Aug 18, 2017

Fake American Presidency Going Down! 161 Updates!

(See the Previous 2 posts, 11/9/ 2016 and 5/22/ 2017 on the Whole Illegitimate,
Tragic, American Presidency-- over 110 Updates!)

*8/10/18: WikiLeaks Hit with DNC lawsuit -- [via] Twitter accusing the site, Trump campaign and Russia of ..swinging the 2016 election [to Trump]."

*8/8/18: Schmidt: "This is going to be a very bad year for Republicans at the Midterms." --Deadline MSNBC

*8/7/18: "..Probably see indictments of Trump Jr and Kushner..conspiracy to affect election..if it walks like ..swims..and quacks like a duck, its a duck." -- Rep Steve Cohen Dem TN -- CNN

*8/6/18: "27 Mental Health Professionals: "..President is SICK and DANGEROUS.." -- "The Dangerous Case Of Donald Trump" Trump: "The Fake News is sick..can also cause War."

"How have dictators present and past seized power? By use of Armed Forces! Will Trump use US Armed Forces to sieze the Power he longs for!" -- LS

*8/3/18: "Walls are closing in on Trump." Erin Burnett on Manifort's trial. CNN Youtube

*8/2/18: "This is a tale of two White Houses. Trump defenders can't keep their story straight." --
Anderson Cooper, CNN

*7/31/18: "There is credible evidence that the Presdient of the US has committed obstruction of justice; and possibly a conspiracy to undermine our elections." -- US Senator, Richard Blumenthal MSNBC, Rachel Maddow

*7/31/18: " 'Collusion is not a crime,' says Trump -- but, lawyers say, conspiracy is: two or more people came to an agreement...[to commit] a crime..each took an overt act [toward a crime]...the agreement itself is a crime (criminal conspiracy) ... not [just some resulting] completed crime... [italics added]

Conspiracy [to commit crime] provides a shared and precise grounding {on whether] the President and his close associates have broken the law." -- Harry Litman CNN

*7/29/18: "Cohen says Trump knew about [his sons, Manafort, et al] 2016 meeting with Russians
who promised dirt on Hillary.."-- several News Outlets

*7/25/17: CNN News: "WH deletes Putin's admission at Press Conference -- that he wanted Trump
elected -- this deleted from the official record:
Q: "President Putin, did you want President Trump to win the election? And did You direct any of your officials to help him do that?" Putin: "Yes I did. Yes I did." ( Putin's words were witnessed by millions watching!!!!! ) "He who controls the past, controls the future. [by rewriting the past]." -- LS

And the Orwellian nightmare continues: Trump: "the Russians [in] the upcoming election, will be pushing very hard for the Democrats. They definitely don't want Trump." -- CNN

*7/22/18: "The depth of subordination of the President to.. Russian president is, now, no longer in question..we all see it happening..don't know how it came to be, but know what it means ..this dynamic effectively controlling [our] president.. -- Rachel Maddox, MSNBC, YouTube  

"Trump belongs to/with Putin-- not to/with the People of the US. He is representing strong-man leaders all over the world. Any semblanse of the democratic spirit is part of the whole, big con. --LS

*7/16/18: ..stunning to see what a complete surrender of [US] interests and values [by the President standing side by side with Putin]" -- Adam Schiff

*7/16/18: "Dems and GOP rebuke Trump over weakness with Putin... Putin sees Trump as a 14 Yr-old, seeking Putin's help against Nato, the E Union and US Democracy-- because he iS just THAT! And he counts on Putin's help in 2018 and 2020 elections." -- LS

*7-6-18: Giuliani: "Mueller can interview Trump if he can prove [Trump] committed a crime."
-- Vox

*7/5/18: "Mueller Taps More Career Prosecutors to Help with Growing Trump Probe -- Bloomberg

*7/6/18: "Cohen Hires FMR Clinton ATTY. Lanny Davis." -- MSNBC

*7/6/18: "Special Council Mueller ..looking into Trump's Inauguration.." USA Today

*7/2/18: Cohen: "To be crystal clear, I put my family and country first." -- ABC News

*6/26/18: "By a Fluke, Voters Elected an imbecilic Con Man." -- Bill Schmidt MSNBC

*6/26/18: "George Will Says to Vote against GOP This November" -- MSNBS

*6/26/18: "Mueller to Zero in on Trump-Russia Collusion Allegations" -- MSNBC

*6/14/18: US INSPCTOR GENERAL (16 month- long INVESTIGATION) reports:

COMEY "made SERIOUS ERRORS in the FBI's Clinton 2016 Email investigation

It was"EXTRAORDINARY and INSUBORDINATE ..that Comey refused to tell his DOJ bosses what he would say at his 7/5/16 news conference charging Clinton was 'extremely careless" in handling of highly classified info ...

