Jan 13, 2013

Soul Songs: Humanity Retaken

Taking root, a song again long-stirs,
Freeing up souls of songsters;

Patient is the waiting spirit's hold
On universal, human heart and soul:

These songs, by nature's knowing of what's just,
Sprout from shared humanity deep within us.

Soul songs, deeper than personality, ego, career;
Wider than ethnocentricity and all fetters
Of nations, industries and language- letters.

Listen! Beyond the many ways love hardens,
Songwriters seed soul songs
Outside the annual, commercial song-gardens!

Sprouting sounds from heart's perennial ground,
Ringing out the universal, song-garden,
Singing shared humanity, unbound.

In the end, alone, one call is there:
To share or not to share,
To sing the soul
Or enter-tain a show,
To free or not to free--
To be or not to be.

Copyright L.S. Heatherly 2013