Apr 29, 2010

Art, Nature, and Intelligence

By L. S. Heatherly

We use the words, art and artist, often, and in only one
sense of reality. Beyond our expedient, illusional reality, there
is a deep, pure, human art only reachable, during states of
cleansed, restored, primordial consciousness; only
reachable through traveling back in time and being,
back into natural human being and Earth-place.

Back there, in fleeting recovery of our primordial being,
we restore some reunification with our original, human
essences still in ecological balance, still there deep down
in the primordial self, still authentic to us, as a species
of our evolved, two million year-old, human family.

We are pulled by the call of the wild back into this true, human
art--into some recapturings of our whole, pure self--but only
upon such inspired, restorative, and healing journeys.

And, the farther we travel back into our natural, human
self-life-world, the more pure art -- the artifacts of pure, whole
self--we discover to be excavated, and restored back into our
human lives and souls, now debilitated with infection, now
diminished by scar-tissue, surrogative behavior--due to invasive
pollution-toxins--the artificialities of civilization.

The truest, purist, most genuine, human art is that which
restores humanity and Earth-life as one. It reimplants, it
reinhabits --in consciousness or deed-- the human soul,
in some measure, to its natural state within Earth-life.

We enter again our Earthly evolutionary flow;
our natural humanity flowing within Earth's evolution.
Dwelling again midst life on Earth,
We restore to us the only life we can, ever,
richly experience in an ecological reality;
can ever perennially reproduce for posterity
in autonomous,eco-community habitats.

Those looking for remnants of life on Mars or moons
are in denial about the meaning and value of life:
a deep, wide eonic process, creating succeeding species,
and changing them to fit within the whole process of evolutionary life.

Such specialists have been specialized out of the ability to
understand and behold what human life really is.
They have specialized their vision with artificial scopes,
as well as their perception and intelligence, with these and 
many other artificial activities, objects and phenomena.

Can artificial, adulterated understanding, vision and intelligence,
engaged in artificial, human culture and society, bear any
promise of understanding two pure, natural things, called Life
on Earth and her Humanity! The sight, senses and mind of
science and art, as well as their fostered, 'civil' institutional
enterprises, become blind to real, natural, evolved
Living Nature, blind to real, natural intelligence and
consciousness: thereby, they become blind to real sustainable,
natural, human culture.

Copyright 2010 All rights reserved

True literature is marked by its piercing into the hearts,
lives and very souls of its closest readers:
accomplishing with mere written words,
some of what others do
through communal actions,
loving relationships
and family blood.

Copyright 2010

Apr 14, 2010

Truth: Waitings and Countings

By L.S. Heatherly

Truth: Waitings and Countings

The truth has its countings that ring
Of what human story and consciousness would sing.
Ruffled of feather, She's a fettered, violated thing;
First Caged Bird, lifting no spirit on freedom's wing.

Emboldened 'neath swollen, infected societies,
Truth waits the countings of primal, human pieties:
She waits out slashing strikes of machine and pen;
Awaits re-emergence of red-blooded, green-minded men.

Down for counts, by blows; history's march is swift;
Truth is counted out, and buried by myth.
She waits out civil, anti-nature, of history's hoof;
Awaits ever-young nutrients of pristine youth,

Our Lady, commands all battles for liberty,
Secures her blessings: Earth's human, cultural body of We.
Through unpolluted, archetypal patterns of youth,
She wins primal, true relatings of humanity.

She sees Modern mind takes flight from natural light;
As high-tech art tunnels human seeing.
Innately false: its flashes invade the primal night;
As we await our re-becoming of human being..

She sows and waits: freedom's resprouting in her loam
To break-back-through to human nature's home:
To our growth-blueprint-matrix-medium-culture,
To innate, eco-socio-cultural-nurturings of love--our nurturome;

To our blueprints, our spelling bee of human right
The essential activities that read
The second book of human life,
Its timeless creed of social-cultural deed.

She awaits our discovery of her cognition-seeds:
In the "Book of Human Life":
Volume one: genome-brain-body,
Volume two: eco-social-cultural deeds--

From growth's sequences, selections, tellings,
Of Earth's human structures-functions-dwellings,

The habitat of eco-social-cultural youth,
The united, natural selections, the countings,
The creations, of Life's nature-human truth.

Copyright 2010 L. S. Heatherly