Dec 21, 2009

Light Within a Gathering Storm

By L. S. Heatherly

Quenching wanderlust, dispelling fear;
where end of human road
meets trail of rabbit and deer;

re-bonded with what is real --
with Life on Earth held dear;

wilderness-cleansed, the maverick,
returning to the City-herd's lifeway --
equivocate, conflict, and disjoint --
pulled off Black Canyon Highway
for twilight time at Sunset Point.

The local place of roadway lore
held one young couple resting there;
as night was, falling and foreboding, in '64.

Strings of verbal beads, an exchanging,
and, through conversation, a rearranging
of whats in the "what's happening?" of yore.

Babe asleep, secure and sound
back in the homemade wooden shell,
on old pickup-bed, images on edge of modern hell.
Parents, out of luck, Phoenix bound.

Beads and shells, ways of Lifeway happenings
in that Time and Being, of debated lore.
Voiced softly, yet deeply pondered, aimed at ripenings.
And sent into a gathering, cultural dusk, one night in '64.

Potato chips, a 29 cent bag,
freely shared with the maverick,
mostly just air, reflecting a family's plight.
Yet, tomorrow's breakfast shared, defys any Night.

One old truck, one old car, three youths,
a white-man powwow, a ceremony of cloudy sensing,
in three (and wide, collective Youth) in the year of '64:
sensing personal and cultural storms commencing.

Nothing else expected, a mark of human sanity:
requesting nothing but the sharing of humanity.

The maverick, as the flow of words
attains to soul-embraces and dying light, itself, slips--
below both Bradshaw Mountains and all human herds;
by slight of hand, a ten spot meets the last few chips.

Rolling it up, with "good night, good luck!"
Into a '53 Pontiac, Youth itself had struck
a Detoured Road from Life; yet, cleansed, might restore.
But, still, drove into the gathering storms in '64.

Aye, such gathering storms destroy and estrange.
Storms within storms; mavericks; cultural climate change.
But, now, begging one question: a human storm forevermore.

12/21/2009 All Rights Reserved

Dec 10, 2009

Earth's Human Evolution Vs. Mechanics of Civilization

"Things are in the saddle and ride mankind."
-- R. W. Emerson

False things are in the saddle and ride false events; false events
are in the saddle and ride false humankind. These novel things
and events (unprecedented in our 250,000 year-old species)
form a cycle carrying humanity outside Earth's evolved Living
Nature, outside human nature and well-being within Nature.

Indeed, mechanical things have gotten into the saddle and ride
natural, evolved humankind. Moreover, the events and
activities generated by those things, in turn, generate more
novel things, which, in turn, generate more novel activities
and behavior. Human natural selection of natural, culture--
the natural objects, phenomena and relationships of authentic
human lifeway and culture-- is replaced with quasi, sham,
de-human, artificial selection, alien and invasive to humanity
and other Earth-life.

A new, un-natural cycle of novel things and events ride upon our
natural, human species carrying it outside of its evolved human
nature, being, spirit, reality, culture and lifeway. 'Civilization'
creates, generates and integrates a megacycle of these artificial,
alien cycles, spinning authentic human being, time, place and
reality outward from Earth-life's human evolution that has
culturally (and genetically)blueprinted (designed) the well-being
and sustainability of humanity on Earth.

We are, thereby, very gradually separated and removed from our
evolved, natural, human matrix-medium-culture-environment-
society-habitat-ecosystem-spirit-complex-- our human nurturome.