Comey "VIOLATED long standing Department PRACTICE and PROTOCOL since Clinton was not being gharged..." -- ABC Evening News"

"COMEY was WRONG to go PUBLIC on the [Oct 28 ] Clinton [email] news; while remaining silent on the DOJ's Russian investigation, swirling around candidate Donald Trump, accusing Comey of REJECTING LONGSTANDING [FBI] POLICY {of being nuetral on Candidates]."

"We.. found Comey had USURPED THE AUTHORITY of the Attorney General [the DOJ makes CHARGES.. the FBI only INVESTIGATES] . -- ABC Evening News (Caps added)

*6/13/18: "US aims for N Korea's major disamamament within 2 and 1/2 YRS.." --Pompeo

" N. Korea Deal! Not exactly what CON-MAN Trump has been touting for weeks! A wizard behind a curtain of egomania, lies, greed and celebrity! Many spoken only details! A sham-publicity, re-election deal!! More evidence of failing to execute the duties his Office.

"With a President like Trump, democracy doesn't need enemies like Putin.They are close to indistinguishable in greed, desires, cons, and views of social fairness."-- LS

*6/12/18: "Sourses: Cohen ..fires lawyers..high legal fees..will ,now,likely flip." --ABC news

*6/2/18: Giuliani threatens legal battle with Mueller over subpoena. --ABC News

*6/2/18: Trump lawyers to Mueller: President can end probe; use pardon." -- USA Today

*5/30/18: "Mueller's obstruction of justice probe..bigger than we realized." --Washington Post

*5/29/18: "Giuliani is missing the critical point: ..'there was no collusion' [Mueller's mandate is very broad] "Giuliani is booed on his birthday at Yankee stadium." --New Day

*5/7/18: Joint NY Timees and Washington Post report: 
"publicly available data: ..perfectly clear that Trump's business empire is dirty.. dirt.. that leads directly into the national security threat that produced Mueller's investigation [at outset]." -- NY Magazine

*5/5/18: "Look at Juliano's incessant Smile! He's as full of self-power-greed as Trump and Comey!
Three for the Road! One out of the FBI! Two headed out of the White House! " -- LS

*5/5/18: "What is going on in our heads when we let [2016 election] happen, you know!"
-- Michelle Obama at Women's Summit

*4/16/18: Coming: The Questions G. Stephanopoulos, (4/16/18), Judy Woodruff( 4/30- 5/1/18
and others did NOT ask Comey. One's well-being is at stake if asked here.

*4/11/18: "Ryan's retirement.. increases the chances..Trump will be impeached" -- CNBC

*4/11/18: "Senate Judiciay Chair, Grassley, warns Trump ..It would be suicide to fire Mueller " --MSNBC

*4/10/18: "Trump never closer to firing Mueller than right now. -- CNN

*4/10/18; F.B.I. Raids office of Trump's longtime lawyer Michael Cohen..calling it an attack on our country" -- NY Times "This nmeans he would call in Federal troops to stay in Power. He has gotten crazier the longer he has power" as Yours Truly predicted.

*4/1/18: Republican stategist's warning about Trump Probe: 'The Storm is coming.' Castallanos: 'GOP likely to lose House, Trump may be impeached.' -- Market Watch

*3/30/18: From Mueller to Stormy to 'emoluments,' Trump's business ..under siege. -- The Washington Post. "Stormy throws punch, Trump down on 1 knee; entering ring: Mueller lawyers, Maryland and DC Lawyers! Trump attacks Amazon on TAXES? Perhaps the decisive round in fight for the Presidency?" -- LS

*3/29/18: "..Things are escalating pretty rapidly..we don't have a State Dept, 3of top 10 roles are vacant and 1 of those filled is by a Fox and Friends co-host...we have basically one person running our country...Republicans refuse to put him in check." -- Ami Siskind, The List

*3/27/18 "Trump said mos ago that he would use all his powers to remain President. He has recently
been assemling a "War Cabinet" to quote a news source about Bolten They've never impeached a president during a war. -- L.S. Heatherly

*3/27/18: "Senate Dems ask DOJ to Protect Mueller from Trump." - Rachel Maddox MSNBC

*3/21/18: "Rebublicans Start Talking Impeachment." -- MSNBC The 11th Hour


Students Walking Toward Life

Fake Times, they are deranging;
Love's Kinds, we'll be regaining.

Gun rights must END 
Where our lives BEGIN!  

We are the FUTURE; 
You, the Decaying.

WE are the Rising;
YOU are the Falling.

WE are Life's Giving;
You are Life's Taking.

You are Corp- Money;
We are Life-Honey!

You are Power's Girth;
We, Heart's Re-Birth.

Gun-Love's one path
Real Loves out last.

The Guns are Ego's Thrusts
Our Heart's are Human-Trust.

