Oct 11, 2010

The Origin and Nature of Environmental Crisis

By L. S. Heatherly

Connecting Childhood and Sociocultural Dots

Our Global Eco-crisis is falsely perceived and
defined as a disaster happening "out there"-- in the oceans,
forests, rivers, air, plants, animals and lands; and
spreading into the lives of the diverse peoples of Earth.

In deeper fact and reality, the true origin of this and all such
disasters lies within us: within our hearts, values, upbringing,
spirit, consciousness, being, culture and lifeway.

The great bulk of developmental psychologists correctly
cite childhood as the medium, or crucible, in which these
human attributes grow to their constitutional form, nature,
and quality.

Developmental psychology most of  the dots: the stages and events
of childhood development giving rise to adult enterprises.

But it refuses to recognize and connect those childhood dots
to the disastrous, bad dots found in adult sociocultural behavior.
To avoid career blockage, scientists and their enterprises
enter into denial: deny that profits trump truth of human development.

Science, and media, afterall, are funded by, in the same house with,
sharing vested interests with, for-profit corporations.
Education, serving science, corporations, media and governments,
is bought-off, unable to find and bring the primary truths home --
to restore and conserve ecologic family and community.

* * * * * * * *

The Gift to Children

Give our children a cleaned-up, unpolluted childhood;
and they will, generation by generation, return
all Humanity and Earth to sustainable Life.

* * * * * * * *

Restoring Natural Childhood to Socioculture

The human-caused disasters all about us spring from the
ongoing, disasterous destruction of our natural, human
condition, our naturality, on this natural Earth, home of multitudes
of treasured forms of life including human life,being and soul.

We, through the pollution-debilitation of natural, human will and
purpose, are de-naturing all life and being on Earth. This
de-naturing and de-nurturing originates and springs from the pollution
and de-naturing of what, how and why we are, originally (before
civilization), as Earth's human beings created by her evolutionary Life.

Cleansed human vision beholds the source of all human-
caused disasters to be the pollution of our human hearts,
minds, and souls; the pollution of our self-consciousness
of our Earth-Humanity's spirit and soul-self.
If we cannot grasp and embrace this underestanding,
cannot receive this light, cannot re-purify and restore
this pure, human flame of spirit andconsciousness in its unity
with all life on Earth; then we willcontinue to point fingers at
each other's activities in that de-natured environment
"out there" in human society and Earth's environment.

Lacking this human revelation, we will continue to be
blind to the de-naturing and de-nurturing from pollution of
the environment of our hearts, minds, and souls.

Clean up and restore our children's natural childhood;
and we clean up and restore all of Humanity and Earth.

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