Mar 24, 2016

Give Life as Soul; All One, Thus, Be

              By  L. S. Heatherly


Cast to lands, though, far from thee!
Cast one breath; then all are free!

Into the heart evolved for thee! 
Common soul of humanity!
Into Earth-life emerged with thee! 

Cast soul into human cradle
Eight million strong-- Earth-life labeled!

Cast not into dead Lifelessness!
Be found! With soul, alive with bliss!

Cast alms to poor? Feigned grace we see!
Cast soul to soul: soul-alms set free!

Give life and soul! All one, thus, be!
Sow soul as alms; reap humanity!

Wealth is power, and rules through this:
Parent and child shall have less bliss!

What doth happen; it's plain to see
When, not oft', mind's and heart's refrain 
Meet-up, on Life's seldom used, sweet lane!

Oh, suddenly, our soul slips in!
Mind and heart's-- friend of old,
And bearer of Life's only gold!

Our world transforms, so pure and clean!
Our hearts hold seeds for Child's soul-light,
Wells-up and out-- our Human Spring!

Wakes, now, heart's lone, cold night!
When babe and mother-eyes meet free;
And child finds home on father's knee.

That parent and child shall have less bliss:
All wealthy men take vows to this!

Cast soul as alms; and free thus be!
Give life as soul; all one, thus, be!

Copyright 2016  L.S. Heatherly

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