Dec 31, 2013

Auld Lang Syne, of Soul

Deeply rooted truths, realities,
Comapassion, playings, labors, of loves:

Human commonalities are the commons of humanity,
Perennial, mostly buried, by all civilizations.

Source of all Human Revolutions against oppressions.
Not to be aware of buried, human treasure is easy:

Our primal roots and tubers
Of Earth's eco-family-community humanness!

Covered-over by the highways of personal,
Expedient, career and institutional selves.

Soul artifacts: underneath, national,
Commercial and political selves:

Underneath our intellect-egoselves'
Materialistic, diverse empires of domination.

Not to join in the archaeological dig
For the organismic essences of humanity!

Not to yearn for the respringing and enculturation
Of natural, whole, human self and whole being!

To merely accept the ongoing sufferings
And inequities of the bulk of humankind!

Human life (and being) is not a case
of  "to be or not to be".

It is a case of where and what to be,
And how to be that whatness;

And why to be that whyness.
There in our home of human beings.

It is a case of the becoming of,
And sustainment of, human beings--

Beyond the case of mere
Human organisms remaing alive;

Beyond our brains' and bodies' growth;
Beyond health and life, of our brain-body organisms.

Our human ecosphere-habitat is our where
We journey through our human beingness,

Is where our eco-nature-human being;
Finds what to love, how to love, and why to love.

Should these grown attainments be forgot?
Or, ever be our find!

Copyright 2013  L.S. Heatherly