Jun 19, 2010

Ecocrisis: Earth, Humanity and Childhood Dreams,

...........................................................Dave Martin/Guardian

Beyond Despair

Whence the child that Comes to Be?
Born to live in Land once Free!

There's more in our oceans than oily fish and birds: we float there.
Beyond despair over lost wildlife, occupations and tourism;
Look deep: our violated waters bemoan the Human Condition:


All our pollutions of Earth 
Enter our Human being's,
Gestational, amniotic fluid

Before they enter
The salty, amniotic fluid of Earth,
The origin of all Life.

More debilitating than blindness of the eyes
Is blindness of the soul.

More endangering than mind become blind
Is human culture, blind to sacred water, sky and land;
Blind to birthrights and dreams the human child.

If we cannot see Humanity, cannot see ourselves
As a threatened species, in oil-spill scenes;
We, first and foremost, are blinded by the oil in the water:

Blind to our Earth-place, our Humanity,
To child's becoming Earthly human being. 
To child's bonding to source of Earthly Human Life


Beyond the decimation of Coast and Marine species;
Our humanity within us is becoming decimated.

Before the photos, before our Eco-disasters,
We have become the blind species upon the Earth.

Only Humanity is blinded, in heart and soul, by civilization.

Having created an anti-Nature culture, gradually for millennia;
We, then, disown its Sociocultural excretions, blaming entities,
supposedly "out there in industry and technology"-- outside
Human Will, Being and Soul.

Look within; only we, are the infidels of Earth-life, and, our Humanity.

Only we, are emergent aliens, invading Earth-Human natural treasures.

Human Reality in Polluted Waters

Midst the oil and other debris in polluted waters,
If we cannot discern our grandchildren,
Even our very humanity, in that flotsam and jetsam;
We do not know what Humanity is, nor how and why it is.

L.S. Heatherly All Rights Reserved

Jun 7, 2010

Andrew Jackson, Banks and Economics

By L. S. Heatherly

Old Hickory sprang up as rich, fresh, rings of wood,
growing to stand as a specimen tree, a representative
variety of a young nation's manhood. This tree commanded to
be taken measure of by all in the young surrounding, forest.
Hickory's seed-ideas carried by turbulent Times, blew in upon
all rooted ideas as challenge. His branches clashed against
rivals as hickory sticks striking out toward air, sunlight,
land and freedom to grow: for the legitimate part of natural,
human nature manifested in him, and, in large measure,
represented by his life.
As seen on PBS, "Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil and the
Presidency" recounts the many identities of Andrew
Jackson during an Era named after him. Old Hickory,
in our Present Day, strikes home as an illustrious
champion of human rights. This assessment stems,
principally and rightfully, from his opposition to the new,
2nd US Bank's concocted powers to control credit and
create a new entity, the corporation; thereby, overly
impacting the lives of the people, and more effectively
concentrating and securing the nation's wealth in the hands
of the wealthy elite.

These new, evil seeds, mostly alien to American soil,
were sown following the War of 1812, through the
establishment of the 2nd US Bank, which created the first
corporations, on behalf of and representing, the wealthy
elite's drive for a new instrument of power. It is particularly
compelling and enlightening for us in our contemporary
moment of re-lapse into financial-economic illness, now
spread across the Industrialized nations.

It is timely refreshment to ponder, in our historical moment
of anti-congress and anti-expert fervor, how Jackson, the 1st
president with nearly no formal education, was the only man
of position, in his Time, to behold the phophetic vision of
the newly emerging financial-economic threats. These
threats unfolded, through subsequent Times, as an invasion
plundering the people's democratic rights, well-being and
pursuit of happiness.

Jackson's education via rural life experiences (in our
urbanized Time called "street-smarts") reinforces the
proposition that deep breakthrough vision, concerning
human well-being, can only come from those largely free
of, or broken free from, the corruptions of formal education.

Through his self-directed education and his long battle
against the illegitimate power of banks and corporations
to manifest new oppressions upon the people's lives,
Andrew Jackson stands in the company of such other self-
educated, iconic thinkers as Thomas Paine, Washington,
Lincoln and J. J. Rousseau, the father of philosophical
romanticism. Rouseau's philosophy would come to play a
role in the ideological constitution of our founding fathers.

If Old Hickory's vision had fully won the Day and Era, had
it become more fully fruited into the financial world, his
vision, springing from a Nature-based rebellion, would
have secured what, otherwise, tragically passed away:
some financial-economic blessings of freedom, of, by,
and for, the people and posterity.

With the fruit of that vision, re-planted and re-harvested
faithfully by each generation; we would not be witnessing
the Gulf Coast's ecological, economic disaster. If our
economic liberties fought for by Jackson were intact, we
would not be bearing this disaster, a disaster begging to
be truly defined as a disaster brought to bear upon one
nation's very spirit, one nation's very humanity, one nation's
very soul.

2010 All rights reserved