Nov 30, 2014

Garden of Being

            By  L.S. Heatherly
(dedicated to past Gardeners)

Unchased, now, one woman,
Unpursueing, now, one man,
Untilled, now, one garden.

One soul, believing no time is free,
Making its ancient rounds, diligently.
Yet, leaving more stones unturned.

One being, one citizen, of Earth's soil,
On watch over soil-life, sans toil,
Recovers something so faithfully earned:

Human culture-sproutings from Earth,
Once, our fate! An innate part of us;
Now, recovered birthright! So just!

Children, family, working, playing,
Rediscover their relatings in the maze
Of plant, blood, and human ways.

Yea, once -- before History's conquests --
Embraced, passed, equally, to all;
O vital part: of human being's call!

Fingers touch soil, water and air of Earth,
Souls' clutch growth, from seeds of their birth.

Copyright 2014   L.S. Heatherly

Sep 30, 2014

The Road Retaken

                    By L.S. Heatherly

How long this trace of road has wandered,
Dying, now, from lack of human reasons,
From sieges of growth, burrowings and seasons,
Is what the human mind first ponders.

And what became of the dream abandoned,
That rebelled, and took this path to somewhere,
Hoping for no trace of someone else having been,
For chance at grasping deeper self now here remanded?

And how long this dreamer's dream:
The resprouting of a life and soul?
How much of one being's lost ground retaken?
Is what the heart would have the mind could know.

from CH XI, Think Verse, Soul Lines, Ecopoetry
Copyright 2002 and 2009 L.S. Heatherly

Aug 31, 2014

Why Poets Write

           by    L.S. Heatherly

They say a picture's worth a thousand words.
If so; then why do poets write?

Do techno shots on paper, in movie, or Iphone screen
Lack what science and art imply they mean?

Is this magic show a seduction without end
To hide some lies on which we now depend?

Does the poet's eye of spirit-mind
Refute the eye of science-gadget mind?

Does this condensation of our speech
Reveal some truths that science cannot reach?

Will the poet eye rise-up to defy
The rampage-minds illusion that Picture's don't lie. ?

Will the spirit-eye go blind,
From the techno-eye, so prettily unkind?

from "CH XI: Think Verse, Soul Lines, Ecopoetry"
in the book, The LAST HUMAN SPRING PB, HB, and EBook
Copyright 2002 -- 2009 L.S. Heatherly

Jul 29, 2014

Billionaire, Nick Hanauer on Plutocracy

(quotes from a Paul Solomon interview, PBS News Hour, 7-28-14)

Nick Hanauer, billionaire, venture capitalist:

"A fundamental law of capitalism is, if workers don't have enough
money[, businesses, [then] don't have enough customers... "

"the average age of fast food workers is 28 years-old, earning poverty
wages; and tax payers have to make up the difference-- in the form of
more food stamps, medicaid and rent assistance."

"Ceo pay went up 1000% in the last 20 years [or something like that (30 yrs)],
and worker pay went up 5.7 %."

"this ridiculous idea that a worker on Wallstreet, securitizing imaginary assets,
or doing high-frequency trading, is worth 1000 times more than an
educator teaching our children, a worker growing our food, or workers
throwing themselves in harms way, [this huge gap in the valuation of
workers in poverty and super-rich workers] is nonsense.!"

Hanauer calls his view "middle-out" as oppsed to "trickle down" or
"bottom up" economics.

"We have run a 30-year experiment in what happens to an economy
when you structure it to benefit the few, at the expense of the many.
And I would argue that for most people that experiment hasn't gone
very well....

"Its simply nuts that we have allowed this [Plutocracy] to happen.!"

What a relief, what balm, to hear Hanauer and a small minority of
degreed experts come around to what Yours Truly has been thinking
for over 40 years!

L.S. Heatherly  2014  Creative Commons

Jun 30, 2014

Earth's Natural Human Society

Within the ecovillages (those surviving today or millenia ago),
the Earth-person, family and community live in an intimate
relationship, in a triecologic, organismic, psycho-social-
ontological-ecological union. This, in turn, is in an intimate
union within Earth's ecosphere.

Sharing rules as a lifeway and culture. People know what each
other are feeling and thinking, with less need for speaking.
There are no people digitally talking or digitally writing on screens.
People are in each others presence, on location in an Earth-
village or camp.  Its the realest, longest-running play of humanity.

