Dec 25, 2015

The Greatest Gift: Children's Eyes

              By L.S. Heatherly

         Children: the Origin of Peace

Be thankful for peace;
For, where there is peace,
There is rooted love.
These two, as one, rise above.

The most thanksgiving of our lives?
Our look into all children's eyes!

Springs, here, the answer to all whys!
Souls, here, re-root; lest childhood dies!

Earth's sweet, human Soul need not die;
Boot's march for holy words. Boots lie!

Greed: brings the money changers' lies;
Love: springs all peace: from children's eyes!

When, all Lands, once again, kneel here:
Greed, war, fear:
Each of these, then, dies.

Copyright 2015 L.S. Heatherly

Nov 20, 2015

The Highest Love of Any God

                   By  L.S. Heatherly

I. Prologue: Selfishness Vs. Love --Brotherhood-Family-Community Love

Send Heart's Word forth to every nation:
There is no Heaven awaiting
The murderers of children--
God's sweetest, highest creation!

For, the highest love of any God
Is the Love of innocent children!

Children have been the most treasured members of humanity (and of
Social mammals), forever.  Will our actions of love for our children
Rise up! Into a declared war on the terrorisms that are killing our children!

In the West run by billionaires of global, hi-tech plutocracies/kleptocracies,
A handful of hateful, deprived hearts, here and there,
Can decrease the co-operation, compassion,
And practice of human goodness, family, and community, everywhere.

II. Children as the Source of Human Love

The essence of childhood
Is the Safeness of the Child's Loves

If millions of global, young people
Were organized to compose  Thankfulness lists,

Even, merely, short lists,
Of the cherishings
They are thankful for;

If these lists were messaged into ISIS areas,
And, via media, to home-grown terrorists everywhere--

Serving notice--
From airplanes high over
ISIS villages and cities--
That Global Children are
United against all terrorism.

The bulk of these lists would mention/refer to
Parents, siblings, family, friends-- held as child-birthrights!
Freedoms to grow, live, work, play and love together--

Midst peaceful homes, schools, streets, playgrounds;
Midst clear and free fields,
Of all kind and color of
Earth's innate human being, heart and spirit!

Thereafter, the driving selfishness
Of ego-centered individuals,
Grown as a cancer in the heart of ISIS belief,

Would suffer the irreversible blows
Of wide brotherhood, compassion and love,
Carried, since primordial, human beginnings,

As love flowing into our children
And flowing out from our children,

As the blossomings within human adulthood,
Into the fruitings of community,
Human goodwill, commonality and trade..

And, as well, sustaining our Humanity upon
This ancient, living Earth, jeweled with
The growth of manifold forms of Love.

Copyright 2015  L.S. Heatherly

Sep 30, 2015

Liberty, Peace, Fairness, and American Pharoah

American Pharoah (misspelled but his recorded, racing name) won the Arkansas Derby; then, the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes--- the Triple Crown! The morning afterwards, Yours Truly, felt the gifted horse had won even more. Above is a poetic treatise on human well-being from, of all places, a racehorse's performance and peaceful, friendly, demeanor. Idealism, social advocacy, philosophical license and more?  Perhaps a minor breakthrough for poetry itself!  And, likely, the best poem on a thoroughbred ever written!.Here, poetry displays a philosophical and romantic idealism --about America and Western Humanity itself!

All reports about the colt during 4/15 to 7/15, seemingly have attained to more than the Triple Crown. In four sittings, from June 3 to July 4 (16 hrs); fuller, wider and deeper meanings of the American Pharoah phenomenon unfolded to one original, life-long, philosopher-poet-essayist, and lately, songwriter. This thoroughbred has inspired the above refreshened, poetic, vision of human well-being. Authentic visions of wholesome humanity have become scarce these days-- amidst rampant visions of money and power!

ALL RIGHTS to this poem are FOR SALE! See below

[PS The online posting of this American Pharoah poem on a poster, with nothing being offered for sale, does not constitute publication (says the U.S. Copyright Office). Heatherly has registered in the Library of Congress(7/17/15) the following four Copyrights: Sound Recording, Lyrics (the poem), Vocals (his recorded reading of the poem) and Production (in his bare-bones home studio) of the audio files. All these four rights are FOR SALE-- including first (for sale) publication right, and first (for sale) reading or recording of the poem.