Fake Times, they are deranging;
Love's Kinds, we'll be regaining

Copyright 2018 L.S. Heatherly

* * * * * * *

*3/14/18: "Strong Performance by Dem..Coner Lamb in Pennsylvania Shakes Trump and GOP" -- NYTimes Trump's Cloudy rise to Power to be followed by Crystal Clear fall from Office. -- LS

*3/11/18: The Trump Factor in Social Media? ORIGIN Survey: "half of people 18-24 have had enough of social media..34% say they've deleted all their accounts."

*3/10/17: Former Trump aide, Nunberg: "Russia Probe "is not a witch hunt." -- ABC News

^3/6/18: "'Man of mystery, Nader,..ties to Trump team cooperates with Mueller." -- CNN

*3/2/18: Analysis of Shields and Brooks on White House week of chaos, PBS News Hour:
Judy Woodruff: "What matters in all of this?" Shields: "..chaos in the WH is bad for the US and Bad for the World. .there's no rational order..the moral in the WH is incredibly low...this is a Civil War in a Leper sense of direction...there's no preparation.. it's all act on the whim of the President."  

David Brooks: "..can't think of a precedent.. incompetent staff, or no staff, and an unstable and incompetent President..R Briebus said that it's fifty times worse from the inside than from the outside. The key thing that stands out is that there are real world of [Trump's] staffers said that 'he made the decision because he became unclued.'..totally devoid of the entire process...and on top of that he [states] that 'a trade war is good and easily won' ...A concept that no historian and no economist of any stripe could say anything about other than that its crazy."

Judy: "So, Mark, how do we process this.. almost every day.. a new set of contrversies?" Shields: "I really don't know Judy; it's overload. It really is!..the one defence or consolation from supporters is that 'he doesn't really mean what he says.' That's supposed to be our consolation." Judy the Republicans are [telling him] 'this is not a good thing, we don't need a trade war.'"

Brooks: [Trump] has-- going back to the 1980s-- always felt that way: [war-like] 'if someone's winning; then, I'm losing.'" .....Shields: ..the NRA is not the 2nd Amendment; not sportsmen: It's a vile influence on our country."

*2/27/18; "Mueller moves to drop more than 20 criminal counts against former Trump Campaign Officials." --CNBC

*2/23/18: Gates pleads guilty. "Mueller is steadily working his way up the food chain." -- Esquire

*2/18/18: "America Is Under [Russian] Attack..the President doesn't Care." --The Atlantic
"He admires Putin's power too much to care-- Trump loves strongman Power." -- LS

*2/18/18: "Trump attacks everyone but Russia." -- Politico

*2/14/17: "Trump can fire ,Mueller, but he can't fire a Grand Jury." -- Politico

*2/7/18: News out of WH "Trump thinks he can beat Mueller at his own Game.. 
he wants to sit down with him.." -- CNN 

"Trump promised many things "fast" He's done 1 or 2 slow! Executive destructions on
the people and public lands are failures! He's delusional; he's not President! He was 
elected via an illegal action. On 10-28-16 Comey did "distribute misleading information 
in order to affect the outcome of an election." (Wikipedia) Comey swung it to Trump!
Princeton Election Consortium Study, both chief pollsters, et al.)" -- L.S. Heatherly

*2/3/18: "Trump Vs the FBI :memo releasse stirs firestorm over Russia probe." -- and YouTube

*2/1/18: Pelosi: .."Nunes took 'deliberatly dishonest actions' altering unfit  
as chair [of House Intelligence Committee]." -- Associated Press

*2/1/18: "Trump sees Nunes memo as a way to discredit the Russia investigation." -- CNN

*2/1/18: "Trump squares off with [Chistopher Wray] a (new) FBI Director. ..getting close
to the point of no return with his [picked] replacement [for Comey]." -- CNN

*2/1/18: "Trump Rissia: Republicans 'materially altered' memo ob FBI." -- BBC

*1/31/18: Trump is on a Nixonian collision course with the FBI." -- CNN

*1/31/18: "Trump-FBI fued over .. memo erupts into open conflict." -- Washington Post

*1/27/18: "We may very well be seeing the end of the Trump Presidency...Trump 's attempt to fire Mueller in June,. --Neal Katyal on MSNBC

*1/26/17: "It's Now Likely Mueller Thinks Trump Obstructed Justice." -- Politico

*1/20/18: "Government shuts down on One-Year anniversary of Trump Presidency" --CBS
"He was never President! Election+ Oath+ Uphold Constitution + Executing Duties = Presidency!
1. Comey "distributed misleading info affecting the outcome to Trump -- Princeton Election Consortium-- ( an illegal election-- Wikipedia). See 4/25/17 Update of Nov. 9, 2016 Post
2. Trump failed many fold to uphold US Constition and ececute duties of the Presidency (this is illegal and High Crimes). 
3. Illegal election + unconstitutional President + Illegal duties = Fake President." -- L.S. Heatherly