'Civilization' fragments, adulterates, and alienizes this unity of
ecological, natural human being. Civilization fosters an
unprecedented intimacy inward -- the personal bio-ego-
self with itself, with other egoselves, as well as artificial
objects and phenomena-- while disrupting the other
intimacies with family, community, and local ecosystem.

The balance of all four of these Earth-human entities-
phenomena is essential to the growth, fulfillment, and
perpetuation of human life, spirit, society and soul.

It is from this disruption and destruction of long-running,
human intimacies, loves, carings, nurturings, fulfillments,
and bequeathments that 'civilization is found to be dis-
credited, illegitimate, and transgressive.

It is this revelation (as part of a deep human revelation)
exposing 'civilization's' disruption and dysfunction of
natural, Earth-human evolved (natural) mind, heart, soul,
human being, society, all living nature and their relationships,
that frees our human life-being force away from historical,
life-force (which has violated, divorced and seperated
from our human being-force) to rebond to Earth's living
nature's life-being force and its(hers) patiently evolved
(naturally selected, ecological world (field) of balanced,
harmonious, living beings.

It is, simply, to be with Earth's living beings; or not to be.
To be an Earthly, human being; or be an artificial, invasive,
quasi, un-belonging, alienized, cyborg-being.

(edited from CH I of The Last Human Spring 2002, 2009)
All rights reserved

May 18, 2014

Margaret Velma Arellano

     (pic: Margaret N of Phx)    Page first posted in mid 2011.

Margaret V. Arellano was born March 6th, 1956 in S.E. Phoenix AZ to Manual
and Mary (Medina) Arellano. Her father. Manuel, was from Texas; Mary (or her parents), also, from Texas. She had about 8 sisters and 2 brothers; all were raised speaking both Spanish and English.

Falling off a teeter-totter at age 8, resulted in life-long epilepsy.
Her attempts to hold a job following 3 years of college were dashed by this
primary affliction.

With her older sisters all married, she tried marriage four times, encompassing
about a total of four-five years of married life altogether. Spurred partly by step-
father problems, Margaret briefly married a Native American man while still
attending high school. Her three subsequent, brief husbands were white.

Bubbling over with delight, Margaret came prancing across the hospital ward
floor to meet Heatherly, on or about, July 1st 1981. (She and all but one of
her sisters favored white boys.) They both were quite smitten by the meeting.
She was released after 3 days; but he located her thru an old phone number
about a year later. Following about 3 weekly visits to her apartment, he took
a studio apartment next to her one bedroom. LS and Margaret attempted
a romantic relationship that LS left fully unconsummated for over 15 years. Factors were her marriages, 2 lingering old flames, old buddies, her nature as a tomboy, as well as Heatherly's marriage to his mission for humanity. 

While living briefly in adjacent apartments, she was fresh out of a marriage,
and marriage minded;  while LS, simply, sought her as a long-term, girlfriend
and sister-cousin largely missing in his childhood and adulthood development. After two months mixed with needed growth, fulfillment, as well as, frustration;
he told her that their special, beautiful friendship should be saved and
cherished. And to that end, he would revert back to visiting her weekly instead
of daily. He very quickly became her confidant. LS had become quickly popular with some of her family, attending family parties about once per month (siblings included an editor, lawyer, counselor, small business owner, police officer, He attended a family softball game and was by acclamation, appointed pitcher owing to his accurate pitching of hit-able balls over the plate. They called him "scoop": having the scoop on any subject!

Margaret was puzzled and frustrated by his reserve toward her; but he had grown up without a sister; hence, that was his nature with women-- he was slow with women and was never to move in with one.

She was short on communication skills. Two sisters told her: "He loves
you!". Heatherly's anthropological, psychological, sociocultural,
philosophical mind and heart had long needed affection, for and from,
a unique, special, girl like her. She added to his regeneration after earlier months
of decline in his general health and well-being. She, as well, strengthened
the ongoing, psychological-spiritual-ontological-ecological-philosophical
pathway of one original, maverick's deep, wide Earthly soul on a
"ground-breaking" literary mission for humankind's well-being and
humanity's conservation and restoration. Her heart, and soul had their
reasons, as well, for their special friendship. She sent some 90-100 cards and notes the first 7-8 years! These served as memory re-runs for LS after she was gone; along with 200 other memories.

