Aug 3, 2016

Paul McCartney - John Lennon: Endless Legacy?


                                                 by  L.S. Heatherly

This duo, ranks at or near the top of great songwriting duos e.g. Rodgers and Hammerstein,

In a 2015 Esquire  interview, McCartney covered many topics. Here are the gists of three themes.

On Lennon and McCartney vs. McCartney and Lennon. Their manager, Epstein, and Lennon
got to a meeting of the three early; and when McCartney arrived, was told the two had
decided that Lennon and McCartney was good. McCartney said OK; but "McCartney and
Lennon is good too" McCartney thought he had Yoko on his side (that the order should depend
on the song); when she called to change her view-- that Lennon and McCartney was the right

His efforts to get his name first on songs he alone wrote, like Hey Jude, Yesterday, Let It Be,
were met with considerable, public disapproval. Lennon had become a Martyr, Many fans
complained e.g., "What a big head! Why does he want [on some songs] his name in front of

McCartney: "But is was nothing to do with big head, It's just to do with identifying who wrote
what. John did a real good Playboy interview [saying] "This is mine, this is Paul's." ..He said it.
"I thought it perfectly reasonable...and still do today. But I don't think it's achievable for some

ESQ: " 'Yesterday,' 'Hey Jude,' 'Let it Be.' Is it possible to conceive of you[r] writing anything
of that impact again. Perhaps no one could now."

McCartney: " ...we don't live in that culture anymore, that's true....we wrote good stuff... our
own...didn't have writers...happen again?...don't know...wish people well, but I have a feeling
it couldn't [happen again]."

ESQ: "...cosmically: how in the hell did you four [Beatles] manage to bump into each other?"
McCartney: "Cosmic, man. It is! Dead cosmic. I know that."

McCartney can't imagine retirement. Asked if he felt he still had something to prove?...
"But, then, I still enjoy writing. I still enjoy singing.....and maybe I could write something that's
just more relevant, or new!...

*           *          *          *

What a Coincidence (not really)! Over the last six years, The Author of this blog has
TOTALLY rewritten -- transmuted and transformed -- the lyrics in 28 classic hit songs,
including FOUR of McCartney/Lennon's top songs and one of George Harrison's!

This is called transforming a song to where it  meets all legal requirements for

This re-creation keeps and credits the McCartney/Lennon music (or Harrison) to them through
lyrics meeting "Fair Use by means of achieving transformativeness; and thereby, being

The owner(s) of the music, (and arrangement of music) still  receive their profits from these
transformative, fair use, songs, when and if, they are released in the future!

Transformative-Fair Use; this entails different and unique CONTENT, MEANING,
MESSAGE, PURPOSE and AUDIENCE, as well as, new, unique contribution
to human well-being/the arts and social discourse/commentary!

To date, the lyrics of 28 classic,  hit songs have been totally rewritten to achieve "transformativeness
"fair use via transformativeness!" They have been sang, recorded and produced in Heatherly's
bare bones home studio! And the (1) lyrics, (2) sound recording, (3) performance and (4).
production rights, all are Registered in the US Copyright Office by Yours Truly..

The FIVE Beatle's songs, thusly transmuted thoroughly are:
Hey Jude    Let It Be   Yesterday   Imagine   Something    (Titles themselves cannot be
Copyrighted.). Anyone can title their new song Yesterday, or Let It Be,  for example.

McCartney, INDEED, has first opportunity to purchase non-musical rights to the new
transformative fair use derivatives of these songs. This includes First Release Rights.
All artists, who would, thereafter, cover his first release of the transmuted songs,
would pay him a cover royalty for his music..

This will be, of course, after McCartney buys back many of the Beatles top, hit songs, which
were sold under financial stress. He has benefited by the passage of time. Around 2017-18 (if
memory serves this blogger) time opens this door to him. He has stated his recover
ownership of these song rights!

( For clarification on "fair use," in the above context, Google this  "fair use does not require
You will get about 2000 results affirming this statement )

Copyright 2016  L.S. Heatherly

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