Jan 28, 2010

Zeitgeists, J. D. Salinger and Literature

By L. S. Heatherly

Nearly all this nonfiction Author, blogging here, knows,
of Salinger and his works is from the following:

Just saw (on PBS News Hour) an Author of 20 books and one other
literary fellow's comments on Salinger's death at age ninety-one.

In part:
60 million books sold; many as required reading for decades; now
mostly in high schools; took a swipe at David Copperfield in first
paragraph of Catcher in The Rye; nothing since age 45; loved
writing but hated publishing and public spotlight; represented
disaffected youth; but said: "here's the truth anyway."

The last three apply to Yours Truly; excepting a deep obligation
and need to reach one soul's revolutionary zenith, one soul's
breakthrough-level of thought, before writing the thoughts
and the message, "here's the truth anyway," to the people --
keeping it on the walls of the mind, till thought reached its
zenith-plateau, reached its vision of humanity cradled within
all Earth-life. A longer journey to travel, a more distant
destination. It was always, and remains for any authentic,
human, revolutionary vision, the pathway of thought into
enlightenment and revelation; not thinking itself; not the bits
and pieces of truth, the shards; and not writing itself.

He lived a private life in a small house since age forty-five.

One fellow said: Salinger "found a zeitgeist" a voice for many youth
of his time. The Last Human Spring was in search of some sort of
zeitgeist: but one for a humanity moving, increasingly, into
endangerment; while knowing full well humanity has long
been, and is, too lost to hear its thoughts and vision in our Time,
and, likely, in any Age to come. But, still, the truth counts;
disregarding its reception: inspite of its very slight chance of
being received but by a few. Thus, being slightly akin to
Salinger: ... .... Human Spring says "here's the truth anyway."

Countings of Truth

Truth counts for something: as long as there is another human
being receiving the light and warmth of Living Nature's original,
human words of truth and love;

Truth even counts for something; as long
as a family of self-conscious chimps or bonobos speak
prehuman speech, exchanging and sharing the bliss
and glory Earth-life has created.

Self-conscious Truth not only counts; it is everything.
It is all that has ever been; or ever will be.

Lacking this Truth, this Reality;
all else is lifeless matter or reptilian
snap of jaws, digestion, absorbtion, excretion.

All else waits in a cold universe
for Meaning to emerge in Life;

waits for the spark, for the fire,
for the warmth and the light;

waits for the only experience of purpose,
verified and fossilized by trails,

by paths of Time, Being and Earth-life --
into purpose, we emerge to know as Love.

***** ***** *****

All of history's authors, scholars, poets, songwriters, filmmakers,
theologians, preachers, et., al., have failed the main task, and the
rightful duty, of knowledge and literature: to save civilization
from its fallen self: to redeem it, albeit, partially.

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