,
Pops chatting's bubble-foam.

History's word and art are sending
Word of artful human ending.

Tech-speech and arts: these dark holes,
Maroon us in false sensation,
Birth our natural, human soul's

Atomistic egoism excitedly creates!
This, and more, for the artificial, human states!
For the triumph of unrooted, fleeting fun!
To Human-Earth conflagration, happily we run.

No meteors strike; no volcanoes darken Sun,
Alien images pierce imagination,
Storm mind and home, sack our creation;
Slay human nature's culture: technics are the gun.

Tech-speech and arts have won
Our natural, human soul, for fun.

Yet, soul's revelations ever deploy
To culture's darkness: light of eternal, human joy.

Copyright L.S. Heatherly 2012