Earnestly, LS plunged into probing and discovering the natures of this
unique young woman's mind, heart, life-world, development and soul.
Many times after the 1st year, he said "I could write a book about
this unique, struggling, triumphant, beautiful, female soul midst the
chaos called "the greatest nation on Earth."(updated description of her)
But he was carrying a long gestating book, now appoaching term.
It is no exaggeration to say that her entrance into his heart and
self-life-world (acknowledged in his book) was one key relationship
of midwifery for the deliverance of his major work, The Last Human

After about 9 months, their housing units went up for sale.
Whereupon, LS located an apartment she liked and helped her
make the move; as well as four other times in her life. Like close
cousins, (sometimes sweethearts), they continued their special friendship based on errands in his old cars and various outings once every 3 weeks for many years. Later on, 6 -12 times per year. On the fly, he took many more
pics of her than anyone in his life. The early part of this 23 year
period, entailed her last 2 brief marriages. She was a bus person;
LS a good, old car-person. Of Heatherly's few girlfriends in life
Margaret was the rooted, deepest and longest in his heart and soul.
Both he and her were not the marrying kind; and after her marriages, she
came to accept this about her life as innate with her handicaps.
Pics are worth 1000s of words ; (top) LS and Margaret 1993 at West Clear Creek; (mid-left): Margaret at sisters's Wedding age 12?; (lower left: Margaret glows in AZ Desert Sunset 1989; (mid right) : N. Phx in Starlight-- eyes for LS! 1988! (bottom right): Margaret in cut offs at W. Clear Creek 2001!


May 2, 2014

Yes Virginia! Youth, Age, Heart, Time and Home!

                         By  L. S. Heatherly

Going back, and getting down to Earth-- our life within Her Life!

Calendar time is not the fullest measure of how old we are.
This tells us our age as measured by the mostly life-less solar system's measure!

We live on Earth, within Her systems! Not within the life-less solar system.
Calendars don't tell us the measure of a particular human being's
Length of time within Earth's living human being!

A mere measure of youth and age as Earth-solar cycles!
The truest measure is human being's passage through life and love!

Our passage is within Earth-life's eco-organismic,  field of living beings--
Within a particular family, community and particular, human socio-culture.

Beyond the solar system's measure of our age--
How many trips around the Sun we have experienced--
We each have biological age, psychological, social, and spirit-ontological age.

Our bio age is how well our dying cells have been replaced with new cells.
Our psychological age is how well our mental and emotional needs have been fulfilled.
Our social age is how well our social, developmental needs have been fulfilled.
Our spiritual-ontological age is how well our heart-soul needs have been fulfilled.

People die from two primary deficiencies:
Of full, rich blood to the organs,
And of full, rich love to our eco-social, and  heart-soul relationships.

Our age-- of persons, and, of our human species,
Is a family-community, living Earth-love thing!
Ah, beyond history's serial, greedy flings!

Yes, Virginia, there is a true, human heart, age,
Time, being, place and home of which to sing!
Squandered, now,  we have little left of precious these.

Copyright 2014  L.S. Heatherly

Mar 24, 2014

Visions of Love Over Blind Power

Love is blind to the single soul possessed;
Blind to  one mind-body's selfishness.

Love is our wider, deeper vision -- blessed
By, and for, the Earth-human, village nest.

Love grows fruits of love as highest wealth:
Our deep panoramic, Earth and human self!

Love nurtures all humanness and Earthlyness--
unfolding, wide, as the soul's deepest quest;

Love nourishes the manifold joys of humanity:
Not what's bought, stolen, and possessed by insanity;

Sans the greedy, selfishness of persons and elites;
Sans all the Ages and millenia of recycled fights.

Love springs forth the flowerings and fruitings
Of whole human self's, community-soul's choosings.

Ask not for whom Love may ever flower.
Peoples seek Love's seeds and friuts as showers.

Into the winds and soils of the soul,
Love sows Her joys as hearth against the cold!

Ask not why Love's visions still grow in thee;
Such does portend all hearts know being free!

Copyright 2014  L.S. Heatherly

Feb 4, 2014

Free Play of Life

Listen, closely, to chirps and songs of birds;
To howls and moans of gathered worlves;
To suckling babes, and romping toddler kids.

Watch, closely; all freedom unfolds in spontaneity.
Growing Love is the one, and only, deity!

Here, on Life's love-play grounds;
Love flashes within Living Nature's bounds!

Feel, Earth-Human-Life-Love grow connected!
Artificial law, through this, will be rejected!

Spontaneity! Life and Love spring!
Here, inter-springing, are Spirits inter-singing!

Mourn this bliss, now, mis-decaying away.
Study, the hitch and glitch of high-tech play.

Study, our Life and Heart away!
Love's blueprints; are being s-mattered away!

Copyright L.S. Heatherly 2014