Apr 24, 2013

Save the Wild? Save the Natural, Human Child!

To save the stream, the sky, the forest tree:
Save the infant child going lost, but once home free.

If children cannot eat? Love ain't served on Culture's table!
If children must now die? We've hit the tab of love: to disable!
Why must we and Earth-life die? We study all; but cease to encradle!

Babe crawls, talks, walks, all in tandem, grow
along the paths that genes turning-ons do show;
and the paths of Mother Nature's nurture-culture means of love.
Dance for rain, Sun, crops, for all outside and sky above;
But first, dance for shoots of primal, spirit-innards-- dance for love!

Stewardship is the scientific substitute for what we've lost,
Natural love of Earth-life, and Her original, true humanity.

In civilization, we learn through mainstream environmentalism, to think
that we are the stewards of the land, of living Earth, even of humanity.
In reality, the opposite is the case, and more.

The Living Earth is far beyond any stewardship of humankind-- She has
created us through the evolution of Life! And She will continue to sustain
us; if we merely renounce and cease our violations of her ecospere's
nurturings, as well as, our violations of our natural, human culture: our
human nurturome, originally, very slowly, selected for us through ions of
humanity's blueprinted map of cultural pathways into
more and more deep-becomings into human beings.

Love is thicker than blood. Blood carries the family through bio-rebirth.
But, there is no anemia of blood so fatal, as loss of love in family-community.
Love deficiency anemia is passed not by genes, but by cycle
of love-deficient culture, the citified, increasing generation to generation.
Our humanity is natural, Earthly-wide-- has no nature to be artificial, citified.

Human beings don't merely grow biologically, into organism-human beings.
They, equally, grow socioculturally into human beings. The new-
born baby is helpless without its sociocultural blueprint for
relationship-born growth. Genome bears forth the brain-body growth;
nurturome(culturome) bears forth the culture-spirit-social-being growth.

Science holds that food+shelter+sexual reproduction+ learning
= human evolution and development. No baby will eat without love!
The proof that love is nurturome-evolution: this is in the pudding not eaten.

Earth-life has created us -- evolved us-- through becomingism.
We can see this, in microcosm, in the fertilized egg's process
of becomings, from zygote into fetus, into embyro, into birth of
a human organism-- baby's crying and reaching out for the baby's
takings in of human being's developmental, relational phenomena.

If some of the new-born baby's developmental nurturome(culturome) is
missing through toxic, pathogenic decay; then, some of human being, in life's
due course, will be missing.

Some four billion years of the evolution of Earth's life is summarized,
and witnessed-- particularly the last 600 million years, the Cambrian
explosion-- in the embryo's process of becoming, thru fish, amphibian,
reptile, and mammal, into becoming a human organism-- becoming
a baby born waiting-- to travel its rightful human pathways, its birthrights,
from human organism into human being, spirit, nature, identity, eco-culture,
reality and humanity's role in Play of Earth-life.

2013  L.S. Heatherly