Note, that an author can share a poem of his on an online blog, without publishing the poem; such  sharing does NOT exercise the poem's first publication. The poem on this poster seen here, does NOT constitute publication. Offering all rights to the poem as being for sale does  not equal offering a copy (or copies) for sale. AP's next race: Breeders Cup Classic 10/31/15)] Contact the poem's author for more info on the copies of the poem's, as well as the poster's availability for sale..
Copyrights (4) 2015 L.S. Heatherly                                                      

Aug 21, 2015

Self, World, Life, and Soul

When Life evolves to that place
Where Self and Life interface,
With Soul and World perceived as one,
Time and Being become as one.

This sacred matrimony, once in place,
Bequeathed, holds to its patterns and its pace.
Novel things break in to have their way,
Forsake such bliss for fancies of the day;

Wild oats of Ego fly at the face
Of downtrodden youth, still yearning for its grace.
Greed and lust run naked in the street,
Till Life confronts the Soul it has to meet.

Nature waits out these wars against her will;
The springs of Life, from tears, again refill.

Copyright 2001-2015  L. S. Heatherly

Jun 25, 2015

Music, Song, Soul, Purpose, & Freedom

What sense is made of music and song?
But embrace the bond of human hearts as one!

Else, stay trapped in only room,  mind-body spree;
Trapped in the side-pool of the me, afloat  in self-centered sea.

Real music and song play us: like a child at our door with a kite!
Forms of the imagination's real and true flight!

In deep, reflective meditations of life; the soul opens like a flower to Sun,
Taps into music unplayable by instruments,
Except purest,  heart string's ladders rung.

Don't forget music and song were first created in primal, eco village,
And family camp! Don't forget that authentic happening informs
Of our real, authentic, unpolluted purpose, nature, value, and freedom- tillage!

Thus, the deep soul-self, or spirit-self,  re-becomes,  re-finds and re-enters
One of our lost, hunting grounds, creating song, music and village, our common centers.

Real and great songs and music need real and great receptions--
By souls--not just by fans' inflections.

If music does not leave us in some kind of spirit spell entreated;
It was not fully played, fully heard, or not fully and accurately created.

Great music and song release some portion of organic, human natures,
spirit, being and eco-community that oppression by civilization wagers.

To know why a tune or song exists; ask, what peoples,
purpose, values and social sector, prospered and embraced sound- steeples.

Ask: of the the musician or songster: which side they are on!
Ours? Or the sides of material riches, arrogance, excesses and empires come?

Hearing music or song, we leave the ego-self, get transported nearer home!
Somewhere between where the artist would have us, and our soul has known!

We have to make the leap back into our humanity's common soul!
There is no fence to sit on-- it's wings of hearts! Or path where asses stroll!

Art is known for momentarily, temporarily liberating, artist and patron.
Will it ever end subjugations and oppressions institutionalized by nation!

O melody and lyric! Combine for pure, free spirit!
O song! Restore pure relatings, that hearts stay lit!

Have thy sounds portrayed  the re-becoming of our souls!
Have voice and eyes retaken depths of where love grows!

Ring safe each child! Reclaim childhood, love stories!
Route out the artful hoax, ring in all kindness-glories!  .

Copyright 2015- 2016 L.S. Heatherly

Apr 15, 2015

Revolution by Songs: Love, Peace, Earth, Children (transformativeness - fair use)

In late 2010, L.S. Heatherly,  added songwriting and recording to his life-
long mission for humanity's development, well-being and sustainability.

[update] As of [2018], Heatherly has written, sang, recorded and produced [29] songs
(in his bare-bones home studio). None have been released; as his purpose, here, is
writing songs to inspire improvements in all of humanity's well-being and peace;
while, having no aim at becoming a noted, recording artist.

Each of Heatherly's songs have US Registered Copyrights (in the Library of Congress),
granting him four ownership rights: Lyrics (transformative, fair use), Sound Recording, Performance, and Production.

These transformtive, fair use songs were inspired by songs consistently found
on most lists of {top 100,  200 or 500) All-time Classic Hit Songs. In fact, many
of Heatherly's songs are transformatives derived from the top 70 songs found on many of these lists.

Copyright and Fair Use: The Transformative Factor

In a 1994 case, the Supreme Court emphasized this first factor:
The Transformative Factor: the  Purpose and Character of Your Work;
as being a primary indicator of Fair Use.

. Has the material you have taken from the original work been transformed 
by adding new expression or meaning? 
. Was value added to the original by creating new information, new aesthethics, or new insights, and understandings?

Fair use Copyright Law also emphasizes creation of new meaning and message to
individuals and society..