*1/19/18: "Trump's base support is drip-by-drip dropping away." -- Mark Shields PBSNews

*1/11/18; "Trump frieds and aids warn him not to talk to Mueller." -- CNN*1/9/18: 

"Mueller's 'obstruction of justice case looks damning." --Vox

*1/5/18: Yours Truly in a public forum (12//16 or 1/17: "this selfish greedy, little boy.." -- LS

*1/3/17: From THE BOOK, "Fire and Fury" -- NY Daily News

An email circulated through the White House in April (purportedly representing N. S. Advisor, Gary Cohn: "It's worse than you can imagine. An idiot surrounded by clowns. Trump won't read one-page memos, brief policy papers; nothing. He gets up halfway through meetings with World Leaders because he is bored.. his staff is no better. Kushner is an entitled baby. Bannon an arrogant p---t that thinks he his smarter than he is. Trump is less a person than a collection of terrible traits...I am in a constant state of terror and shock" the email said. 

From THE BOOK, "Fire and FuryY" -- NY Daily News

Sec Of State Tillerson reportedly called Trump "a moron". For Treasury Sec., Mnuchin and C of Staff, Priebus, Trump was an "idiot. For Former Goldman Sachs' exec, Gary Cohn, Trump was "dumb as shit." For National Security Advisor, H.L. McMaster, Trump was "a dope." Even  Even Media Mogul, Rupert Murdoch hanging up the phone: "What a f--king idiot!"

*1/5/17: Author: .. "everyone around him said: it is like working with a little boy." -- PBS New

*1/4/18: From THE bOOK: "Trump didn't read, didn't even really skim. If it was print, it may well as not exist. Some [aides] believed him [practically] semi- literate...Problem: how to get info to a President that did not, would not or could not read..." -- MSNBC and PBS

"Trump bragged in school about not doing homework etc. etc. Trump is addicted to THINKING-- ABOUT how great he is as a President; and ABOUT how to attack the criticisms he hears about HIS GREATNESS. About how to Put Down others. His life and Presidency are about HIM, his greatness, NOW, in the Future, in History! All Emperers have held this deep belief. The USA is HIS empire, NOT the people's nation. It's about HIS Great Power! Period! -- LS
*1/4/18: Trump Tries and Fails to Block new Book: Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump Whitehouse. Trump
furious about the book's .. "words of dysfunction within WH, in Trump and WH Aides. -- NyTimes
*1/4/18: "Everyone in Trumpworld Knows He's an Idiot." -- Michael Goldberg Op Ed, Ny Times
*1/3/18: "Manafort Sues Mueller to Limit the Russia Investigation." -- Ny Times
*1/3/18: Trump Breaks with Bannon, saying "He's Lost His Mind."
81/3/18: Bannon calls Trump Jr's 2016 Meeting with Russians: 'Treasonous'" -Ny Times
*12/30/17: Republican Attacks on Mueller and FBI Open New Rift in GOP." Ny Times
*12/23/17: Trump Vows to Kill 50 Yrs of US Health and Safety Protections. "Were're getting back below the 1960 level." -- ALTERNET
*12/21/17: How Plutocracy works: 66% Oppose the new Tax Plan; but will suffer it. -- LS

