Jun 23, 2012

Songs and Singers: Ego's Royalties and Empires

The singer's ego and personality, along with voice, unite in an artistry
of artificials, overriding and burying the common, sharing human soul. 
Songsters and music are left to excavate fleeting embraces of the human soul,
originally, freely shared within the whole self of  family-communty-ecovillage.

Words, words, words; music, music, music! What artificial inequities have been
seductively created via ego-self, industry and commerce! All part of an escalating
destruction of Earth's natural, free-flowing humanity!

The growing of one Modern Royalty! Performer/artist's royalties are not called
royal-ties for naught. Democracy has been programmed into the glorification
of personal empires of power and opulence.

The bancruptcy of civilization is seen, for one, when its songs are of the
individuals desire's and loves; when the heart is centered in selfish, personal,
affairs/matters of the heart and material gains to the body's life. Human family,
community and soul are abducted. These siren songs stealthily help carry humankind
onto the endangered species list.

Gone, long-ago, are natural, human song and music-- millenia-old! Once, Humanity's
indigenous, natural, authentic songs and music were central to village ceremonies,
celebrations, spiritual requests, thankfulness, inclusiveness and unity! Natural songs
express, manifest and sustain village, tribe, family, birth, death, puberty, marriage,
hunting, fishing, rain, harvests, harmony. Ultimately, songs must represent the innate,
ecological-ontological-spiritual sacredality found in Earth's humanity. Instead, they
increasingly center on the wealthy one percent's reception of time, money and
idolatry from the oppressed masses.

The story of songs and singers in the Modern Age is the story of the
artist's ego and voice out-singing the lyrics, out-performing the song, and out-casting
(what little, if any) meaning, message, social value and well-being delivered.

With all high-tech communications, the medium becomes the message.
The medium of television stood out early. But preceding TV, the medium of 
ego and personality, bonded in marriage, was and remains the message. One
measure of a great song is how it, nonchalantly, outlasts all singers of it.

An authentic, human song delivers and shares some of the naturally selected,
deposited, layered and patterned gold and gems of universal, human culture and
soul. These are bequeathed, generation to generation, through eons, of natural
human culture-- families, camps, villages within ecosystem-habitats of Earth.
Todays Modern sci-technics, commercialism, materialism and Plutocratic,
oligarchic empires feeds on the decay and oppression of our human nurturome
(or culturome).

Humanity is a human, sociocultural ecosphere within and part of
Earth-life's ecosystem-habitats. The natural, authentic, human song
excavates lost treasures that have been oppressed and overrun by
civilization socioculture's arrogant enterprises, disenfranchising the people.

These lost, ecological and human purities are recaptued by one, or a few
artists, working away at the real work-- of excaving our lives, beings, cultures
and souls. They dig up and regenerate from 'civil', phoney, elitist constructs
our humanity's full, whole, ecological self-life-world midst Earth-life!

True artists are representative human beings: representing Earth's human
species. A species infected by the invasive, alien violations infected into
humanity by an arrogant one tenth of one percent, vitally assisted by the
entire one percent.

Getting to brass tacks: how can a largely pure and natural act of human sharing:
delivering humanity's recaptued sounds, movements and language; how can this
natural action occur on an artificial, commercial stage, and surrounded by a largely
artificialized, commercialized, dispirited, disheartened, dis-souled audience?

Art often talks the talk of soul. But, its delivery arrives, bearing nearly
nothing of soul, nor natural, common sense and fairness.

Further still, how can the singer and musician pull up from human depths;
then, grasp, maintain, and share human purities of sound, language and human
presence itself; whilst swimming in a sea of diverse toxins created and
defended by a greedy, dominant one tenth of one percent of the people upon
the Earth!

Any redeeming carriage of purity and naturality into the artificial systems
and ideologies of civilization is, merely, illusory. The general reality of
music is hoax, sham, egoism and creative self-rightious elitism. It is a
creative-art empire-kingdom-complex.

It is only by slight of hand, movement, sound, imagination; by slight of
language, light, high techics, fantasy and spectacle, that such illusions and
delusions regularly are disguised as glories of elitist, stratified, oppressive

The democratic spirit represents:
power to the people.
The Modern Artistic spirit represents:
power to the artists diverse, commercial empires.

L.S Heatherly 2012