Meeting the four factors required for Copyright fair use, and more; Heatherly has, through
serious, transformtive fair use creation, authentically created
28 transformative fair use songs-- derived transformatively --  from Great Pop,
Folk and light Rock classics. These transformative fair use songs include
transformative, fair use derivatives of/from songs of such artists as

5 of McCartney-Lennon
1 of Geaorge Harrison
3 of Elton John
2 of Stevie Wonder
1 of Neil Young
1 of Bonnie Tylers
1 of Whitney Houston's
2 of Bob Dylan's
1 of Billy Joel
8 Holiday and Spiritual Songs now in the Public Domain

ALL have BECOME, through fair use transformativeness,  songs of Earth, Love, Children, and Peace
and all have 3-4 of these 4 words in their (US Reg Copyright) titles and lyrics (Titles themselves cannot be copyrighted.)

Ideally, all of Heatherly's rights to these tranformative fair use classics will be sold to the artist(s) of the original hit songs. Excepting, of course, those with Public Domain music.

A few of these having PD music, Heatherly plans to release himself.

Copyright 2016 L.S. Heatherly

Mar 16, 2015

What's Killing the US Economy

(quotes from Nick Hanauer, billionaire, 2/8/15 in

"Profits once flowed to higher wages or increased investment. Now, they
enrich a small number of shareholders [super-rich shareholders]."

"..economic power has shifted from workers to owners over the
past 40 years..."

"A 3.6 trillion budget shortfall has left... public infrastructure in disrepair."

"Federal spending on...research and development has plummeted 40%..."

"...public university tuition, adjusted for inflation, has more than doubled
in the past 30 years."

       "Where did all the money go?"

"...much of it went to stock buybacks -- more than 6.9 trillion dollars
went to stock buybacks since 2004 [alone]."

"In the past, this money flowed  through the broader economy in the
form of higher wages, and plant and equipment investment..."

"But, today these buybacks drain trillions of dollars of windfall profits
out of the real economy [the American people's economy] and into
a paper-asset bubble, inflating share prices [of the super-rich], while
producing nothing of tangible value [to the American Peoples lives,
well-being, incomes, future and infrastructure]."

[It should be added that the above chunk of the demise of US democracy is
occurring in China, India, Western Europe, Brazil-- anywhere that an
upper 1% are stealthily, illegitimately, taking money from Earth's evolved
natural resources--the Earth's lands, waters, other
natural resources, and from Earth's masses of diverse peoples.--
L.S. Heatherly]

Creative commons

Jan 5, 2015

New Years: Youth, Age, Life and Freedom

Man was born free and everywhere he is in shackles.
                                                                   --  Jean Jacques Rousseau
None can love freedom heartily, but good men; the rest
love not freedom, but licence.
                                                                     -- John Milton
What is the nature of natural, innate, human freedom-- authentic
to our natural, human species? This is almost never asked nor answered.
To know, to have consciousness of, free human life and world; go to places
where there is abundant free forms of other social mammals, preceeding us.
For, we emerged from these freedoms, with these, are a part of these;
or we are diminished and perish.

You can identify human freedom by the company it keeps-- by abundant
free plants and the animals that preceeded our emergence from free
plants and animals. We come from the slow natural selection of freedoms,
interactive with, and dependent upon, many other species. Their
life and freedoms are a part of our life and freedoms.
What is the nature of natural, innate free plants and animals?
These can be identified by the free, unadulterated lands and
waters they keep to. You will not find them and their communities
in the city's land and water-scapes! City-life is conquered and ruled
by a quasi, human organism, engaged in the pursuit of elitist power;
rather than Earth's ecological growth in interactive, freedoms of many
ecological species of life, of which, our human being, lives
and freedoms are part.
                                                                          --  L.S. Heatherly

To be truly free, it takes more determination, courage, introspection,
and restrant than to be in shackles.
                                                                        --   Pietro Belluscb

Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men [often unknowingly]
dread it [the real thing].
                                                                --   George Bernard Shaw

Forty is the old age of youth; fifty is the youth of old age.
                                                                       --  Victor Hugo

To know how to grow old is the master-work of wisdom, and one
of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living.
                                                                  --   Henry Frederic Amiell
Nothing is inherently and invincibly young except spirit.
                                                                    --   George Santayana
Behold! I do not give lectures on a little charity.
When I give, I give myself.
                                                                      --   Walt Whitman

That best portion of a good man's life,
His little, nameless, unremembered acts
Of kindness and of love.
                                                                  --  William Wordsworth

Copyright 2015  L.S. Heatherly