*12/25/17: "HAPPY HOLIDAYS Trumpites: You've Screwed Democracy, Earth-Life and Humanity. Cold Hearts get One Year only!" -- The Peoples of the Living Earth.
*12/16/17: Pew- Monmouth poll: Trump 32% approval. FiveThirtyEight (all adults only) 35%.
*12/15/17: An unpopular Tax bill (only 1 / 3 approve) seals tight Trump's doom. His hardcore
base is still in decline." -- LS
*12/15/17: "If Trump Fires Mueller, We Must Impeach." -- The Nation
*12/13: Trump's ally Roger Stone fortells doom:.. Its painfully obvious Mueller will charge Trump. -- Newsweek
*12/13/17: Without 'good cause', Rosenstien would refuse to fire Mueller. -- Fox News
*12/11/17: "Republicans are getting set to cry "Fake Investigation! Whatever it takes 
to keep Them and Trump in Power. Our Party OVER the People! Democracy ends HERE
(What's left of it after 45 yrs of rising Plutocracy.)" -- L.S. Heatherly
*12/10/17: "Inside Trump's Hour-by-Hour Battle for Self-Preservation" -- NY Times
*12/10/17: "Nikki Haley Says Women Who Accuse Trump of Misconduct 'Should Be Heard'"
-- NY Times
*12/7/17: ..Flynn plea makes it difficult for Trump [to fire] Mueller...[would look like] a coverup..sparking a constitutional the Saturday Night Massacre [by] Nixon."-- Bloomberg Businessweek
*12/7/17: Coverup becomes stonewall. "Trump Jr declines questions on Russia related conversation with Father." -- Time *12/1/17: "Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying to FBI..Will Cooperate with Russia Inquiry." -- NYTimes
*11/30/17: "Trump's Tax Plan is almost as great a hoax as the Trump Presidency itself." -- L.S. Heatherly
*/11/29/17: "It started as a Tax Plan..with false claims.. now it could change American Life [reduce democratic fairness, brotherhood, US Constitution and Humanity's Golden Rule. ]." -- NY Times
*11/28/17: "..Huck.. Sanders is a congenital 'Liar' that spews 'Horse Shit' for Trump." 
-- Newsweek 
"Ayn Rand made it smart to be greedy! Her 'single absolute' was greedy selfishness! Witness Trump, his Gang; and Comey's self-serving, Trump-serving toss of USA and Humanity into a salad of the selves. They wouldn't know a sociocultural chunk of meat, fish or chicken if they saw it! Seeing only the I and the financially expedient incorporations of the elite We's of that Iness, that Meism"  
"Trumpians hope his version of 5000 yr-old empirism (witness admired Putinism) can defeat infant American democracy."-- L.S. Heatherly
*11/28/17: "Flynn's lawyer meets special council's team, raising specter of plea deal." *11/22/17: Mueller has sights on Kremlin's Favorite Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, over his Russian ties...has intersected with Trumpworld at critical points." -- Vanity Fair
*11/22/17: Justice Dept. Investigator's Are Circling Jared Kushner." -- Vanity Fair
*11/21/17: "Kushner Worried Mueller Will 'Get' Trump.'" -- Vanity Fair, and TheHill
*11/21/17: Mueller Probes Kushner's Contacts with Foriegn Leaders." --WSJ
11/20/17: "..this seems to me like..[Mueller] is just getting started." -- Randall Eliason, Law at
George Washington University, -- Washington Post
*11/18/17: "Mueller Issues Grand Jury Subpoenas for Trump's Campaign Documents" --MSNBC
*11/14/17: Six House Dems introduce articles of impeachment. -- The Hill
*11/13/17: The Secret Correspondence between D. Trump Jr and WikiLeaks." --The Atlantic
That same day: "Nothing Could be Further from the Truth." -- Mike Pense -- R Maddox

*11/12/17: "Trump is being 'played' by Russia's ..Putin. -- Ex- US intelligence chiefs" -- USA Today "Oh really! Putin easily knows Trump wants to BE what Putin IS: an authoritarian ruler! So, of course, Putin plays Trump like a fiddle! If Trump stays, the entertainment addiction-ethos wins as the highest value! Our Innate compassions, goodness, the golden rule: defeated by programmed addictions!

Trump is addicted to himself; citizens of the US et al. are addicted to entertainment-media per se. Hence, Global Corporations Rule Earth-life and Peoples! Love, peace, fairness, freedom: mere brief flashes in long, dark times of civilizaton's oppression of humanity and Earth-life. 
All is glorified by Corporate pen, media-tech, industry: artificial pleasures. 
Rank-Individualism kills family, community, Earth-life, and Humanity! Thusly, 
sociocultural, global addictions emerge to support individualism- Idolatry's power. -- LSH

