Mar 24, 2014

Visions of Love Over Blind Power

Love is blind to the single soul possessed;
Blind to  one mind-body's selfishness.

Love is our wider, deeper vision -- blessed
By, and for, the Earth-human, village nest.

Love grows fruits of love as highest wealth:
Our deep panoramic, Earth and human self!

Love nurtures all humanness and Earthlyness--
unfolding, wide, as the soul's deepest quest;

Love nourishes the manifold joys of humanity:
Not what's bought, stolen, and possessed by insanity;

Sans the greedy, selfishness of persons and elites;
Sans all the Ages and millenia of recycled fights.

Love springs forth the flowerings and fruitings
Of whole human self's, community-soul's choosings.

Ask not for whom Love may ever flower.
Peoples seek Love's seeds and friuts as showers.

Into the winds and soils of the soul,
Love sows Her joys as hearth against the cold!

Ask not why Love's visions still grow in thee;
Such does portend all hearts know being free!

Copyright 2014  L.S. Heatherly