*11/11/17: McCain slams trump over siding with Putin on Russia meddling." --CNN
*11/10/17: Mueller has enough on Flynn and son for an Arrest. -- Wall St Journald
*11/6/17: Howard Dean: "..likely.. Kushner will be indicted for money laundering...eventually the Flynns are going to plead guilty.. or cooperate for leniency.. next.. the Trump family itself.."
*/11/5/17: Trump approval at new low, 37%, lowest of post war era. 
-- CNN and Washington Post-ABC poll
*11/3/17: Donna Brazile; "#NeverSaidHillaryRiggedElection" -- Twitter
*11/4/17: "A source under {Mueller's] Russia investigation: "It's everyman for himself." -- CBS
*11/1/17: 'You Can't Go Any Lower': Trump is Apoplectic: Inside White House As [staff] Allies Fear Impeachment ..Trump at 30%, Gallup...can't go lower, He's Screwed." --
*10/31/17: Manafort and Gates confined by Court to home..tied to Russia in 2016 Campaign."
-- Rachel Maddox, YouTube
*10/31/17: Trump and allies are laying the groundwork for a Saturday Night Massacre." 
-- Washington Post
*9/30/17: Former Trump aide, Papadopoulos, pleads guilty to lying to FBI agents in Mueller Probe."
..."Papadopoulos offered to broker Putin Meeting during Trump Campagn stint." -- LA Times
*9/29/17: Schiff: Trump's Pardon Power Can't obstruct Mueller's probe." --NY Post
*9/29/17: Trump's Approval Drops to Record Low 38%..." -- NBC- Wall Street Jr Poll
*9/23/17: Trump Impeacment Efforts From Local Governments Are On The Rise." -- Newsweek
*9/20/17: "Why Obama and Bush synchronised attacks on Trump matter." --
*9/15/17: "Mike Pense Up to his Neck in Russia Scandal, loosing press secretary." -- MSNBC
*9/11/17: "Trump issues direct threat to the media." "Disgusting .. that the press can write anything it wants to write." -- CNN This is the stuff that dictators say!" "He is a long-time dreamer-- of being a dictator." LSH
*9/11/17: "I hate everyone in the White House" Trump advisers fear Trump is "UNRAVELING".
-- Vanity Fair *10/9/17: White House Expert: "Donald Trump Isn't Coming Out of Surgery. -- MSNBC
*10/9/17: Presidential loyalist: "Trump Presidency could be doomed." -- MSNBC*10/8/17: Trump... issues hard-line immigration principles, threatening 'dreamers'". -- Washington Post
*10/8/17: Bob Corker: "Trump's Recklessness Theatens World War III." -- NY Times
*10/5/17; Trump IS FAILING and White House is Covering It Up with Lies." -- Washington Post
*10/4/17: Tillerson calls news conference..then does NOT deny he called Trump a Moron. -- NBC
*10/1/17: "Though Out Of Power, Democrats are Winning the fight Pelosi Says." Ny Times
*9/29/17: Trump's Deadly Narcissism: .."can't ..focus on people's needs, even when that is the
core of his job... hundreds if not thousands die.." - Paul Krugman, NY Times
*9/28/17: "52% wish Obama was still president; 41% prefer Trump! Pub Policy Poll - Newsweek
*9/28/17: Quinnipiac University Poll: Trump Approval 32% Disapproval 62%
*9/25/17: "Ivanka Trump and 5 White House Top aids have used Private email for WH Business."
-- Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'donnelll
*9/24/17: Carl Bernstein: Russia Investigators are Closing In." ..Russia was deadly effective-- CNN
*9/24/17 Kim Jong Un Winning Verbal Spar withTrump: "Mentally Deranged US Dotard" 
*109/24/17: Trump's "North Korea won't be around much longer." is PROOF of Trump's mental imbalance. This statement alone is grounds for impeachment! Trump: "I love war." *9/19/17: Manafort Subject of 2 FISA Warrants." -- Rachel Maddox
*9/13/17: Hillary Clinton: "Absent that [Comey's 10/28/16 letter] I think the evidence shows I would have won." -- Today
*9/18/17: "Clinton Opens Door to questioning Legitimacy of 2016 Election." CNN *9/14/17: Hillary Clinton: "Russia story "Probably Bigger than Watergate." Anderson Cooper
*9/14/17; The Base will leave him.." [for deals with Democrats]. --Rep Steve King, Rep Iowa *9/13/17: "New revelations deepen NSA Mike Flynn Legal Jeopardy." -- Rachel Maddow MSNBC
*9/12/17: Trump exposed for lie About ..Business partner [in] Russia Deal." -- Rachel Maddow
*9/8/17: Mueller closes in on Trump's inner circle,..6 former and present staffers.." MSNBC
*9/6/17: "After months of denial, Facebook admits Russia-Tied Election Ad Buy." MSNBC
*9/3/17: With this screed, we have the VP, Pense, Rod Rosenstein and others involved in obstruction of justice. -- Jennifer Rubin, MSNBC
*9/3/17: "Twelve times Trump aids denied collusion with Russia." - CNN The Liar attracts others.
*8/31/17: "Mueller and NY AG working together on Manafort Probe" -- MSNBC
*8/27/17: "Trump.. sought a Trump tower in Moscow while he ran for President." CNBC
*8/25/17; Trump will resign before year's end [as in] "Nixon's Last Days'
*8/25/17: Trump will resign quicker than we think." -- Keith Oberman, GQ
*8/25/17 "Trump approval rating reaches new low at 35%" -- Newsweek
*8/25/17: "Mitch McConnell doubts that Trump can save his Presidency" -- NYTimes
* 8/23/17: James Clapper; "this makes a scripted speech, which is
good; then turns around and negates it... is very disturbing." Thesis+antithesis = nothing.
There's not much in his head but narcissism and lies seeking money and authoritarian power.
*8//23/17: Tenn Republcan Sen. Corker: "Trump ..not able to demonstrate stability, nor..needed competence..nor understands the character of this nation."
*8/23/17: House Speaker Ryan warns Trump not to shut down the Gov over border funding..
Senate minority Leader Schumer warns Trump...[on the same issue.] " CNN
*8/17/17: "Instead of a 'Soul" Trump has an open sore." -- Bill Moyers
*8/17/17: Another Congressman, Cohen, introduces Articles of Impeachment.
*8/17/17: Trump must be isolated. Resistance everyday. The end is near,
but must keep pressure high." -- Tony Schartz (Lawrence O'Donnell on Youtube)
*8/17/17: "Trump's presidency is effectively over..likely will resign by fall if not sooner." Tony Schartz
*8/17/17: "circle is closing with blinding speed, Trump is going to resign before Mueller and congress leave him no choice." Tony Schartz

*Update 8/9/17: "Enough with the politics; Congress needs to impeach Trump before he causes a nuclear war." -- Nate Lerner @NathanLerner
*Update 8/7/17: "Trump Has Elevated the art of fabrication." NY Times It is the chief
attribute of Trump's Presidency and of his lifelong career as conman.
*Update 8/7/17: Trump won [presidency] because he whines." --Charles Blow, NY Times
*Update 8/7/17: "As Mueller closes in, Trump prepares his base for the worst."
-- Washington Post
*Update 8/3/17: first week as President to Australian Prime Minister: "I am the
World's greatest person.." Judy Woodruff on PBS NewsHour
*Update 8/3/17: Mueller convenes a grand jury on Russia Probe...began its work weeks ago.." -- Rueters
*Update: 8/1/17Trump now directly implicated in trying to cover-up the Russian 
scandal." -- Washington Post

May 22, 2017

Trump, a LOSER, WILL Resign! Clinton's Lasting WIN! (54 Updates)

and DO IT FAST," -- A Stream of Cons and LIES! Only Trump,! Now starring
as "The BIGGEST LOSER in Presidential History! 

FROM Previous Post I. (11/9/2016): CLINTON'S Loss DUE TO Comey's and Russia's Illegal Election Interference!
CLINTON'S Lasting Win: Trump's ILLUSION of Presidential Legitimacy
COMEY "distributed MISLEADING info to [illegally] affect an election outcome."
-- Wikipedia on Illegal Elections
If inaugurated, TRUMP will serve as an ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT!

(photo by) Dustin Rowles,

Comey is 6ft 8in tall; all his adult life, he's been the tallest man in any room.
When the spotlight swung upon the last 2 weeks of the 2016 election; it was a 
a once in a lifetime thrust: oppose Clinton and be in an Historical Spotlight! 
Hence, he violated FBI Policy and Election law by "distributing misleading info
to affect the outcome of an election."(Wikipedia below)) To GET INTO that light! 
For the sake of democracy, fairness and the USA, he needs to be taken down 
into the shadows of history, shown as a small, selfish, shady person.

(For Post I. : "CLINTON'S Lasting WIN: Trump's Impeachment," See Nov 9,
2016 -- Dec. 23, 2016 POST (with 63 UPDATES)

*UPDATE 8/17/17: Trump must be isolated. Resistance everyday. The end is near,
but must keep pressure high." -- Tony Schartz
*UPDATE 8/17/17: "Trump's presidency is effectively over..likely will resign by fall if not sooner." Tony Schartz
*UPDATE 8/16/17: "circle is closing with blinding speed, Trump is going to resign before Mueller and congress leave him no choice." Tony Schartz
*Update 8/9/17: "Enough with the politics; Congress needs to impeach Trump before he causes a nuclear war." -- Nate Lerner @NathanLerner
*Update 8/7/17: "Trump Has Elevated the art of fabrication." NY Times It is the chief
attribute of Trump's Presidency and of his lifelong career as conman.
*Update 8/7/17: Trump won [presidency] because he whines." --Charles Blow, NY Times
*Update 8/7/17: "As Mueller closes in, Trump prepares his base for the worst."
-- Washington Post
*Update 8/3/17: first week as President to Australian Prime Minister: "I am the
World's greatest person.." Judy Woodruff on PBS NewsHour
*Update 8/3/17: Mueller convenes a grand jury on Russia Probe...begans its work weeks ago.." -- Rueters
*Update: 8/1/17Trump now directly implicated in trying to cover-up the Russian 
scandal." -- Washington Post
*Update 8/1/17: Trump extols [unprecedented} corporate profits, while seeking
corp tax cuts."-- Rueters
*Update: 8/1/17 "Trump's greatest nightmare: Russia and China's new found friendship." -- CNN
*Update: "Mark this date, 7/28/17, Donald Trump is now a lame-duck president." 
-- Washington Post Getting things done FAST: failures, losses, greedy profits!
*Update 7/27/17: "Lindsey Graham: Firing Mueller could be 'beginning of the end
of the Trump Presidency.'" --Huffington Post
*Update 7/2717: A year ago Trump publicly asked Russia to intervene: "Russia, if you're listening, hope you ... can find [Clinton's] 30,000 ..missing emails." --Huffington Post
*Update 7/27/17: Scaramucci, new WH Comm Director ..on an unhinged rant at Bannon
and WH Chief of Staff, R. Pribus." --Huffington Post
*Update 7-22/17: Obstruction, collusion, foreign profits, et al; Trump considers
pardoning himself and aids! Unprecedented Trump BS continues to grow!
*Update 7/1817: 2 votes against + 2 more = Trump LOSES fight to replace ACA.
*Update 7/16/17: "Trump probably will RESIGN over a constitutional crisis caused by by his son-in-law and son.." --Philip Bobbott, a top Law Professor in the world 
and at U of Columbia; "Pense appears to have been a part..
multiple resignations?" the Standard
*Update 7/14/17: ABC/Washington Post poll: Trump's approval Falls to 36%
*Update: 7/14/17: Trump Jr, Kushner, Manafort could potentially be charged as
complicit in espionage... The Law was violated." More: "The Republicans have beccome enablers of the Trump-Russia assault on our democracy." -- N Pelosi
*Update 7/14/17: Odds reach 60% that Trump will be impeached by House and Senate before his 4 year term is out. -- Newsweek
*Update 7/14/17: "Pelosi Vows to Expose Gop on Enabling Russia." -- CNN
*Update 7/12/17: "Trump Jr emails with Russia the last straw.. we need an independent bipartisan commission to protect our democracy." -- USA Today
*Update 7/11/17 : All along, the truth was right there in the emails -- Donald Trump
Jr's... what the president ..and others..dening for a year...that top Trump people
had met with Russians.. expecting help.. to damage Clinton and get Trump elected.
-- Ny Times Trump Jr's "I love it (Hilary incrimination)." entails I want it! Intent 
proven!!! Russian connection proven!! (After all 17 US Intel agencies held in 12/16.)
*Update 7/11/17: Trump Jr's emails point to willingness to deal with the Russians to
defeat Clinton." -- Washington Post
*Update 7/11/17: Emails show Trump Jr was aware Russia was working to help
Trump Campaign." -- NPR
*Update 7/9/17: Trump's Son Met with Russian Lawyer.. after being promised
damaging [pre election] info on Clinton" -- NY Times
*Update 6/29/17: Trump-GOP Health Care exposed: little hearts INTENT on making the super rich even RICHER still! The working class and the poor, even poorer!
*Update 6/28/17: Independent voters sour on Trump's handling of the economy 
-- PBS News Hour
*Update 6/26/17: A Majority of American's would give up alcohol to see Trump get
impeached -- Newsweek
*Update 6/26/17: US falls in world approval under Trump." -- Washington Post
*UPDATE 6/17/17: "Trump is an outlaw President who wants to stop this investigation.." -- Carl Berstein, Watergate Reporter, CNN Live*UPDATE 6/16/17: [Trump] thinks the rile of law doesn't apply to him..; that's undemocratic ..and a blatant violation of his oath of office. -- Sen Feinstein
*UPDATE 6-14/17: Special Counsel, Mueller, now investigating Trump for
 "obstruction of justice". -- Washington Post
*Update 6/14/17: Attorneys General of Maryland and District of Columbia and 
nearly 200 Democratic members Congress sue Trump over his business 
profits from Foreign countries. -- NYTimes et al
*Update 6/8/17: What investigators FAILED to ask Comey: " When you violated
FBI policy 11 days before the 2016 election, you implicitly said the policy was a
a policy of concealment. If you really believed that, you would have suggested
a change in policy. You made no such attempt; THEREFORE, your "concealment" 
defense was a RUSE, an excuse, to get you into the election spotlight!
*Update 5/30/17: Probe hits Trump's Lawyer! Kushner! And Comey's secrets!
*UPDATE 5/27/17: Trump Ends Trip.. at Odds With Allies and Grilled on 
Russia." -- NYTimes Kushner once attempted secret channel with Russia.
*UPDATE 5/24/17: Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law: " info that Comey was
influenced by Russian docs to criticize Clinton (6/2016).. he's looking worse 
and worse and worse every day"... Congress and the people need to know.
*UPDATE 5/24/17: Trump's Base Shrinking-- strong approval drops from 
(Feb) 30% to 21-22% (Present). -- FiveThirtyEight
*UPDATE 5/24/17: Trump Budget [cuts] help for low income people ..BUT
enormous TAX CUT for the rich. -- Washington Post
*UPDATE 5/22/17: Trump's approval drops 4 points."-- the Hill "Trump's 
approval lowest since inauguration." -- AOL .com
*UPDATE 5/21/17: John McCain: "Trump Scandals have reached a Watergate 
size and scale." -- MSNBC Live
*UPDATE 5/19/17: Art of the Deal Ghostwriter, T Schwarts: "Trump
likely to resign soon rather than 'lose'" -- The Hill
*UPDATE 5/19/17: White House Lawyers research impeachment process."
-- PBS News Hour, Newsweek, NY Daily News
*UPDATE 5/14/17: "Trump Must Be Impeached... Congress [needs] an 
impeachment investigation on Trump for obstruction of justice."
-- Dr Lawrence Tribe, Harvard Law Professor

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